Testing EVERY GLITCH In Among Us.. (IT WORKS)

Опубликовано: 5 ноя 2020
Today we are Testing EVERY GLITCH In Among Us.. These glitches should definitely help you get IMPOSTOR In among us. or Get the victory easier :)
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  • who wants more glitches?!👁👄👁

    • it did not work

    • yep press use button of the medbay scan the the scan will stay for ever but you have to be very laggy ping down the 100

    • congrats on 100k

    • Mee!!!!!!!!!! TElll mr now mr,mE!!!

    • You didn't even tell us how the second glitch works C'mon

  • If you want to be imposter put another skin or hat you have 80% chance of getting imposter and 20% chance of not getting imposter

  • Yea I'm not watching this instead of school 😉😉😉

  • The last glitch dose not work

  • Imposter won’t work

  • I sub to you 1 year ago

  • Infinite give me you number I wanna play among us

  • I want 10 glitch plz

  • Asome infinite

  • Lol

  • Not one glitch works 😠😠

  • Such cool glitches

  • Did I here the among us remix song in there?

  • No it didn’t for me

  • i cant do that becus i play among us in my brothers phone :(

  • Cool

  • It work

  • Nice impostor

  • It only works for pc the imposter every time one

  • 3:45 map says the skeld top left. Somehow he is in mira

  • \{=(

  • \@+|

  • caylusLiktiyull❤️😂❤️😂😂❤️❤️


  • Me

  • I Olso got the life hack

  • Its work i can be imposter 10 time

  • What if he is just editing

  • I keep trying but it can't work 😭😭😭

  • Ur one of my fav youtubers

  • I love u infinite

  • Idk

  • The second time it might work

  • Haha

  • What’s funny is on the one glitch for getting imposter every time where u keep clicking he was green in lobby then pink when he got imposter

  • I'm scared of among us bc I was in the ship and everyone's coler was flircring and then I was bule but first I was orange then everyone's name was red=imposter then loading name

  • can you do minicrew mate plssss1234556788890

  • One of the glitches is not even a glitch anyone can do that

  • I have done all the glitches. they work but not ALL the times

  • These glitches work

  • Me

  • This is so sick and you are awesome at among us but you better be careful

  • Yes you do Infinite

  • That glitch when u go into free play mode and go on the shield map click impostor 5 times it didn't work

  • I just want to say your HAIR is beautiful

  • I love infnet

  • Hahahahahahahaha! I actually accidentally pressed this video by glitching! But I was just looking for this so uhh nice!

  • The orange white one didn't work

  • The keep taping use The hats And the Last one didn't work :d

  • I can't do some because I don't play on computer

  • Me

  • He faked where he said that we would be imposter everytime as his colour was green before and in the game it was pink...And in the settings it said that it was SKELD mam but it was actually MIRA HQ He is lying for views lol

  • '0:40' 😘 Your choice but only*𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌* () ✔️

  • '2:12' I've always got mine from *DADYAPP .PRO* ... ⬅️

  • '1:11' 🤣 Your choice but only *DADYAPP .PRO* ... 💎

  • ;

  • I do

  • Congrats on 100k likes

  • I love ❤️ your channel biggest fan of u

  • They made it so when you do it now you most likely get crewmate

  • Everyone wants more frickin glitches

  • 100

  • Lier

  • The wall one only works if you spend £2000 on a PC first mate

  • i am

  • ME!

  • How do you get imposter every time?

  • Me

  • Hi infinite

  • U kinda sound like poke ngl

  • Ur vids are awesome 😎 callus

  • Yes

  • On the hat Hack i Know that Thing and I get impostor 8 times

  • My among us name is sire sirol

  • Imposter glitch work i played 3 games and i get the dub😎

  • Yes I do

  • me

  • It deont work

  • I tried impostor glitch but didn't work😡

  • Ono u got luck

  • Do more amoung us❤❤!

  • Me


  • My real name is Farrah

  • The hat one works for me

  • I love these glitches

  • im subscribd likte and post nodafcashons on

  • i lrnd cool umong us haks

  • I dont have graphics this is cap unsubt guys

  • Makes thanos in

  • Jfjhx

  • That was not ganna work to be imposter because in the top left it said map skeld now your pink and your in map MIRA HQ do u think u can full me im a detective

  • W

  • your my favorite youtuber

  • more glitches they are so cool

  • Liar

  • Love ur Chanel, love the music 😉👍🏻

  • Yes thank you

  • It didn’t work

  • None of these works