The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
The highly anticipated Netflix series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, comes to life as a thrilling tactical strategy game! In the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, fans will have an opportunity to experience the fantasy world of Thra by playing through-and going beyond-the events of the series. Players will even encounter never-seen-before playable characters, stories, and environments. Coming to Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019.
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  • I 💝 The Dark Crystal 💎 movie I'm so excited because of the new Dark Crystal Series and now a Dark Crystal Game YAY!!!! I can't wait to play this and want this to be physical ^u^ I'm so beyond hyped 💝 for The Dark Crystal 💎

  • Wtf is this disgusting garbage x'D? Nintendo i'm disappoint.

  • Where is Netflix Nintendo so slow with everything the switch pro will be released by the time we get Netflix lol so much for third party support you lying twats.

  • JAMES!!!

  • Damn it's a tactics game. Never really a fan of those. I wish it was more a dungeon hack and slash type game. Oh well I'll have to wait for the reviews on this one.

  • the graphics 😬

  • Love how Netflix isn't even on the switch

  • whaaat?

  • Is Netflix coming to switch then

  • After decades, this movie gets the respect it deserves.

  • game trailer: intense me: k

  • I'm somewhat disappointed that neither this nor the trailer for the series use music based on the Trevor Jones score.

  • well... there's at least one reason to own a switch lol

  • Theirs going to be evil gelfling?

  • Kinda looks like something Robot Chicken would make.


  • I hope the odd1sout makes a let’s play of this.

  • mmmmMMMMMMmmmmm...

  • Xcom la serie

  • I never thought you would make a game from a movie

  • Was not expecting that...

  • No one liked this movie

  • ._.

  • 1:08 Galeem Attacks

  • Why couldn't they have just called the The Dark Crystal Tactics? We would have known they were talking about the Netflix show and the title itself would haven't been a mouthful.

    • May be bacause the game have just the characters form the Netflix series, not from the original movie

  • I started to get so excited until I realized it was just a tactics game.

  • Rip james

  • I'm more surprised people asking for Netflix on switch when mine runs perfectly fine without it. Less things to kill the battery and every other household device that runs Netflix, it's not a big deal.

  • TheOdd1sOut, anyone?

  • Nobody: Everyone reacting to Banjo in Smash: 0:22

    • I love that gasp. No interest in the game itself, but that gasp is a solid meme.

  • This is still scary for adult James

  • It is not to disparage TDC, but I would have preferred a game of The Muppets or Sesame Street.

  • It's depressing from people's reactions to the E3 Direct and people confused by this. So many people have never seen the wonderful movie, but I'm being biased as I think it's the best film ever made.

  • Wtf

  • Let's be fair NOBODY cares about this game.

  • I too would yell "what have they done" if I saw a great movie made into a generic tactics game with boring art design.

  • Final fantasy tactics the best game ever

  • (Spoiler: they loose)

  • *james would like to know your location*

  • From one of my favorite movies to a video game. MUST GET A SWITCH!!

  • Never knowed Netflix would make a character more creepy the E.T

  • Well, at least it isn’t another card game lmao

  • "What have they done?!" Lol Wait, Augra can teleport?

  • Maybe if this does well we could probably get Netflix on switch. Maybe? Please!!!

  • I am *confusion*

  • I love these style of games.

  • I really don’t think anyone saw this one coming...

  • What is this love between Netflix and Nintendo? We will see a Netflix Original series based on a Nintendo Property?

  • Wow! Amazing!

  • Is this free...?