Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay Pt. 2 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
Watch as we go under the hood and modify a stage from the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 to showcase a variety of new features in this super sequel. And stay tuned for more coverage of this game from E3 2019.
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  • Good

  • Did you know and make them oh you can actually if you go onto pipe you can actually if you like to go into the pipe you can go down immediately or at least that’s what Mario maker one I don’t know if he

  • Sabe falar português

  • You should make a Mario and Luigi game for the Nintendo switch

  • Super Mario maker 2

  • Nintendo, please make called super Mario maker 2 3D for the switch!

  • Is this course uploaded and if so, what’s the course ID?

  • I have an online membership

  • Will this stage be online

  • Nintendo listen to me seca hacked your account and now they're posting unexpected videos of Sonic go do something go delete them change your passwords whatever you can do just please do something cuz I hate seca is please do something Sonic sucks

  • I wish I had the game😭

  • This game looks amazing

  • It’s terrible watching people playing it when your Nintendo switch is dead GUYS THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I PLAYED IT ALL DAY! I’m Serious I did it is great!

  • Té odio

  • Шы

  • 3:01 Prepare for troll levels that involve pushing Mario off of ! blocks...

  • 19:25 why do i feel squished?

  • I have MARIO maker 2 and it is so amazing! I am making words

  • I have the Nintendo

  • I know it already but can you make another

  • Me: I pay 70 for online Nintendo: No Give me the online I payed for it😭

  • Dspañol


  • I CHALLENGE EVERYBODY TO BEAT MY LEVEL. Course ID MVW-2H6-RFF. NO NOOBS ALLOWED. Also follow me for new difficult tracks.

  • In the this game have got russian language

  • Hi

  • If you guys eber get abchance can you ask nintendo if... they'll add modes compatible with 3d world perhaps a mario oddessy over lay and luigis mansion in 2d... i wanna throw mybhat n suck up enemys and ghosts! If theybhavnt throught about that as dlc you need to make em start get it!

  • The day is the 27 of JUNE Reece is the season to Mario maker 2

  • Is it just me or do these people sound like they’re trying to one up eachother?

  • Do something for etika rip man

  • I don't no why I would want this but is there regulere Bowser or at least Bowser jr. In 3d world

  • 7:55 The girl was talking, bro.

  • Man shut hop play

  • 10:05

  • R.I.P Amiibo

  • That exclamation mark block was sooo inappropriate😂

  • you completed mario maker 2 now mario maker 3 with mario galaxy lol

  • Can we get skip the boring stuff and get onto the van stuff the playing

  • 13:31 it would also be cool if you make it to the end, there would be some kinda of prize

  • Faltó bowsette :v

  • What happens if an icicle falls into a clear pipe? Will it travel through it and then shoot out of the pipe?

  • Meowzer is like an actual boss that you can battle with. Even more powerful is adding wings to make him a more true boss.

  • This make mario maker 1 looks like a demo

  • Morgan is my favorite.


  • I get having to explain each part of the course but come on he didn’t have to pause every second

  • I can’t wait to have this game in 4 days! 😆

  • Why would Nintendo put the 3D world theme. Couldn’t Nintendo wait 2 years and then make a super Mario maker 3D with all the 3D Mario themes like SM64, Sunshine, galaxy, 3D land and 3D world. It would be like making your own game.

  • 4 days! Can’t wait! My dad said he’d buy me this game when it comes out so that I can play it when we go on our trip to Denver in 5 days while we’re on the plane.

  • SNEAK PEEK 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻

  • I never got to make levels with the first Mario Maker but I'm so happy that I recently got a Switch so I can get this, seeing all the new features have already given me so many ideas on how I could use them and I can't wait to get to work on them! 😍

  • A reason I like it soooo much is because it will continue in stead of resetting

  • how do you create the background art?

    • You don’t create it. The background differs for every theme and kind of day and all sorts of different things.

  • Wow

  • This is the longest week of my life

  • Please release Super Mario Maker 2 Early!

  • Is there any way to disable the voice when placing an object? Becase i feel like that will infuriate me

    • @Mister Mystery No, it doesnt have the voice by default, there is no way to turn it on

    • @Mister Mystery i used the ds version without the voice. i honestly am not a fan of it

  • Is stacking pipes still allowed? I really like stacking pipes because they really help with troll levels.

  • Use an invisible block please

  • Ich bin so gehheipt auf das Spiel ich bekomme dasss❤❤❤🙃🙃🙃