Tesla powered BMW M3 ride along

Опубликовано: 24 май 2019
I take an in depth look at the Tesla powered BMW M3.
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  • Love the channel but no seatbelts? Disappointing

  • At 400 lbs, those batteries are about the right size to be hot swappable. For an actual real-world vehicle, I could easily see 64 kWh of onboard batteries where one or two of the modules can be swapped. Five minutes in and out with 250 miles of range added. Keep a CCS port, so you can still "slow" charge in 30 to 40 minutes if a battery swap facility isn't nearby or you're stopping for lunch.

  • Thats not m3....

    • You're right its better

  • Great video I would love to have seen their cable manufacturing they make art

  • It’s refreshing to see you guys not over powering vehicles

  • A Volvo 245 at 2:45!

  • Why waste a m3? Wouldn't it be better to use a 318is? When you're gutting everything anyways, and with m3 bodywork and willwood brakes, its already ahead of the m3. Kind of a waste of a WBS vin

  • can this guy adopt me please

  • We're putting the baby motor in the DeLorean and speed limiting it to 87mph because if it ever hit 88mph you'd see some serious sh*t.

  • An M3 for drifting...what a waste.

  • What that only me who saw the seat belts? =/

  • I got a Ford ad while watching this

  • "You see its interesting" count the times the man says it lol

  • the delorean is sexy omg


  • Amazing car but so fucking stupid to destroy an amazing car with an electric engine 🤮

  • Paramotors!!!!

  • this is a shit

  • Shout out to the Volvo 245 at 2:45

  • Thanks for the video!! I’m going to subscribe to your channel.

  • Real life rc car

  • For both wheels to spin, is there an LSD in the drive unit? Or is the ECU/controller telling both wheels to spin? Just curious how it compares to a traditional locking diff

  • Nice kicks, Rich

  • RU-tv's 2 ads policy has given me cancer

  • They kill m3

  • Big RC car

  • Defiled that bmw smh

  • Wtf dude 😦

  • You don't know how to film.

  • soooo battery swap or?..

  • 0-60 0-100 ?????

  • F*ck fuel economy!

  • This electric shit is going out of hand...

  • So u got a gig sick on this

  • Next episode Rich converts his Tesla to rear-wheel-drive and learns how to drift

  • The control panel looks like it came out of the old NASA shuttle so I assume it has the real meaning of launch control 😁

  • That in wall charger is cool, but it would be AWESOME, if someone made a robot arm, that would automatically plug and unplug the, well plug. So you never have to touch the cable. Just park in the garage and all is done...

  • Thats why 👽 dont like us! RIP E36

    • right !! what a waste off m3 RIP

  • Why a m2, just use the base model

  • *☀Interesting🤔Ride M-3 style clothing (E.V powerd✔)looks& drive Amazing with More🗺Muscle Rich tk u🌌*

  • I love two strokes the whine of electric motors will never beat it

  • amazing video

  • Uncle Rich shoe game is on point.

  • what is it's 0-60 time?

  • It's like a giant electric go kart me next

  • Eyeeaaahh... i'll have the crispy sounding inline six..

  • Ghost BMW

  • @alexchoi

  • No clutch no shift nice homo car

  • Yes lets celebrate the future of further supporting child slavery with cobolt mining, and harvesting the earth for resources that are very limited. Future looks nice

  • How many power do you want? Bmw m3 : YES

  • No coment why m3 why

  • Talk about Power Output!!!!

  • The Future right there on point 😂👌🏻


  • 👏😍

  • 00:02 is That a Pick up Tesla in The background

  • Oh, an electron guzzler.

  • You need to figure out a way to test drive or ride in a Polestar2. They won't be in the US till 2020 but they have been released in China I think.

  • 11:30 I thought they crashed or something...:) you wouldn’t expect that sound out of the sudden in a normal car

  • You have only electric e46, you took whats made m3 an m3, its heart

  • I want one ☝️ lol so dope

  • Ok, amazing. lol.

  • Um no ac used this in Texas your fucked during summer

  • No

  • Doggo be like "What blasphemy is this???"

  • No seatbelts? Ooooff

  • Frankenstein would like to have a word with you

  • What a waste of E36 chassis

  • I think electric conversions will really gain momentum in the near future. Old car owners are already feeling the effects from new environmental laws and regulations. Low emissions zones, higher taxes, expensive fuel. These conversions could keep those cars on the road.

  • Keep it up brother, the world needs creative minds like you.

  • I want to convert my car from gas to electric

  • :D

  • at any rpm.. lol :D

  • “I want one in red”


  • dude please work on your timing, you keep talking over him half the time. Other than that it was a cool video

  • I will go for a straight six anytime. This is bs

  • That is awesome! good to see companies like EVwest making alternate cars with electric motors.

  • Looks terrifying.

  • Isnt a m3 anymore but a dinky toy car for kids

  • That was pretty sick.

  • When he stepped on it that shit gave me a fright 😂 Wicked!

  • I was wondering why I didnt hear the engine.......... then I realized.............. its a Tesla engine. Damn.

  • Dog: Dude that's a quick start

  • so when is bmw gonna start producing m3's with the electric motor , tesla and BMW collab should happen to fuel the future in more ways than we know

    • @Rawler94 lol you're a trip dude, read my comment again, I am just hoping for a collab between tesla and bmw, who the hell said I was better than anybody for wanting this product on the market already built for us? or was it me asking you if you're a half glass empty kind of guy?

    • @Rawler94 ah, half glass empty kind of guy eh?

  • I have 65’ Ford Falcon convertible that I’m thinking of converting to electric. I’d love to crush the old timers that always want to race. I gave a Mustang 5.0 cobra engine currently.

  • I've been a BMW enthusiast since 92.I've been a Tesla fan since 2010. This would be a dream come true.

  • Good lord 500k that’s amazing and the M3 I’m really surprised and it’s so weird that it’s electric. Oh also charger wise do you deliver to the UK we’re getting our second hybrid (XC90) hopefully and wouldn’t mind a better charger or is it specific for Tesla, sorry idk about how it is Edit: just spotted a motor cross bike, is that electric as well? I’ve only ever seen one which was really good but it’s still early stages and can only run for relatively short periods but it looked and worked well. Can’t wait to see more ( the bikes I mean)

  • Car guys in the future be like,aftermarket battery aftermarket charger.

    • SuperEurobeat M3 It’s probably something I’ll never get use to.

  • Reability issue solve.

  • Whats insane about your subscribers?

    • Glad am not one of your subscribers

  • Rich you forget how to use a camera? Dude is talking about his projects and showing them to you but you are filming his face??

  • How much would a build like this cost before factoring labor?

  • Tahts not m3 that is tesla

  • 10 minutes of "blabla blabla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Blabla bla bla bla"

  • 9:28 Volvo :3333

  • I do not think this qualifies as an M3 with an electric motor in it

    • You're right, It surpasses an M3!

  • 12 minute video 2 minutes of driving