The Couple That Still Hangs Out at Your Hometown's Playground

Опубликовано: 29 окт 2020
Nowhere better to be.
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  • The irony is not lost on me here. You're literally "The Couple That Still Hangs Out at Your Hometown's Playground" making a (this) video. 😀😂

  • Him: I don't got... like- Me: COVID? Him: Measles or something Me: ????

  • Giving me Freaks and geeks vibes

  • I died a little inside, knowing these kind of people exist....

  • That was a good Netlix episode.

  • These people exist?

  • It’s real bad that I’m getting Deja vu from this. I was in a couple exactly like this😂

  • Came to laugh, left sad ):

  • 3:56 dont worry, got it on my phone

  • All I'm getting out of this is that that's a shockingly nice playground

  • Are you cosplaying Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  • This is some Cannes FF level of cinematography right here, just add some scene appropriate music for that full on vibe. :)

  • This feels like an episode of parks and rec

  • This video is a masterclass in staying so well in character through long, ad-libbed, awkward scenes. Incredible

  • Assholes hogging a pretty cool-looking playground.

  • I was expecting Trevor Wallace to show up

  • Wow...i used to know a guy who behaves the same way...lmao

  • I don’t like being called out like this

  • This literally happened to me

  • 3:08 - 3:20 & 4:14 I like these shots the best.

  • Well maybe he will find somebody who will actually manage to have a conversation

  • The couples in my hometown like that usually break up at least every other month

  • This is normal in Slavic countries

  • So basically the couple still holding onto long-dead dreams of the past.

  • I like this girl

  • I don't get it....

  • is this a white people thing

  • I understand this guy and the girls archetype, great friends in high school but I had to get out of my country ass town. Weird nostalgic vibes, like I wouldn’tve had it any other way but so glad I’m not around it anymore.

  • I’m not joking here but at the end when he ran towards the car he went F A S T

  • Even his fake gf ignores him

  • The fog makes these scenes so beautiful

  • Lol this must have been hard to film. "CUT. We'll try again."

  • I'd watch a full show about them.

  • i wasn't being annoying

  • I was like “haha who goes to their old elementary playground with friends” Me, I do that

  • I hate this one for very personal reasons.

  • You are great at protraying the awkwardness between people. Love you content

  • I wish they had a kind of game where you swooshed your arms in a strategic way so you could tell he won that exchange

  • It's like it's 2004 all over again and you're happy and you don't realize it and you're always seeing your friends at the park until that day that will be the last day you ever meet all togheter

  • Am I really the guy who's gonna say she is a cutie? Guess I am

  • This is seriously some fucking amazing acting wtf.

  • i am a simple man i see joel video i smash like

  • this is still my fave video of yours, joel

  • I don't see what's depressing about this

  • She was texting another guy.

  • He shoulda been a little suspicious being less than 40 ft from the car like that...

  • @1:45 been married a year, and I can assure you after buying a house and everything, this will still be her almost all day. Got a video you think she'd like, she watches tiktok through it, got a cool thing in a game you like, she's on facebook. Don't get your hopes up, cause the reality kicks in hard @1:45

    • Grab that fucking phone and smash it on the ground like a madman

  • This is really funny and infuriating at the same time. This is too accurate.

  • You took it to far with the sum 41

  • This one really hit hard Chief, I’m scared.

  • This is weirdly sad

  • Every single of Joel's shorts makes me feel a deep sadness inside. This is one amplifies it.

  • As many Joel Haver shorts, this makes me extremely uncomfortable and a little bit sad.

  • Remember wars? They gave young men such meaning

  • Cheap 35$ and going through some shit 35$ are two very different things. I felt that

  • gave me some cherdleys vibes lol.

  • Awww the ending was so sad, I feel bad for the guy!!

  • Man, Sum 41 is my favourite band too

  • Who is that female?

  • This should come with a health warning

  • She's on tinder at 3:22 lmao the detail

  • "and now that cheap $35, like I was going through some s*** $35" Oddly enough this makes a lot of sense to me

  • I've seen this a dozen times now. This is art.

