The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. And now the phone is delayed. Here's what's happening.
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  • this is why i always restrict myself from buying a new gimmick phone...the problem is not emerging until it is on the hand of the user...i'll wait for the improvement of their second gen

  • This phone is not practical.

  • Explofing phone, broken phone, whats next samsung?

  • be sad for Samsung if apple paid these big reviewers guys to break, then report on it and then and send them back all at once so people get a bad feeling about the model and steer clear, as this is a big change for phones and apple don't like the idea of Samsung (or other brands) doing all the innovation.

  • Omgggg,!!!! 14 Million Views

  • Not even interested in the Galaxy fold. Just here for your review. Your videos are great man. Keep up the awesome content 👍 love watching your videos.

  • Thanos snapped half the galaxy away. Samsung: How bout we fold the galaxy?

  • My man really bought a whole new s10 just to show the pre installed screen protector.😂

  • Abcdfail

  • Huawei Mate X is better then Galaxy Fold.

  • I wonder how many people share my thinking of “I hope other people buy this because I want to see it develop but I’m definitely not going to buy this one.”

  • The point of a folding phone?

  • No thanks. Keep ure foldable 2,000$ tablet..

  • Scratches at level 3 and deeper grooves at level 4. I remember someone else...

  • Did you just... you didn’t?!? Did you just host meme review

  • I have lost all my 💰 in this ....

  • Soon a folded tv

  • 1:09 I love how you just pull out a brand new *$800* phone out to demonstrate stuff like it’s nothing.

  • The upcoming Motorola Razr fold looks way better! This phone is junk...

  • 🤔 I think it’s just dumb

  • All you guys get money from apple

  • money wasted

  • What kind of material does he have on his head? Looks like fleece

    • Joe meats :/

  • Public Beta Tests are the new reality. It is far more lucrative to be first than to be best.

  • This phone is not worth the price and time of day honestly lmao... it’s really ugly anyway

  • What the hell Why we need fold? Instead of this phone price we can buy a separate tablet which GALAXY S10

  • The Jerry meme caught me lol

  • such a one of the most loved tech. company...and the most anticipated phone this year...NOT ACCEPTABLE..

  • Hahahahahah well at least no batteries have exploded on this one yet. Samsung makes such junk.

  • Is huawei mate X making same problem?

  • T E C H N I G G A

  • Everybody witha fold is complaining while a sit back with my iphone5

  • Aren't these problems something that should have been found in testing and QA

  • apple like eitherway i dont give a shit

  • You saved the samsung fold

  • 5 subscribers = 8 subscribers 👍 fast fast fast & 10 likes = 7 subscribers

  • I dont fancy one of these they look like they would break anyway after a few months. Screen protectors i leave mine on buy a 2nd and put that on too, still perfect to look at and twice the protection :)

  • He can buy about 14 new broken Galaxy folds after this video

  • Still better than apple

  • Good shit.

  • Before I new him, every time I heard his name, I heard “mark ass brownie”

  • Subtitle pleasee...

  • Did I just get Rick Roll’d in the opening ad?

  • I want a drop test

  • I got a samsung galaxy fold But before i unbox it i heard the story of the broken screens So i REPLACED it with the samsung galaxy a20 after several weeks

  • Use Exynos ??

  • But will it explode twice?

  • not reading the manual

  • Marques this is a funky phone and we get it Samsung pays you well to speak well of them.

  • i still want that joint that is a dope phone that thjoint is a power house tho the hardware is crazy

  • Technology is becoming more ridiculous

  • Looks like its cancelled.

  • Markass Brown Lee back at it again

  • How much you think the apple fold gonna be, $4000? $5000?

  • In the US, four journalists “broke down” Galaxy Fold, in three cases, the top layer of the display was deliberately torn off, one had something under the screen, but the smartphone continued to work. Why out of five hundred devices all “broke down” only in one country of the world, one can only guess. :D

  • Türkçe alt yazı ekleseydin seni takip etmeye devam edecektim ama eklemiyorsun

  • This will be one of the biggest flops in tech history...

  • oh yeah thanks for the info..!! 😊😊

  • First the exploding phones and and now this... When will Samsung learn? This is exactly why I prefer iPhone any day. The OS is better and the build quality is also better.

  • I got an ad about the creators of pumped up kicks on this video

  • Apple: *REMOVES THE HEADPHONE JACK* The internet: OMG! APPLE REMOVED THE HEADPHONE JACK! IPHONES ARE TOO PRICEY! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Samsung: Releases a phone that bursts into flames, releases a $2000 prototype foldable phone that breaks easily. The internet: oh well, they tried.. BIASED MUCH?

  • Its already driving me crazy, cant wait for Samsung to make it right

  • Imagine if Apple did this,the whole world will be on their feet,everyone is giving Samsung a break but come on now

  • you can daplig arpk

  • Then why dont u Shame samsung like internet did for note 7.its a failed product u idiot.why are u wasting ur breath over it.cant xpect samsung apple to make mistskes when they charge a premium for being the top tech when they are not. Nuff said

  • 😶

  • Talks about Samsung in front of Apple laptop

  • Nobody should put out something with that. That's a prototype and they had to have used it and had the same issues happen. That's bullshit n Samsung fucked everyone who is developing a folding phone and anyone who is a fan of tech itself.

