THE CURRENT WAR Official Trailer (2019) Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch Movie HD

Опубликовано: 25 июн 2019
THE CURRENT WAR Official Trailer (2019) Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch Movie HD
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The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world.

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  • 2 marvel people in one movie? I am PROUD!

  • when a fan is a director and can't wait for dr strange and spiderman team up together in a movie so he did it himself.

  • Spoiler alert: Tesla won

  • Wait he did leave the avengers movie but is this a advengers movie?

  • Spiderman and doctor strange... Bruh

  • Wow, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man going back in time again!

  • They put nerdy spider Man and Sherlock Holmes in a movie about the history of AD/DC war. The genuis who thought of this needs an award.

  • They put Benidict and Holland together. This is genius

  • wtf is that


  • And afterwards...they joined the Avengers!!!

  • I always find Tesla's cult of personality strange. Inventions aren't willed into existence as a brand new idea. The majority of what Tesla invented had the ground work already laid. That being said he was very good at improving upon existing ideas much like Edison. Even the Tesla coil is just a far more practical design than what came before it. Tesla was important, but by no means a super genius suppressed by society. He is remembered and his contributions are noted. Stop feeding into tabloid style sensationalism when it comes to the engineering world.

  • Benedict and his genius characters ❤

  • Spiderman and Dr. Strange?

  • The beat is reminding me of Hamilton's The Cabinet Battle.

  • When?

  • is that tom Holland with fucking sideburns

  • ♥♥♥Benedict ♥♥♥

  • So this is Spider-Man and dr strange plan after defeating thanos in endgame they become a big scientist

  • everyone: i see tom holland & i click me: i see NICHOLAS HOULT & i click!!

  • Ahhhh Tesla vs Edinson one of the greatest rivalrys in history

  • The Critics are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This film is Highly entertainingly directed with very interesting camera work and angels and very interesting use of sound and music. From start to finish. The UK location work is also very interesting Cragside hall Northumberland the first house in the world powerd by Hydrro electricity, Alexantra Palace the place of the first TV braod cast. Not only are the critics wrong they are actually lying about this film.

  • Benedict + Tom = perfect film

  • Wait did I see doctor stranger.......or is it his lookalike

  • can't wait😁

  • No shit Sherlock :p

  • Tom...

  • Edison was a thief,a steve jobs of his time.

  • Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, General Zod and The Beast all in the same movie!

  • *I bet 50% of you clicked this video because of seeing Tom Holland in the thumbnail* Don’t lie about it 😂 😂 😂 *👇*

  • 2:09 12 year old girls: *dies of excitement*

  • Doctor Strange and spider-man in the same movie what's not marvel Nice

  • Who has Tesla, he wins

  • Tesla carved out Niagra Falls with his bare hands!!

  • New MARVEL movie??

  • Neither of these guys, tesla or edison really did shit. Edison patented his creations, which were all basically slightly improved versions of preexisting technologies (lightbulb). And tesla created slightlu improved versions of preexisting technologies, and didnt think to patent them (2-phase AC induction motor).

  • For a sec I thought it was a mcu film

  • Nikola Tesla is Serbian!

  • *FINALE!!!!!"

  • People acting like this is a new movie eventhough it was already released back in 2017.

  • [in Lois voice] Oh Peter

  • Tesla was mastermind of all time

  • Юрчик

  • Who only came because they saw Tom Holland as they were scrolling through the videos

  • Tom 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brasil

  • Soooo... Avengers used the Time machine again

  • Tesla - the legend.

  • Cumberbatch stands out. Impressive how good an actor he is.

  • AC isn’t dangerous because of high voltage, it’s dangerous because of high current. Anything between 0.1-0.5 Amps (depending on AC Hz) or higher can harm or even kill you. You can safely touch thousands of volts of electricity if it’s below that or if you’re connected to ground. A good analogy is water: imagine a thin trickle of water out of a faucet, harmless. Now imagine a stream from a pressure washer, very dangerous. Now an entire river of water: if the current isn’t too bad you can walk through unimpeded. But if it were a raging torrential stream, you might not make it to the other side...not in one piece at least

    • Jon Ericson thats a vague way of putting it, but yeah pretty much

    • So it's all about volume+speed=lethality? Trying to remember my high school science here.

  • lmfao they cant find American actors for an American history film? 😂

    • Why does it matter

  • What in the world is going on

  • So this happened when they got snapped?

  • so Doctor Strange used the time stone to go back in time and invent the light bulb....and took spider-man with him

  • Tom holland looks soooo perfect

  • Tesla is the real hero, Edison is the bad. Don’t let school tell you otherwise.

  • It’s not that current this movie came out in 2017 idk why they show trailers with “2019” in the name

  • aah the edison tesla war . well i stand with tesla

  • The first thing I thought when I saw the thumbnail was *”ew”* 😂

  • The film is from 2017, so not a new movie. Title of the video is clickbait.

    • They reshot a bunch if I'm not mistaken.