The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 13 июн 2019
This live demonstration from E3 2019 gives you and the world the first in-depth look at The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Tactics, which is based on the new show. You’ll get to see the destructible environments and environmental effects, as well as the core mechanics that strategy fans can sink their teeth into.
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  • I hope this has a physical release and be cool for a special edition with steel case and statue

  • This will be great if they have the tactical complexity of Final Fantasy tactics. If its just a handful of jobs with 3 abilities each, it will be pretty boring.

  • I don't know why they didn't include characters from the actual series. (gelfling I mean)

  • I thought this would be a free gatcha game lol , sooo wrong

  • Reminds me Ridley is a Skeksis.

  • I really hope this isn't only on the Switch

  • Interesting, but they need to tone the overly epic music back a bit (or at least make it more context-sensitive). It's absolutely tiring to listen to this for half an hour. Some more chill and laid back tunes would be a better fit for the tactical gameplay.

  • Uh....these guys aren't fooling around. This is a cash grab attempt, they are really putting effort and time into this franchise.

  • The graphics fail to live up to the original 1982 movie, let alone the new Netflix series! This could have been great, but it looks like a complete joke!

  • its very bad , the atmosphere is not dark cristal

  • it sound like she never watched the movie.

  • Almost 3 months later and still no release date :/

  • music is TERRIBLE for a dark crystal somber atmosphere. Go watch the the old movie and listen to what music was like and what ppl REMEMBER and EXPECT. i get a kids mobile game feel from this...

  • this sounds & looks like a children's dragon quest game, not a dark and somber dark crystal game which even adults today have memories of being too dark for many the final fantasy tactics feel, but hate the dragon's quest "skin" on the dark themes of the IP of the beloved Dark Crystal

    • wraithryder I respectfully disagree. The 82’ film was really balanced perfectly, and yeah it had dark themes but every great story does. Also worth noting is co-director Frank Oz quoted Henson's intention was to "get back to the darkness of the original Grimms' Fairy Tales", as he believed that it was unhealthy for children to never be afraid. I totally agree with that statement. To this day I have a healthy fear of swimming in the ocean thanks to Jaws.

  • Thought the release way 8/30/19 but I dont see it in the eshop???

    • I.e. take my money

  • Is it a two player game to?

  • I have a feeling these people have never seen The Dark crystal except the guy talking about the game... smh

    • Archeo Doku Yeah but the dude asked “What’s a Fizzgig?” A FIZZGIG!!! That’s how I know he hasn’t even watched the movie.

    • pretty sure, the old dark crystal is a visual master piece and has not much story told.

  • This combat looks great, but you must incorporate town and world exploration.. This can be a classic if those elements are there. It could possibly dethrone Final Fantasy tactics if they follow the blueprint.

  • 6:20 minutes spent on that bridge.

  • Kinda looks like a bad tactics game =|

    • SgCy definitely talking about the simplistic gameplay =I

    • The gameplay looks fine. If youre talking about the graphics this is literally pre-alpha

  • This soo like chess!

  • Wonder what other magic Sages will get. Usually in RPGs Sages are masters of a wide variety of magic. Wether for attacking, Healing, defensive barriers and stat buffs, inflicting debuffs and stat ailments on enemies etc etc. Would be weird if Sages end up extremely specialized lol

  • I like rpg's so maybe this might be good enough. It does kinda looks like Mario+rabbids though

  • This looks like a great game

  • If they made a theme park i would cry... :,)

  • Reminds me of the wasted land, I'm sold.

  • If it plays like final fantasy tactics I will love it

  • wonder how long it will take to beat


    • @Tony Almodovar thanks great game

    • If you just got turned on to tactics games, try Final Fantasy Tactics, The War of the Lions. It's on phones as wells as some consoles. Best game ever.

  • Why Gelflings a fighting on the side of a Skeksis ?? the Skeksis killed all Gelflings WTF

  • "What is a fizzgig?" How is that dude even here.

  • Looks like a mobile game

  • This is the closest we’ll get to a muppet rpg I like this timeline

  • I really really wanted to play this, just wish the combat was diff. Turn base is not my thing .....shame..

    • turn based wasn't my thing until I played three houses

  • Fantastic I want in collection

  • Another time...another the Age of Wonder.


  • The character cards look like total garbage, and character design look bland, they would be something to expect out of a PS2 game maybe, i thought it would look something more lush and vibrant, the puppets look absolutely stunning and i expected the character to have the same muddy organic look. Hope they'll fix this.

  • how do you code a enemy

  • Seems great game, reminds me of FFT. But I'm a little worried that characters have few abilities. At max lvl, that would be 7 max. Maybe we'll have a choice to do between abilities ? Btw > A game full of females nobody wants to play >Touhou

  • I really hope this means Netflix will be added to Switch.

  • This will be the game that finally makes me break down and buy a Switch. I cannot get enough Jim Henson worlds and there is a shortage of good video games utilizing those properties. Can’t wait to play this and hopefully other Henson video games!

  • Can you toggle off in- game music so you can just enjoy battle sounds during gameplay? Also working through the game how many characters can be used in battle? One of my tactics game favs has always been Vandal Hearts you work through the story you can use all characters and the battles become long with many characters to use.....not just a choice of maybe 4 or 5 characters per battle. This game looks good, either way it's a definite purchase for me...!!

  • This game B L O W S

  • Buff cloud and his Nair

  • This looks so uninspired and generic. Could they have made the characters look anymore bland and lifeless?

  • Audrey!

  • It seems lack of strategic elements. First, you can't choose direction to head to. And second, there is no height indicator (in final fantasy tactics, there is an indicator for height of where you stand and it can make huge advantage such that for an archer to shot down below). I expected more from a tactics game.

  • 2:48 As a long time tactics player I'm immediately disappointed they didn't go for the side attack while also protecting their own back against the wall.

  • Nintendo comes to brazil

  • I kinda miss old school turn-based-tile-based-tactic game like this...

    • check on mercenaries saga chronicles for the switch

  • Nice to have a Netflix series game, but I would really rather have a Netflix app....

  • Can't wait, I love Tactics games. Now there is this one, Disgaea 4 and Fire Emblem 👍😊

  • This reminds me of dnd which i love very much so ill definetly check it out.

  • pour un premier jeu Netflix c esr bien

  • Can you make a dlc for splatoon2 that lets you go to splatoon 1

  • I love turn based combat!!

  • Love it

  • Come on Atlus & Square Enix, we need a New Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle game please. I believe a tactical game is possible for the Switch, seeing this video brings lots of memories of those 2 franchise.

    • Don't hold your breath. People these days just want dumb battle royale games. Imma pick this up tho. I like turn based tactics. If you are a fan of the genre, i recommend Battle Worlds Kronos. It just recently released on switch. It is very underrated imo

  • They made an Odd1sOut game?