  • So, a $.09 cent piece of plastic is holding your $2000 phone together. LMFAO. And people are excusing this away. That's insanity.

  • My wallet will remain folded

  • Phone price $1900 Warranty less than 5 minutes Screen replacement $1800 plus labor Hon, have you seen my old flip phone???

  • Do we really need foldable phones?

  • All the samsheep will buy it! And I'm not an isheep!

  • Thousands of people are saying "I told you so", just saying. I really don't know how anyone didn't see this coming. For the foreseeable future, extreme fragility is an inherent flaw of foldable devices, and is one too big for the average consumer to accept. I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is more evidence too support the idea that foldable phones are NOT the future than there is to support the idea that they are, and the failures of the Galaxy Fold have very little to do with that. This is a common sense thing. Plastic is not as durable as glass in a screen. End of story. The idea that so many youtubers actually seemed to think this was the future is really a case study for how objective tech reviewers actually are. And please, stop with the condescending "if you love tech then you have to jump on every impractical gimmick bandwagon" talk. We are too smart for that. I have been subbed to you for a long long time and still like you and your videos but you have gotten less and less objective and in-depth as time goes on and it's disappointing. Please stop treating tech like a religion. You CAN question the practicality of tech trends.

  • Piece of junk, let them eat the soup they prepared. Such a shame...

  • Name of intro beat please👐

  • Welcome to another episode of: "Why is this in my recommend?" But I mean, it's useful somehow


  • Mark ass Brownlee.

  • This is a new innovation of course there will be problems and hiccups at first. But mark my words this phone will kick ass after couple generations pass.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I prefer screen protectors anyway, don't care to put them cheap phones but definitely the more expensive ones. Pay nearly $2K phone (which crazy to begin with), its probably best to utilize whatever protection your expensive purchase came with...

  • Not gonna lie, I laughed hard when he said exploding phones. That shouldn’t have been a thing lol 😂

  • Does anyone think they did this on purpose. As in bad press is good press. And they may have seen a spike in sales after the last battery gate?

  • I never buy brand new tech. I let all the rich people buy it and get the bugs worked out for us poor people first.

    • well if you're a poor guy then why would you even bother buying a over the top price new brand new tech when you can just stick with the older moldes that still does the job.

    • That's true

    • Right, Right.

    • +zah fares good thing i didnt end up like the people who pre-ordered fallout 76

    • just like the old saying: early bird gets shot.

  • 6:43 LOL LOL LOL I CAN'T

  • Samsung is laughable. Gimmick company.

  • The film on the S10 *IS* a screen protector. Why else would it have a cut out for the camera? Usually protective film used in packaging would just cover everything. I've been using my S10e for over a month with that film on, it really does work. It even has oleophobic qualities; water just beads, and you can literally shake all the water off the screen. Why go through all the trouble of making a temporary protective film with those qualities?

  • *They rushed it, & fumbled hard. Never buy 1st. Gen stuff. Always wait till the third and forth generations.* *Remember that the third time is a charm😉*

  • Hey look it’s mark ass brown lee

  • why dont they make a smart flip phone? with a bigger display and touch screen instead of a keyboard. I just loved that you just close the phone to put it in sleep mode and the screen was better protected. Flip phones weren't bad they just needed to be updated.

  • Bad design why did they made a layer film if it’s going to peel.

  • So I had an S10e (went and changed it for an S10+) and I had an actual screen protector on it. I saw what looked like a tiny screen protector on it. So I took off the screen protector and began to peel at the layer. After picking a few times, I stopped and went to sleep. The next day, I was looking up something on my phone and saw that it was a built in screen protector and I just kinda "😮😮😮😮😮😮" good thing I stopped picking at it lol. I don't want to get a screen protector but I hate them...but if it will become an issue I think it's best to get the screen protector

  • I love the idea of foldable phones, but the tech probably won't be fully developed (and cheap enough for the average consumer) for another 5 or 6 years. Although I have to say, Huawei designing the screens to face outward is just idiotic. People put their phones in their pockets, handbags, purses and backpacks. You know what else goes in those things? COINS. KEYS. PENS. Other stuff that will *easily* scratch a screen.

  • After good concideration I conclude they should have invested into a role up film screen , tucked into a pen... which could be rolled out and created a far larger screen instead of this idea. It`s like.. we don`t need a new phone.. we need new accessories in my opinion. Just imagine.. a pen.. and you pull out an long screen out of it.. and than have the ability with software , instead of hardware to intereact with it in a completely new way.. but okay.. that`s not the case yet.. just wait untill they finally figure it out.. and than its worth the money ! Take my word for it :)

    • + not difficult to connected it through Bluetooth :) who would not want to buy a pen that unfolds into a screen ? haaaaaaaa we have to wait untill 2025 for that i suspect.. what a waste of time at Samsung.. I hope they read this LOL

  • Is it just me, or does a folding phone just seem unappealing? I can’t get interested in this.

  • Isn’t the intro from King Lil G’s song “Cold Christmas”?

  • 辛亏没炸!😂

  • Seems Samsung is paying well influencers like him to minimize issue down. On the other hand having 8.5 milion subscribers, heavy sponsorship and all sorts of income channels - and still having "SUPPORT THIS RU-tv CHANNEL" button is just pure arrogant greed.

  • I love watching your reviews im looking for a new phone just not a fold nor anything over 300

  • I really like your channel, man! It's a great content to watch. Cong!