Tesla 5 Star Service!

Опубликовано: 12 янв 2018
I always get excited for the day that I have to call Tesla for stuff, always a pleasure, no conflict and things always end on a high note! I ended up getting the covers from this link
If you don't like the rims, thats ok! Its not your car and it peels right off! (actually its not my car either sooooo....)
Stay tuned for the livestream this Saturday night! Also don’t forget the Tesla buy sell parts Facebook group!
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  • Love your stuff! Keep it up!

  • there is 100% NO WAY this is what tesla customer service is like, right? LMFAO i'm dying here

  • I hate snow 😳 wheels look better. “What do you need them for?” Wtf 😂😂

  • "Tesla 5 Star Service!" Alex, what is something that happens in 1 case out of 10,000, by mistake?

  • "Sounds really dope." Geez, what a dork. The red wheels and lights do look nice.

  • white trash really loves this guy

  • He said “NUT COVERS” 🤣😂🤣 lmaooooo


  • What do you need them for? What the hell do you need them for..? Well, that sounds like someone really cares about you the Tesla's way. It is 2019 now and still hilarious. Haha!

  • Lmao what do you need them for ??

  • wasnt Dolores white? ;)

  • you cant wright that! "we have only 9" !!!!

  • 1:57 I laughed as well !.good laugh . Man i wish i had a Tesla .

  • One very mean looking car

  • What do you need those for? LMAO

  • This is my fav video of rich to date lol.

  • Very Sexy Car!!

  • Just get the nut covers on Amazon.

  • Tell him you don't want to go out in public without your nuts covered.

  • Oh dear god. Anyone who buys one of these cars seriously needs their head examined. That was an order of magnitude worse than even the crappiest fast food encounter. And if the service is this bad, I guarantee you that the product is marginally better at best (maybe). Rich, I can understand, he’s banking off his YT gig and it will no doubt propel him into something that’s not this F’ing embarrassing.

  • I want a Tesla but everytime I see what kind of service people get I wait.

  • Does Tesla not have a retail store with like a parts and acc. department ? They sell those from like a central warehouse? Yes Tesla wants answers....to funny

  • nut

  • Broooooo!!!!!! That’s cleannnn nice touch 👏🏾

  • Hi Rich Builds, Enjoy your videos! I have a question for you. I have a great idea, how do I share this idea with any car company?

  • Your call with Customer Service was sad, but hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • Looks fantastic.

  • Those caps can't possibly be a weird size. You could have found generic caps somewhere.

  • She Came Out Really Nice!

  • That work is beautiful

  • Tesla acts as if you are borrowing the cars. It is insane.

  • Got u a sticker ! All on the road ! Love the vids ,,,, got to love the new mass sticker laws 😂

  • Auto manufacturers are required by US Federal Law to have parts available for any models they sold for the period of 10 years. I have also heard this claim from various people over the years, with numbers ranging from 5 years to 20.Dec 14, 2012 q=auto+manufacturer+parts+law&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS776US776 &oq=auto+manufacturer+parts+law&aqs=chrome.. 69i57j0l5.12869j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • Screw that! I woulda just painted the lugs too! Lol!

  • She reminds me of a hot wheels toy I had as a kid

  • Hi ... can you do BMW X3 engine repair

  • I'm sorry, but F@%K TESLA! I will never own one of their products. And I thought Apple was bad. "What do you need them for?" and "that sounds pretty dope?" Unbelievable.

  • Hilariously funny, is this the wonderful Tesla customer service you Tesla dopes talk about. The cost is 57 to 75, what🤔 then 23 and oh that’s cause we only have 9 😂😂😂 ya This is outstanding customer service Tesla 🤓

  • What do you want those lugnut covers for?... uh.... to cover my nuts.

  • Your rims look awesome rick

  • you should have 3D printed them on SLA, would've been cheaper and looked the same

  • Tesla demands answers! oh rich, keep up the good fight.

  • Dude. I literally almost just died laughing. Lmfao!

  • those guys are a fuking joke

  • What a dumb customer support personnel.

  • I love Tesla, I'd love to own one of their cars within the next few years, but some of their business practices make me scratch my head.

  • Dope

  • Teslas are S3XY.

  • Very nice ! How did you do the red stripe on the rims ?

  • Nice Tesla Tesla should sell them like this

  • Plain as day elon musk as the caller, who owns the company and took into consideration the black rims concept. #(Ck) common knowledge

  • That was elon musk that you talked too! You may not have realized that. But I hope you do now.! You straight talked to him and didn't even know it. #(Ck) common knowledge

  • I don’t think I’ll ever do business with Tesla, absolutely most insane company in existence.

  • Dude that looks so nice big 👍👍👍👍


  • Bro ,can I come and help you ..love the idea...and i have capital to invest ..i want to start a car company ...hand built cars

  • THIS WAS SO FUNNYY, like thank u for making me laugh this morning

  • Lololol when he asked what do you need those for?! I lost it. Really enjoy your videos man. Thanks so much.

  • Stupid question maybe, but...It's ok to have red lights on the front in the US?

  • It shows your devotion for your car.

  • Sexy Tesla. What do you need those for......😆. I’m looking for snow boots.....what do you need those for?

  • Im a fan of the channel no doubt, but Imma call BS on that "tesla customer service" call.

  • Hi Rich. Stumbled upon your postings yesterday for the first time. i love your videos and your candour. Strength to you !

  • Tesla hell. They wanna know why u want caps . They want all there money 💰

  • like that red headlight. Want to see your video doing it. Plz let me know which video?

  • Awesome

  • Tesla is full of shi*t! Anywho... Delores looks HOTT!!!

  • Maybe Tesla Service. Syosset must have rejected this moron from a position

  • red looks good......but...what do you want red for

  • That car is dope‼️‼️‼️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Those mags look so cool with that red stripe...Great JOB done

  • that is a nice car

  • I love this video😂Every time I watch I cant help but wonder; do they have the ability to override the mute button in the car while you have em paused talking trash? Cause I thought the in-car call system to tesla works like OnStar plus the Matrix, where they see whats going on with the car in real-time. Just saying bro, when your door locks start jumping up and down and the car goes in reverse by itself don't say nobody warned you..

  • Looks like a Nissan Altima or maxima with Ford focus headlights and bumper(front)

  • King Kong ain’t got nothing on you brother!!!!!!!!

  • Keep doing what you're doing bro she is looking nice man

  • Snowflake Customer Service is bad everywhere, it's like they don't speak English, or have brains... Tesla is no exception. Moron: "What do you need them for." Me: "My heaxagonally-shaped butthole is lonely..." [wait in silence for response]

  • I unsubscribed because I found it so strange that you love and hate Tesla so much at the same time. I think you’re are brilliant but The rants contradict your intelligence. Yes the Tesla saves you money in gas but if you add up all your time and effort you have spent trying to get into this very small circle of the wealth, you might as well go to the gas ⛽️ station and pay to burn your money like the rest of the 99.9% of the world. You’re forgetting what companies like Tesla, apple, Mercedes really are. They are companies that make poor people do anything to have them because we want to fit in with the people who have been slamming the door our face for our whole lives. This is why although Sean John make a suite as good or better than Armani but puff daddy himself prefers Armani branded one himself because it is out of our reach. So it doesn’t matter how many workarounds you find to a Tesla or how far out of their radar you think you are. You my brother are in their business plan. You are as part of their business plan their logo. I believe in you and I’ll be looking for your future channels. I believe you can build a better Tesla but with all this crazy talk they will never hire you

  • You are dope to watch! How does somebody get in contact with you?

  • We only have 9 lol omg i died hahahahaa