Tesla Hacker Highlights Major Issue

Опубликовано: 7 май 2019
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Today we talk to Phil the engineer who has several hundred salvage Teslas under his control. He discusses the cool project he’s working on as well as some pretty big issues that he’s seeing during his hacking ventures.
Checkout Phil’s youtube channel here
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  • Any chance we can get Phil's business contact info? My model S screen is leaking goo and I figured I could get the eMMC replaced while I'm in there

  • Did anyone else notice the DeLorean in the background?

  • That logging issue, really not good 👎🏻

  • Ha Ubuntu right their on the lappy 😎

  • Rich ..you need to have a meeting with Elon

  • How about integrating some ESD protection when handling electronic boards? Seems rather amateurish not do so, everything about a Tesla is amateurish, so why not 'unauthorized' support I guess at this point since everyone is rushing to be the 'experts' in all things Tesla/EVs while failing to implement safe and practical measures that helps prevent degradation in an all electric vehicle with very sensitive electronic components, but what do I know?

  • "log4j.rootLogger = ERROR" . Saved you $2500 Every one of those log messages were "INFO" which is always turned off in production code, only ERROR or WARN maybe are logged in production software. Seriously, this is a one line over the air fix.

  • Love the brand, love the company but its obvious they still have a lot to learn and therefore the car isn't ready for prime time just yet!!

  • Is Phil making an electric DeLorean? I can see it hanging out in the background on a lift above a Tesla.

  • Theyre logging all that information to help set their insurance premiums.

  • Greetings! Watching this on Oct 2019...has Tesla announce something about this software/hardware problem? Or does someone knows if they manufacture this differently?

  • Very interesting

  • Has the logging issue been fixed on new hardware/software as of October 2019 or is this still unresolved?

  • Did i see IRON MAN CHEST 3:07 or i just did ..:) :) :)

  • Rich, this comment will probably be buried but thank you for shining some light on these “rolling laptops.” The world is still in the early stages of EV hacking/tuning and you are one of the originals. What I mean by this is you remind me of one of the cam/carb guys from the 60s or the FI ECU tuners from the 90s. Thanks for the channel.

  • Well, I have seen Elon Musk speak, and so nothing mentioned here surprises me. What does surprise is the obvious correlation to DeLorian...... yet no one sees tesla as another Delorian. Strange. I can't see how Tesla can avoid it. Anyone remember Edsel? Edsel failed with a whole huge successful company behind it. I guess no one sees it coming for some reason. Hype?Hypnotism? Surely not stupidity. They will be self-insured? This script is a comedy.

  • Is that electrified deloreon?

  • Very informative. Thanks!

  • It's like Apple and Rossman. Terrible company.

  • To start...I think you guys are brilliant and make "some" valid points but I'm trying to see the total evil that Tesla is doing when protecting their investment. I haven't followed each and every video from you, so I admit I'm ignorant to the total scene but I'm asking out of total need to understand this. Question: If you invested up to 85% or more of your total net worth in a project, fought government regulations, fought an entire industry (and won), took all the criticism that no one would want your product on a mass scale AND spent countless sleepless nights babying your invention to get it to market, you would be OK with someone finding your "Salvaged" product, opening and exposing company secrets to your competitors and the world? you would also have planned ahead with all that going on, for a secondary market that demanded you now redirect time, money and resources to support this exposure and criticism of inferior parts, etc, etc? isn't this is a godsend to the very industry titans that tried to stop each and every one of us from driving electric vehicles and further fossil fuel's monopoly on everything? Again, I think it is amazing the ingenuity, and sheer brilliance that you guys have but doesn't this kind of kick the very person who made it possible to have Electric cars on this scale in the nuts? Yes, I do recognize I have run on sentences ,questions and the like, so grammar police..don't comment.

  • Lol the sprinter Tesla is going to be tainting all of Tesla's ai learning autopilot stuff

  • Looks like Tesla are still running software in Trace mode - if Trace mode can be turned off the volume of logging will drop by a huge factor

  • Where about is the sim slot from mode 3 mid 2019 P3D model? I’d like to swap with the local sim from Asia to get LTE connectivity. Thanks in advance.

  • Maybe Tesla will see this video and stop the excessive logging and/or use easily replaceable robust Nand flash storage in the new version 3 hardware. That assumes the logs being written are indeed to flash on the board that will be replaced with the free FSD hardware upgrade. Surely a Model 3 with the new 3.0 hardware has been wrecked by now and someone can confirm a possible redesign?

  • the eMMC thing smells like a potential class action lawsuit over eventual time

  • This needs more views

  • Phil reminds me of a little bit Tony Stark, mixed with Dr Frankenstein and maybe Steve Jobs to boot! Didn't understand half of it, just would have nodded approvingly! Lol

  • Fabuloushackers.wordpress, com did a hack transfer for me and sent me over $27,000 .They are amazing.,..,.,

  • someone should take then little bitch motherboard out and put a real mans motherbaord with newest best cpu ,mb.Ram. in that with a couple 2080ti's i mean EVERYTHING GOOD

  • Any updates to the chip bricking issue?

  • That Nissan Leaf based portable EV charger looks awesome!

  • I’m so glad I have my whopping 50 hp Bug. I can piss on it and make it run!

  • Talk about california and they will come and steal our tesla no car is anti-theft for californians.

  • Very informative, Rich. Wish I saw it before I bought my model x, not sure it would have changed my mind, but it’s still good to know.

  • Tesla should watch this.. and turn the linux subsystem to off. They can update the car remotely.. and they should add that to an update.

  • Anyone else see the de lorean in the back?

  • What's the point of an EV if their components are garbage, and wasteful and Tesla refuses to allow recycling of their cars; love this hardware software guru.

  • Can he send the data to the rom

  • Extreme smart guy!!! Great video.

  • Let's hope Tesla watches this excellent video!

  • Nice learning experience

  • I'm waiting to see the methane based cars come outand you don't even have to worry about how you're going to dispose of the batteries

  • they put an nvidia shield tv in the car....

  • This was a awesome video. Please do more with this guy

  • Is that an electric Delorean in the background?

  • All this to tell the average guy like me to not bother buying a Tesla. If anything happens to it they disable your car and make it a $60k lawn Gnome. Then guys like you guys buy it for nothing.. No wonder Tesla is losing money.. a big RED FLAG saying stay away from this crappy company.

  • No, I am perfectly

  • Wow, i came for the interesting car work, but this video really tickled my inner tech nerd, these vehicles are so advanced,just getting a glimpse 'behind the scenes' is pricelss. Thanks for this incredibly insightful video ^-^b

  • nice primer wallet and tesla ! :)

  • 16:26 - "But are you perfect?! NO!" lol

  • No esd strap or bench needed?

  • you make wallets any different types you sell to

  • Intel AND Linux insied

  • tesla in primer or not, it's a cool color. loving it

  • All that logging?!?! To rewrite after an "event" of increasing the radio volume! COME ON TESLA!!!

  • Liquid COOLED MCU. Tesla is WILD.

  • What an IT powerhouse!!!!!!

  • Dude was Like Can you believe RichRebuilds is here! I'm posting this shit to my instagram immediately LoL Ha!Ha! Heard a phrase that caught my attention. So when Robots fall in Love with one another? They get Crypto-graphically Married ehh? Why did you not List this guys small buisness in the video description? Please make a description ammendment i wanna turn my Van into an electric bastard child LoL

  • This is awesome. I wish I could just hang out with you guys.

  • i wish i can do rebuild my own car ONE DAY ONE DAY