"That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" | Kitchen Nightmares

It looks it too.
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  • Not a pizza.

  • Kitchen nightmares is lit just like gordon ramsay

  • I love how the owner says "I wouldn't feed this to my dog" but she's feeding it to paying customers, that's pretty scary.

  • I didnt know pizza have faces ahahah😁😂😂😂😂

  • What's the place called again?

  • How do you fuck up pizza like how do you do that I am no chief but damn I could do pizza better then these guys I love pizza and this hurt watching it made me think damn wheres this at I think I need to go in this kitchen and do there job for them I think they need it lol

  • I once ate with my girlfriend here..She liked the meal so much that she threw up,so i can have some of it

  • How do you ruin pizza ?

  • I think I'm gonna pass: Goes to McDonald's

  • i bet if gordon wasn't there they would have finished their meals

  • Gordon is hot. I wonder what he likes on his pizza other than MY COCK?

  • Tricia sounds like Mabel from Gravity Falls and it’s rly distracting

  • These owners need to know that we can go to a store and buy a frozen pizza or whatever so why would we go to your restaurant and pay 3 times the money to only be handed frozen product? If you are selling frozen food, close your damn door. Some frozen food isn't bad, it's the fact that we want fresh and your own food that you made and willing to pay good money for a good meal.

  • But why chef never got that hairnet hmm🤔

  • I realize alot of these restaurants are serving some crap. But I have to wonder if the customers know Gordon Ramsey is there , and they are just sending food back trying to create drama?

  • I didn't even know that was a pizza.

  • He said god bless middle America 😂😂😂

  • i feel now even better that i get a god damn load of praise today for my Fish :3

  • *They don't need a celebrity chef to help, they need stronger glasses and an exorcise. "Can you not see the people,....LEAVING"? I can see them, I can hear them and I'm not even there in person. OEPN YOUR EYES AND LOOK.*

  • If you label anything "food" in America, people will eat it. And, either way, corporations will find a way to make $$ off of it regardless of whether or not people are eating it.

  • I can't imagine complaining about the food in a restaurant. I'd just pay for it and never come back.

  • I

  • Gordon: GOD. BLESS. MIDDLE. AMERICA ME:Pull up then Gordon

  • Who wants to try my peet-suh-due

  • 0:35

  • If Gordan goes crazy over this he should walk into fast food places. He'll have a heart attack.

  • I'm so hungry that shitty food looks good.

  • An insult to fast food Didnt thought that was possibru :O

  • If they ever make another Hannibal lecter movie, I want a Gordon Ramsay cameo.

  • when the owner wont eat the food ? we be in trouble. what ya think ?

  • 0:08 "Hi there, welcome to Jay Willies, how you f**ks doing today?"

  • Owner: The quality of the food just isn't there. I wouldn't even feed it to my dog *Proceeds to feed it to hundreds of customers daily*

  • Me: watching Owner give their side of story. Next camera frame. Me: watching another owner give their side of story. Me: oh another owner. Hmmm 🤨 Next camera frame. Me: watch 3rd owner give their side of story. Me: how many fucking owners are there at this point! For fuck sake make me an owner for cryin out loud!

  • What if some people are just sending food back because Gordon is there?

    • that food looked gross, i been to jail

  • lol

  • It's doing bad because of that guys erect nipples in that shirt

  • Love this show, why was in cancelled?

    • +Gregory Everson No one watches TV?? Speak for yourself bud!

    • no1 watches TV, i dont, people make better content than TV writers can

  • Owners complaining about how terrible the food is....YOU'RE THE F*CKING OWNER!!

  • and not a hair net in sight!

  • 1:22 ITS THE OLD BAG

  • " an insult to fast food " this man is brutal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If u won't feed it to your dog then why the fuck will u serve the food to your customer u fuckin bitch

  • The owner is really trying sell his victim card for some sympathy. You are disgusting my friend...in every aspect

  • I'm Italian, I feel offended by that pizza...

  • How does the camera crew know which customer is about to say something negative

  • Am I just high or did that look like a steak and shake in the background when he was in that alley 😂😂 I would've rather eaten there than the food I just seen 🤢

    • steak and shake is only good on chicken

  • Owner says I wouldn't feed it to my dog. But the customer?

  • My dog would eat that 😐 ... Maybe I would too .. idk

  • The best pizza is half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke with pesto, and light on the cheese.

    • Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.

    • does your boyfriend know you are gay?

