Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 Finals

Опубликовано: 8 июн 2019
Watch as two top platformers, Abdallah and The Completionist, compete in the Finals of the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019!
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  • I saw how Abdallah was most likely to win ahead of time. I know that he often excels pretty good in games. Whether new or old. That is bothering me alot. But that is just personal.

  • I didnt watch abdollah in years and when i thought that was his face in the thumbnail i got chills but was happy

  • Reboot Custom Robo Series on the switch please.


  • "top platformers" completionist doesnt even know that you can run over single gaps

  • sora4smash

  • sora4smash

  • sora4smash

  • sora4smash

  • sora4smash

  • sora#Forsmash

  • sora#forsmash

  • 5:38 that death really had me haha

  • bad.

  • The competitors seem a lot less nerdy compared to recent competition entrants

  • Is it just me or are abdallah and the completionist are horrible at Mario

  • Did we get a weird glimpse of the commentator's personal life? “Just like getting candy in the middle of the night you have to tip toe down the hallway” lol what?

  • When Abdalla looks like he's calld the completionist and the completionist looks like the one called Abdallah lol

  • Porque no invitan a youtubers? Hay muchos que son excelentes jugadores

  • Oh hey! I own that Luigi and Mario in the pipe shirt! Neat. c:

  • That 3 second start made allll the difference

  • Dude...these are the best players you can find? I could have finished that course waaaay quicker! Why not run across the red/blue block section? You could have just run to the checkpoint!

  • This level is to easy

  • Bien hecho nintendo

  • That was amazing!! I’m glad Abdallah won!

  • If DASHIE didn't get an invite this should be a joke

  • DASHIE should join this #dashiegames

  • Does this 2 screens appear in actual game? If not , then why not make it happens? Seems fun if for both players to see both screens

  • I guess they don't have GrandPooBear's phone number.

  • Are these guys just bad, or are they choking super hard? What competitive Mario player doesn't know you can run across those blocks?

  • That was the hypest esport game I’ve ever watched

  • My boy Abdallah with the victory

  • 녹두로데려와

  • Where is ryukahr ???

  • Is it just me or they aren't very good..?

  • Why was Dunkey not here?!

  • Zeta les da mil vueltas

  • 12:46 when Mario doesn’t get his spaghetti

  • wtf is vish doing there?

  • Deadly premonition 1 and 2 on switch I have just died and gone to heaven

  • Amazing.

  • OMG anybody else remembering Abdallah from doing let‘s plays for Yo-Kai Watch?? 🙈 How did he end up in Super Mario Maker Invitational? 😄 Such a small world 😄

    • Hey, did you know he play different games,

  • These 2 are terrible even i can do a better job.

  • wait how is this a competition

  • Amazing! Love Abdallah 😄

  • Well deserved Abdullah!

  • I think ryukahr would play better?

  • Great job Abdallah!!

  • This level doesnt look to hard i think there are several youtubers out there that could have done this run way faster!

  • Make more games for the head set for people who have weak arms and hands

  • The completionist guy is a Narcissist..

  • No Z7, no Ryukahr, not a real tournament.

  • these players suck, where's ryukahr

  • Nice try, Nintendo... Putting RU-tvrs no one knows to cash in...

  • Wtf... they both suck

  • But do they have the world record for Bowser's Big Bean Burrito? I don't think so. I don't think so.

  • Abdallahさんがお辞儀してくれてるのに、 Mr.tezukaが微妙なお辞儀で残念。 目上の人でも、目上の人だからこそ、ちゃんとお辞儀をするのが日本の礼儀・日本のマナー。 この催し物自体は大変に面白く、素晴らしいものでした。

  • Omg are they Bad

  • Who's the SOY BOY in the thumbnail?

  • Wow, Jirard sucks.