Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Опубликовано: 21 мар 2020
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00:00 - Start
27:51 - 2nd Quarter
1:13:52 - 3rd Quarter
1:44:37 - 4th Quarter
2:16:35 - Brandon Graham Strip Sack Eagles Recover

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  • I knew that TB12 aint winning the super bowl after he was named the cover of madden that year lmao

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  • This was a cool super bowl and all but I always forget it even happened, probably because the eagles immediately self destructed after this season

  • Best Superbowl

  • Easily the best offensive Super Bowl is a correct statement. But as something of a Football traditionalist, I prefer that *both* sides of the ball come at least vaguely close to carrying their weight. In a game where the teams could have almost put up similar statistics had they lined up unopposed, it is indeed ironic that a strip sack was arguably the decisive play.

  • In the first extra point of Super Bowl 52 that the Eagles scored the kick was good

  • this will be a top 10 superbowl when its all said and done

  • I was 10 when my heart broke from Tom Brady winning Super bowl 39 against the Eagles.. for the Eagles to win their first Super bowl against Brady & Belichick..with a backup QB.. days before my birthday.. was as sweet as it gets..🦅

  • Still makes me think why Malcolm was benched

  • the beast super bowl

  • That Zach Ertz TD should of been a incomplete, He lost control of it when the ball hit the ground and he was a receiver refs are autistic on god

  • Who's here before Wentz is traded

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  • This was a very good game.

  • Who’s here after Brady won his seventh while the Eagles never returned to the Super Bowl? Lol

  • only super bowl that was good after this was chiefs vs 49ers

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  • 2:08 watch Corey Clement’s right hand. It will tell you all you need to know about what’s wrong with Carson Wentz.

  • Best super bowl

  • the 1k people who dislike are patriots fans or a football hatter likes are eagles fans

    • tom brady got his 7th ring 😂

  • Philli went from 🏆 to 🗑

  • Is that Gary Oldman at 1:06:28

  • fluke ass superbowl lol

  • So fun

  • NFL is has been rigged since 2001 commish goodell made crybaby brady a wwe champ . Montana will FOREVER be a real champion.... no cheating no rigged games and no cheating referee's

  • Came here to remind me of the good times😔

  • Fly eagles fly baby

  • defense: **exists** This game: I'm gonna pretend i didn't see that

  • 1:06:49

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  • What are those things in the stands. I heard they’ve outlawed that

  • Here after super Bowl LV

  • Foles had ice in his veins in this game bruh

  • I had to come watch this game after that garbage Super Bowl 55.

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  • I remember this. This was revolution

  • 😔😔😔😔

  • At least there’s this SB and the 2 from the Giants. Thank You Eagles & Giants!!

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  • Tom brady last superbowl Lost

  • Take me back to when Philly was good.

  • FYTB!

  • I'm watching this finally cause Tom Brady won his 7 Superbowl :).

  • Who's watching this because SuperBowl LV stinked?

  • Who's here after Brady won the super bowl with the Buccaneers.

  • Song “Fly Eagle’s Fly” written originally by Arlen Saylor

  • Time to watch this again.

  • I miss eagles when they win

  • whos watching this before brady and mahomes face off

  • People try to knock this by saying offense doesn’t make a game good. But the thing is a lot of times good defensive games are really just because the offense is sucking. Even if defenses play bad the offense still has to execute. Passes still need to be accurate. A good offensive game does have higher quality to it than a good defensive game. And It’s not just because they both exploded all over each others faces. It’s because Foles had to throw PERFECTLY all game. Pats were on eagles receivers like white on rice. They played good defense but Foles was just possessed by the football gods and moved and threw exactly how and where he needed. Brady was just heaving the ball downfield blindly and they were wide open so I get how eagles defense can’t be considered a “good” aspect of this game but every other detail about this Super Bowl makes it the best of all time. Hands down. SB42 is the only other one that comes close but the game wasnt nonstop execution like this game was. 42 had ref interference and punts nonstop while this game had 1 punt and 1 penalty. Both of which is lowest in SB history. They let the boys play and the talent was everywhere. And the 16-0 losing to giants starting team story isn’t as good as a bunch of back up and has been players beating the greatest dynasty of all time on their best game ever.

  • Also known as the worst called Super Bowl in nfl history!

  • This showed that Bellick is an incompetent coach. It was Brady making the right decisions, all along.