  • End the torture! Make new KN episodes!

  • straight up the old ass Pokeball pizza I made in Year fucking 7

  • “Those attending are asked not to cuss, brawl or throw chairs. All disagreements must be settled outside”. If this sign is in your “restaurant”, I can only assume that these things have either happened before or it is a wind up. Either way, I would be hesitant to eat there.

  • As an owner you are in part responsible! Don’t sit back and blame John. When in reality you gave John a budget to meet and he probably did what he could. What the fuck is the point of owning something if you’re never going to touch it!!?

    • give the chef a bucket of shit and he should be able to make chocolate ice cream, lol

  • Waitress: "This fish sandwich came back because it is still frozen." Ramsey: "Holy Mackerel." Classic.

  • U tell em Ramsey

  • 1:57 the waitress is wearing a basket over her head

  • why are these 2 ppl who is also the owner blaiming it all on him ? you are literally the owner yourself lol

  • This is so sad Alexa played Despacito herself

  • It’s a special pizza 😂😔

    • ranch on frozen cardboard, lol sounds yummie

  • " god bless middle America ".... Me sitting here laughing my lungs out 😂😂

  • How cool a 2007 clip....fuckin hell cuh mawhnn

  • Wouldn't feed it to your dog yet you don't mind feeding it to your customers.

  • Chucky cheese pizza

  • None pizza with left mushroom

  • You would feed the food to your dog. Yet you server it to a human😕

  • Wtf kind of pizza is that? As a New Yorker, that’s sad.

  • ....... how do u make PIZZA wrong

  • Gordon Ramsey should be the boss of overcooked

  • Gordons weapon The f word

  • Sign at the entrance: "Those attending are asked not to cuss, brawl or throw chairs. All disagreements must be settled outside" Lol wtf, where is this?

  • That pizza is on the verge of suicide.

  • One main theme in this, Americans sure love to butcher cuisine, my lord do you really freeze EVERYTHING?! It destroys the cells! texture, nutrition, flavour everything is gone!

  • It's got to the point where we think it's 20% real and 80% acting

  • “its a fucking disgrace” Me:My ASS is Fucking Disgrace

  • Boss: We need to buy cheaper ingredients Customer: Cook it again it’s awful

  • NINO!

  • I wouldn’t feed my dog that and she eats everything!

  • *I* am a sad excuse for a pizza

  • That looks fuckin discusting.

  • 1:21 this bitch says she wouldn't feed the dog with this food, but 99% sure she gives it dry shitty. -.- Human Logic

  • Gordon charges like £50 for one meal in his restaurants that is my entire weeks food shop and a lot of the food he bitches about is perfectly edible lol. this guy would be fucked if you took his wealth away he would cry and sob and probably try to top him self over having to eat beans and toast for breakfast, the toast or beans would not be to his perfect liking, where the fucking salt and pepper you cunt..

  • I want Gordon to be a follower in Skyrim and bash the shit out of Giants with a rolling pin and a large kitchen knife.

  • Everyone is commenting how their dog would eat in a second. It made me realize how picky my dog is, he literally spits food out if he doesn’t like the taste. And he use to eat his poop as a puppy, so it doesn’t make any sense???

  • Customers send food back when Gordon is there. Gordon leaves: Customers more than gladly eat their shit food.

  • I've got to guess that if people know GR is in town, they're going to show up and complain about the food.

  • Won't eat from dogs fucking really?

  • I like how in the show all the customers don’t eat the food but in real life nobody gives a shit and they just eat.

  • Imagine if chef ramsey went to fast food restaurant.

  • They are cutting so many corners, the restaurant turned into a circle

  • anyone else get the feeling that a lot of these customers on these clips are maybe being coerced by the producers to send the food back?

  • 2:10 That whiny noise truly belongs in an American television show starter pack!

  • It's the same crew that records him at the end of the show when he goes out the door, looks at the camera and says something like, "frozen ranch pizza, fuck me!" Then he turns and leaves.

  • That pizza is sadder than my life


  • How many owners dose this restaurant have

  • The pizza on the thumbnail looks disgusting! 💯💯

  • Gamer much?

  • Absolutely pathetic. I am 18 years old and I can make a pizza better than trash. FROM SCRATCH.

  • 2:55 “Those attending are asked not to cuss, brawl, or *throw chairs* .” The hell? Is this a normal thing that they specifically needed a rule for it to stop it?

  • In every episode the people he visits all look like they're stuck in the early 1990s.