The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Is a Bargain Luxury SUV

Опубликовано: 22 авг 2019
The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize family crossover that feels like a luxury SUV -- and today I'm going to show you what I mean. I'm reviewing the Palisade to show you all of its quirks and features, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the Hyundai Palisade and drive it to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Doug is the kind of guy who would turn right after giving left turn signal.

  • Ripoff of the telluride kia

  • Great value and I’ll take this over the “luxury brands” when it comes time to make repairs and do maintenance...

  • Are they available in Australia yet ?

  • The Hyundai Palisade is far more ahead and more advanced technology then most SUVs out there the future is here

  • I don't understand the indicator camera thing. Normally while changing lanes, first you see into the mirror, check whether it is safe to change the lane, then we will give the indicators. You don't just blindly give an inductor and then see whether there are vehicles behind?

  • I think that’s actually great dial design, because you know that if you turn quickly to one side or the other that you are ending up at an extreme, and can then navigate to the setting you want without looking down at the dial. If it was continuous, you’d just keep changing modes forever and basically be playing Russian roulette with your drive mode setting. All this is only relevant if you’re trying to change drive modes without looking (which is probably not going to happen often), but I think it’s unfair to call it bad dial design.

  • Nobody noticed the practicality score is missing? 😱

  • Doug the type of guy that sleeps under his bedd

  • Why no fog lights?

  • Oh my god Im getting that!!

  • And the car of the year goes "Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier, the badges, you'll be introduced to so many more amazing cars"

  • when he wars showing those turn signac cameras in the right was that a golf 4? as i know they are not sold in the us

  • Both this and the Kia have a really low tow capacity, which is why I wouldn't buy this.

  • Huyndai? Yukk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only idiots buy huyndai, or anything Korean/Chinese.

    • Wow. I guess you don't shop at Walmart or not living on this planet. Almost everything is made in China. Not to mention they more reliable than any American automakers 😆

  • Beautiful car but definitely wouldn’t spend 50k on a Hyundai or Kia product.. 🥴

  • First SUV is Santa Fe and Hyundai has been around since 1986

  • 4:30 feels like im on an airplane

  • Honda Accord has turn signal cameras, too. So what?

  • Toyota has the speaker thing for years. I could do that in the early 2000’s in my mini van. It that new.

  • Gmc acadia denali 2020

  • RR be careful

  • All of these electronic bells and whistles will be broken in 3-5 years..... Hyundai is NOT Toyota

  • Beautiful SUV thx doug !

  • 35 seconds in and I'm thinking: "that is one fugly nose" and what is the depreciation on a Hyundai?

  • Thanks to Hyundai and Kia for setting the bar higher so that luxury companies have no choice but to make more features standard and innovate

  • I need the car to invoke the XP startup/Shutdown sounds to troll friends and stuff before I would buy it. Should be standard.

  • I could have so much fun with the Driver Talk feature...

  • No mention of the awesome lane keep assist ? TSP say best system in the class.

  • Some of the quirks and features of the video was filming under a bridge and a bunch of weeds in the background.

  • Im getting that because my mom’s car crashed today

  • I really don’t like how you rate automobiles

  • Traded in my BMW X5 for a Palisade. Tired of over paying for vehicles!

  • That's not hyundai palisade... It's hyundai paradise

  • 15:06 even more surprising, Heated *and* cooled seats, The Lincoln Navigator doesn’t have that.

  • Its unreliable car 😂

  • Doug has some trash opinions on some nice cars change my mind.

  • I'm a Toyota Highlander guy and this might make me change. A lot of great features. Good job Doug!

  • The speedometer turning into side view mirror is crazy...

  • No, that dial design is great. You turn it right and you know you stop in the rightmost option. Without looking.

  • So it's a Telluride?

  • I really like this!

  • Doug the type of guy to put his wife in the 3rd row just so he can use the driver talk

  • Doug is like..its a gud suv and fucked it in his doug score

  • This car is freakin awesome. Agree the video screen in lieu of speedo and tach is an INSANELY GOOD IDEA and truly innovative. I saw one in the rear view mirror and have to admit, the car has presence. I especially like the look of the Daytime Running Lights.. Looking at the Genesis GV80 as a future purchase...Possibly a 2 year used model

  • Car is beautiful but that front grill makes it...unbuyable..

  • It's a Great SUV. I just did a review on it also. 👍

  • I enjoyed watching your video. Informative and entertaining. You had me laughing out loud at some points. Great video.

  • Doug had TOO much fun with the "Driver Talk" feature

  • It’s just like a bmw except it won’t break down in a year

  • Can u adjust the camera's on the sideview mirrors?

  • So what is the engine? Be nice if that was discussed. This guy is annoying.

  • That blind-spot avoidance system is going to cause accidents I guarantee it. Even if it doesn't malfunction, as soon as it corrects your steering wheel bad drivers will freak out and over-correct, roll or crash into someone.

  • when you don't really like Hyundai but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • If I’m spending $50,000, I’m NOT buying a Hyundai...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Doug is the type of guy who reviews his girlfriend and gives her a Doug score.

  • Please will car manufacturers put the Drive Button going FORWARD and Reverse going to the BACKWARDS!!! Or, just give us the lever back...we like those!!!

  • Why do you siiiinggggg when you talk ? Lol

  • Sooooo a huge three row suv is now a mid size

  • Doug, the type of guy to go power hungry when he gets a microphone