  • Meth is one hell of a drug

  • People really never appreciate the I-was-going-through-some-shit-35$ and it shows

  • POV you only have 1 friend left from high school and are afraid to move on.

  • Please tell me people like this don't exist

  • A collab between Joel and Caitlin Reilly would be mortifyingly unstoppable 🤩 She could play the dude character’s WASP mom, yelling mean things down the phone cause he got ditched again. She’s too drunk on homemade espresso martinis to pick him up so she sends him money for an Uber. The Uber arrives, everything seems fine until Mr. Brightside comes on the radio, the dude starts getting too hyped, singing along terribly and shaking the seats, and the Uber driver ditches him too. The sketch would end with him walking home on the phone to his mum while she says she’s going to sue Uber and then goes on to blame him for all her marital issues ie Your father would make more time for us if you weren’t so goddamn annoying, no wonder we haven’t had sex in ten years I bet he’s afraid of accidentally making another mess like you, he’s probably having an affair with Julia, you remember your auntie Julia? Her son is so charming, he plays lacrosse, why couldn’t you be more like him? And then it fades to black with him angrily throwing his phone Kyle-style.

  • And I said what about, that move with meyers And she said I think it's called halloween And I said wane's world, we both kind of liked it Then she said that lady is calling you out

  • I don't like how relatable this is

  • Kinda fast tho

  • omg Cumbys got me losing it.

  • What

  • It's like being an adult and still live in your boring hometown, too many past memories and the feeling that you don't belong to the place anymore .

    • @Bitchslapped oh my , it's true !

    • And everyone else fucking left. You tty calling and keeping in touch, but it's super awkward because there's no common ground anymore. The days drag on and go by fast at the same time.

    • I was wondering if i'm the only one feeling that way.

    • That is poetic. That is exactly how it feels.

  • Why does the guy remind me of early seasons Andy from Parks and Rec

  • I'm from New Zealand and this life style doesn't exist here. But I still somehow felt nostalgic. Joel did you plant false memories in my head?

  • “They don’t want open-minded geniuses who understand the universe” I’m using that.

  • Heyyyy. I take offense to this.

  • Oblivion NPC conversation

  • There’s nothing comfortable or hopeful about this lol. Made me feel sad and weird. Y’all are good actors tho

  • Is this a thing?

  • Did he shoot this video backwards? It feels like it's happening between 3 AM and 7 AM.

  • Can we appreciate how fucking fast Joel just SPRINTED after that car. Easy 20 mph

  • kids were making fun of a guy for doing karate moves at recess so I made friends with him. He was a good guy. I miss the hell out of him. I don't know what happened to him cuz he's not on any social media now.

  • Why is everything about that girl something I can recognize, yet I have no idea what specific person it is? I've never met this person, this girl who sits on picnic tables and looks at her phone with her massive keychain out. But I've seen her. I know her.

  • Wow my honour is to write the 1000th comment it’s actually my biggest achievement

  • This is so accurate that it hurts a little bit to watch.

  • Cumbies? Knew you were in upstate ny.

  • I like Sum 41 :( Take my like, dammit.

  • Playgrounds are so weird.

  • You must do a lot of people watching wow it’s really impressive honestly.

  • never known anyone like this

  • Is it weird that I had a relationship like this? I miss being useless pieces of trash garbage with another person but I'm too old for that shit now.

  • People around me try to be very proper for some reason and insist on saying "Cumberland Farms" but I know I'm classy because it's a freakin' "Cumby's" and I've only got fifteen minutes to get there before they stop selling liquor.

  • Bruh this is literally my two best friends.

  • I can clearly visualize the playground in my hometown that this would take place in.

  • the way she says "" after he asks if she thought the teacher was hot is just subtle enough to convey the fear and regret of admitting that out loud

  • Bro he walked fast as frick

  • I feel the warm but cool summer air blowing past

  • He’s sooo good