Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay Pt. 1 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
In this live demonstration, we’re joined by Super Mario series veteran developer Takashi Tezuka for a walkthrough of the all-new Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2. Stay tuned for more coverage of this game from E3 2019.
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  • Me dá um ninguém Tutti por favor

  • These levels are amazing 😍

  • Can you put Super Mario All Stars for Smm2 and a game for SNES for SNES classic?

  • Good Lord I can't wait! This level of items,effects and a ...story mode is going to open up a vast amount different varieties of the courses!! I've had Mario maker for a few months and just now started getting into the game but I can't stop now!lol!

  • This is the coolest gaming channel I have ever seen.

  • You should make nintendo maker like disney, Infinity but with nintendo characters.

  • The maker of super Mario maker 2❓ I love it ❤️❤️

  • I dont have a switch soooo... i have to play the good old Super Mario Maker on my Wii U! :D

  • A

  • Someone please try, 2rb s1l vng

  • 6@#percent ze

  • Glad this game has expanded than the original mario maker now i can make some insane troll levels

  • Nintendo, CAN u make it for Wii u When it comes out? Please!

  • This might sound stupid but oh well please help... How do I make the red/outlined blue blocks automatically alternate between each other...

    • Do you mean without having to hit the switch yourself?

  • Wieso sind Japaner so süß

  • Just saying, if you place things all in a row or just rapidly place things, it makes the theme song.

  • The game is out

  • Put this game on 3ds

  • I'm going to get Mario maker 2

  • can you do two player

  • I love this is this for swich

  • The girl is so annoying 😒 *while they’re talking* the girl: “oh nooo” “haha! They can’t escape! Don’t chase me!” “Ooo this guy looks like trouble” and making it seem 10x harder than it is just for content is so annoying

  • Looks dope, will finally be getting a Switch soon. Now hurry up and coordinate with Capcom to make a Mega Man Maker (MegaMaker? Yeah, definitely...).


  • Nintendo: treat the player fairly Also Nintendo: we made it so we don't care how hard the level is, some might be upset with us XD

  • Nintendo: Treat The Player Fairly Troll Makers: *Well yes, but actually no*

  • Sweet gameplay segment, showcases a lot of cool level creatvity^^ 23:03 Hm ya lol, i don't think i like that mechanic at all. Doesn't that just remove the challenge entirely? Will this apply to online courses or just story mode?

  • 2:42 I thought that was one hot Carl.

  • I am spanish, and "ano" is means another thing

    • @Taha The Try Hard I know it, but in spanish, ano is another thing

    • opuchem 03 he is speaking Japanese not Spanish


  • They changed the super Mario world end back to the original In Mario maker 1 the white thing waited for you In Mario maker 2, like the original super Mario world, the white thing poofed away if you missed it

  • To play this game when it is released, is it Nintendo switch, or the Wii u?

    • Josh Skidmore Nintendo switch, Mario maker 1 was on Wii U

  • My brother broke his 2ds out of rage playing Mario maker 3ds

  • 8:54 “Treating the player fairly” *TROLL RATE DROP TO ZERO*

    • Oh, that won't last long. Don't worry xd

  • She can’t play worth a damn.

  • so I'm from Iowa and I might be getting super Mario maker 2

  • Nintendo : "Treating the player fairly" Troll levels creators : Am I joke to you !?

  • 3:54 5:14 jumpu

  • Wait...bob-mobs knock down coins now?

  • I’m so hyped for the game my last week of school ahead

  • Oh Nintendo, you think you can stop the troll levels? How silly.


  • Lol the people saying hmm while the producer is talking even though they have no idea what hes saying😂

  • turn on the subtitels when he is talking its GreAT

  • The title music is basically the same, so we can look forward to more of Dashie’s singing.

  • Add this on super mario maker 1

  • That girl around 23:45....just stop playing lol

  • In 1969 lake Eire caught on fire so that is probably why fire balls work under water in super Mario brothers

  • why not make a level

  • Treat the player fairly mayro left the chat

  • game looks ok and all, but is more of an expansion to mario maker 1 rather than a sequel. a mario maker 2 should had been in the 3d style instead of 2d. i realize this is much more of a technical challenge, but is the next logical step. doesn't even need to be done this generation either. in the meantime, would have had this, and could have developed a sort of "zelda maker" based off of all of the top down style zeldas. after that, tech would be along far enough and enough time would pass to have developed a 3d mario maker. then after that, maybe zelda maker 2, based off the 3d zelda games.

  • 6:36 The names so nice Ya say it twice

  • I really love the live translator.

  • In USA you save peach in soviet russia you save bowser

  • 1:40 She does realize that you can do that in smm1 right?

  • What is that weird switch dock they are using? 🤔

  • Koopalings????

  • 9:19 welcome to Mario maker, kid

  • I'm assuming Nintendo don't like troll levels. XD Maybe not Kaizo levels either lmao.

  • The hype