  • Die hard Pats fan here, I can never watch the two we lost the Giants because it hurts too much. But even though we lost I still love to watch this game, amazing performance by both teams and the Eagles deserved the win in the end and I have nothing but respect for how they played🙌

  • 41:28 Jennifer Lopez attended Super Bowl 52 and then performed in the Super Bowl two years later

  • News FLASH NO BODY CARES ! We call it the STUPID BOWL cuz ONLY STUPID people WILL watch it !

  • - ~ Brady & a 2018 seasonlong springboard O motivation( following these statistics ) . . . twenty ~ eight 0F forty -- eight zero interceptions three touchdown passes( 1 . 5 eXCUSEs ) five hundred ~ & ~ five yards passin' .~~ gameL0SINGfumble ~~. - ~ ( ).

  • Nick Foles had that great run...then didn't do too much after...Funny..

  • The best day of my life forever! Go Eagles!

  • The commentators actually thought the Ertz TD was incomplete? Are you serious? HE took 3 steps and jumped Lol

    • I remember thinking it was obviously a catch but was still terrified they’d come up with some stupid explanation to overturn it lol

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  • Was there no pats fans in the stadium lmao

  • 1:16:06 Hopefully this Sunday

  • 40:00 Blount smokes em’ for 6.

  • 28:51 Hesitation, then DOINK

  • super bowl buccaneers home chefs home

  • Happy February 4th Day! FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!

  • As a patriots fan I love watching this game

  • Life has changed since this, Doug is fired, we are 4-11-1, Edp changed, nick foles is a bear, Carson is the worst QB, and we are all quarantined

    • @Reece Calvin but how it changed though, 13-3💍 to 4-11-1 last in the division not to mention the worst division in,the nfl

    • @Jack Doesn’t like to talk ngl he does have a trash o line but he throws a lot of int

    • @a615254 Jones 16/15 he is bad

    • You just say edp changed because he said he supports someone, forgot a black person has to think one way.

    • carson wentz is a great qb he just has a garbage team

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  • Matt Patricia shouldn’t have left the patriots

  • damn bro you can see how badly this team wanted it, when they ran it was like they ran in fast motion, when they tackled they did it with all of their heart.

  • 3 years ago today 😢, Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅

  • nick foles to tom brady " hold my jock strap"

  • Al and Chris acting baffled by the calls was a disgrace. I hope Al "Riverboat" Michaels lost his house on this game.

  • 1:04:55 I never fail to start grinning here

  • Had to watch it again for the Philadelphia Special

  • No one talks about that 3rd and 12 on the first possession where Kelce blocked 2 D linemen. Once I saw that play I knew we would win it. Damn this Oline was fire. It can still be if these three guys stay healthy for a full season.

  • how many times do they have to say “tremendous” lol

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  • Still can't believe we lost this game to a backup qb and Brady had threw for 500 yrds smh

    • Loser

    • Really just came down to a couple plays.

  • Best day of my life

  • one of the best super bowls of recent times

  • Love that Super Bowl LII on RU-tv. That's sounds amazing. New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles was my favorite game in 2018. 😀😁😎🤔😘🏈

  • The Philadelphia Eagles firing the only coach that helped them win a Super Bowl is not a good look and I'm a Skins fan

    • @Luke McAnulla oh ok thanks

    • @Luke McAnulla snowflakes thought it was racist

    • @Elva Montes people thought It was racist

    • @tunafish salad I don't watch football too much but why would they change their names form Washington Redskins to just Washington Football Team?

    • You mean Washington Football team fan

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  • 2:03:53 Greg Ward!

  • So glad the Evil Empire lost that game.

  • 33:59

  • 1:40:00 I think I heard a fart from the booth

  • On One Hand, I was Glad the Eagles Finally had WON a Super Bowl. A Team without a Championship season since the 1960. But on he Other hand. Wished it had been ""My"" Vikings instead. Sadly/alas, they. Were blown out in the Championship Game 2 weeks earlier.

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  • I love the eagles

  • i like the trick "philly special" at the end of the second quarter. but! 4 down too much risky! even if it is 1 inch from the goal line! by the way, this touchdown was not the reason for the new england patriots loss this superbowl. poor&pathetic defense that's the reason!

    • I hope this is a joke. If so it is a good one

  • The ertz and clement touchdowns shouldn't even have counted

    • You have to be a blind patriots fan to think the ertz td was incomplete

  • Honestly this is one of Tom Brady's best games even though he lost. The Patriot's defense was just horrible

  • As a Jets fan, this was the best super bowl i’ve ever watched in the history of the game. Especially seeing the Pats take an L against a team that outplayed them.

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