Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 Finals

Опубликовано: 8 июн 2019
Watch as two top platformers, Abdallah and The Completionist, compete in the Finals of the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019!
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  • this map code please

  • Wanted to see Jirard win, but I'll glad he made it this far

  • TGV-Y17-XTG Course ID in case you want to try this course yourself.

  • "Ohhhh... Ohhhhh..... Ohhhhh" x1000

  • If its anything like my local video game store i bet the whole place smells of B.O

  • Im happy to see that

  • Cool abdallah is here

  • Completionist sucks!!!!!

  • The narrator's voice (the game caster's or whatever you call it) is annoying.

  • can we download these levels?

  • This is basically Gamer Ninja Warrior

  • did this dude just make a mutumbo reference, while sounding like fat albert?

  • Wow, the comments are about not buying the game, I can see why your mad about no National Dex but I don’t even know how to transfer Pokémon to another game anyway so I’m not totally mad about it.

  • J rememberxb

  • Abdallah

  • Excuse me but you misspelled Axe... 7:47

  • Can we download this course?

  • Ridiculously painful to watch. Not knowing they could cross that first gap with a normal sprint jump, not knowing they could sprint across one block gaps, moving back and jumping to get 1 pixel more running space for the 1 block gaps even after hitting his face on the on/off blocks and making it anyways, climbing on every single vine instead of running across those even after realizing the 1 block gap run earlier, repeatedly jumping back up the pivoting platform instead of running back to the middle to maintain the slant... Oh and jumping into the spikes, over and over. I totally understand people not knowing super mario bros physics, but being invited to this tournament and making it this far? Did they own the first Mario Maker?

  • Who made this video? Was it you Tom?! Regardless of that, I find the thumbnail to be of poor taste, not quite humorous you see? Please change it.

  • Try my level , i think you will love it : XJN-NQ7-H9G "Time is Money"

    • @POTG Highlights My new speedrun level : H3H-5CG-OOG "The Thwomp Slayer" Have fun😊

    • Here is TGV-Y17-XTG Course ID

  • 2:18 repetition repetition is the name of the game

  • 2019??? Nintendo makes a Switch Lite, why Not a Switch Pro with 4K. But okay, okay, okay, i am Not a stupid kid so i am not there Target.

    • You definitely are if you assume they can make a HANDHELD with 4K. And your grammar sucks. You definitely are a stupid kid.

  • Pls tell us the code

  • How do you sign up for these game competition

  • So is it a nintendo "SWITCH"

  • looking at the thumbnail I thought the guy with the beard was hbox

  • Wait, those 2 are the best SM player in the world? How did they beat speedrun legends like Ryu or Dode? Or werent they invited? Completionist didnt even know how to run over the blocks. WTF?!

  • Where is simpleflips?

  • Completionist always comes in second smh

  • Dr. Wiley vs. Dr. Light

  • They should put Kaizo levels in this!

  • i dislike the announcers

  • I wasn't expecting to see THE completionist in here

  • The Completionist didn't deserve to win from the moment he began to jump across 1 block gaps instead of running.

  • Girard!!!

  • How was there an invitational for this already? it feels like smm2 just, JUST, came out

    • That One Florida Guy it happened just before e3

  • Theyre both not very good lmao

  • Yay Abdallah!

  • I see nintendo has been attending summer class "Making YT thumbnails 101"

  • Z lo hace mejor

  • Please give me this tracks ID :D

  • This game just came out how are you doing this already

    • J Co this happens around e3

  • Is abdallah Muslim?

  • The dark souls of my childhood tat I couldn't finish

  • Estava torcendo pro Igor

  • Super Mario eSports. What a time to be alive.

  • They are both awful.

  • Not impressed, I love Mario but these guys don't seem like pro status to me. I'm not saying I could do better, just saying I have seen others do better.

  • This game has taught me that humans are naturally evil.

  • are they beginners? noob af its so painful to watch