Tesla Hacker Highlights Major Issue

Опубликовано: 7 май 2019
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Today we talk to Phil the engineer who has several hundred salvage Teslas under his control. He discusses the cool project he’s working on as well as some pretty big issues that he’s seeing during his hacking ventures.
Checkout Phil’s youtube channel here
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  • This guy is not a hacker, he is a competent software engineer. Nice analysis!

  • This guy is not a hacker, he is a competent software engineer. Nice analysis!

  • Good Job Good Report

  • De lorean with Tesla motor? 😍

  • Naruto grey? That's a color?

  • We need such videos, Rich! Don't stop interviewing such intelligent beings.

  • there's a guy selling a tesla model 3, but the guy said this "cells are too low for the car to charge using the charge port. can be fixed by charging the cells directly." I'm not sure about that because I think there's at least 5000 c

  • Hang on a second!!!! Tesla has fire wall? why?

  • Quick skim of the comments and I didn't see anything about the delorean on the hoist. What's up with that. West coast Eve had one as well. Details Rich, Details?!

  • Ordered my wallet. Thanks for the discount. Hope they kickback a few bucks to you.

  • If you think Tesla is hard to fix now wait til they go under from such bad policies. Also what he was referring to on the memory chip is NANDs. Which is a logic gate. (Like from the original TRON movie ... Same thing/idea)

  • awesome video!!! thumbs up!!! very informative and clear enough for someone like me...

  • Loved his work in the Big Lebowski.

  • Why do they have to build aftermarket modules??? Why not just soldering in a new chip? The capability of write cycles has developed a lot in the past 4-5 years.

  • Even if you work with Arduino, you are warned not to write more than 100,000 times to EEPROM.

  • Tesla is the only car that can have a major breakdown sitting in the drive!

  • This dude needs to be a little more organized. Looks like a late 80s early 90s PC repair shop.

  • Lol sounds like apple

  • This is a great video. Thanks very much.

  • looks like ill be contacting phil if my MCU takes a crap great to know someone out there is unlocking or somewhat jailbreaking these cars for people to fix their cars

  • Fascinating. Security yes, for the period of warranty and recognised authorised used car period, but after, there has to be a way to repair Tesla with a choice of options, not tied to the Tesla monopoly.

  • So what does it cost and how long to have him fix the chip issues and add diagnostics?

  • Could listen to him for ages

  • 1220 they cood feed it (the excessive logging) to Spot the AI dragon that lives under the stairs at TESLA HQ

  • It seems they simply fired actual developers (before they started production run), and replaced them with some code monkeys obeying their allmighty execs. Seriously, even guys developing free firmware for sub-$100 devices know better and do care about wear of the flash chips.

  • Every person on earth should have the power to sort out their own vehicles once out of warranty rather than using obsolescence and breakdown to be operated on by the franchises and manufacturer as part of their business model. You own it, then you have the right. Thank god for people like this.

  • If you drive a computer. Yep. It will F*** up at any time and Tesla knows that. This guys will save you money and F*** Tesla. So I am keeping my 2014 Mustang.

  • True intelligence is sexy.

  • Why doesn't Tesla want the salvage cars back on the road?

  • Haa! Tesla's is responding for recalls. What happens if it fail in the highway? Someone n needs to make dinner calls!

  • Full linux logging to a flash drive... Jeeeez, what a bunch of amateurs, they need to make their programmers step away from their screens occasionally.

  • Wow the amount of info discussed in this video

  • Hello Mr Tesla Hacker, where the FUCK is the kit to eliminate all the BS signals so we can start putting Tesla motors in anything with out putting all 20 sensors and computers? Oh an upgrade for the SD card is A CF adapter which will out last that SD.Oh, Yeah a Blue tooth interface for the Tach and other controls so we don't need that stupid 27 inch TV in the dash. TY

  • Wait, does an Intel Atom do the auto pilot driving??? No thanks!

  • Very cool, agree with Phil's view on the secondary market support. If that market has more support I would be able to buy one of these cars and do my support of the environment. Right now, Tesla cars are beyond my financial reach.

  • I call planned obsolescence.

  • Amazing footage Rich this guy is a genius, I hope you show the van when it's finished.

  • So pay $50000 on an electric car to save on buying gas. But pay $2500 every 3 to 4 every years and pay double on insurance rates. I'm not entirely convinced with that information of buying a Model 3 yet.

  • Phil is The Tesla Whisperer....Tech Genius!

  • Elon Musk has stated time and time again that his main goal was to get ICE vehicles off the road and that he isn't as much concerned about it being TESLA vehicles as the end result of society as a whole moving to renewable non polluting. That being said it almost seems that TESLA's policy around selling parts and allowing independents to use their parts and tech to convert existing ICE vehicles to EV could be considered ... is hypocritical too strong of a word ??? For instance I love my monster truck ... but what if I want the best of both worlds !?!?!? Why can't I convert my Tritan,1 tonne ... ( V10 ) into a ... hmmmmm ... ( 210V ) ??? LoL ... I find myself having daydreams about modifying my massive FORD F350 4X4 on 37inch mudders to accommodate 4 Model 3 motors and a long range Semi battery pack ??? How fun would that be ??? Just curious ... how much would that cost ??? LMFAO

  • "Included paid promotion", well then, I'll find another video to waste time on.

  • Mad scientist

  • I'm good on the wallet. I'll keep my recycled firefighter wallet.

  • Can we have more interviews like these, please? This is one of your best yet. Thanks Rich.

  • I prefer my Gucci wallet

  • Incredible interview with Phil!!!!! You just made Crucial Video!!!!!

  • This is sooo informative, I had to watch it twice!

  • Tesla has caught the apple greed. Leave the log in trace mode is next level planned obsolescence.

  • ‘’ Are you recording me recording him?’’ Videoception🤯

  • Phil is a good dude