The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

Опубликовано: 13 фев 2020
From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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  • Give it to me

  • Goddamn Covid. I will have my vengeance on you yet.

  • it looks amost like a dark souls movie or somenthing, that green knight is in trouble.

  • Alicia Vikander *...*.

  • Hi A24! Im still waiting for this movie since 5 month ago

  • I pray this film gets a release! on any platform! Im willing to to pay!!!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us see this movie!

  • Arthurian lovers. Round up!

  • So far it looks like a lot of mumbling grimdark garbage. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were already defiled by Netflix with Cursed. Enough is enough.

  • It really looks like they’re not keeping to the original story; but then again the trailer’s a minute forty...

  • When in COVID's name is this going to be released?!

  • For the lady! For Bretonnia!

  • I know the original story and I hope the movie does something similar because it has a really good, humiliating twist ending

  • Dev looks like Ben Whishaw as Richard II in that opening shot.

  • More blackwashing propaganda. Nice !

  • When’s the new release date?

  • This film looks so promising something ive always dreamed of A Gritty Psychological Symbolic Esoteric Historical medieval Fantasy combined with the eerieness & aesthetic of a horror film terrifying and beautiful all at the same time to look at

  • ok but if he doesnt give lord bertilak kisses i'll do something i'll regret

  • fox don't howl.

  • A24 Me - Yes!

  • Me: dang this looks good Quarantine: slooow down there buckaroo

  • Still waiting

  • The sounds and noises in this trailer are absolutely unsettling and ominous and eerie as shit 🤒😱😱

  • It’s nice to see a King Arthur story that’s not how King Arthur becoming king

  • Is this ever coming out?

    • Was supposed to be out, Covid pushed it back. On the A24 website it just says “Coming Soon”

  • So will it be delayed due to Covid-19, it’s August now

  • :) my friends are the in film

  • News about realease date???

  • C O V I D

  • It's been 5 months since this trailer started, but there hasn't been a movie release yet.. summer or winter?

  • Release it already!

  • Hi, A24. It's me again. Are we ever going to get to see this film or what?

  • I literally stopped watching medieval europe films with multi ethnic casts. And Im not even european.

    • Eh, it's all Indo-Aryan to me.

    • @Oui Je Danse So if black panther was white and people were mad at that the 'problem' would have been with them and not the movie? Careful now, open your mind too much and your will fall out. Also not to be the "bigot" that you claim I am but yes, Medieval Europe was 99.9% white for the simple reason that most people never travelled beyond the village they were born in, never mind across continents, there were non white individuals but nothing close to what we could call a community. It really is quite simple, when it comes to white/European culture the rules of cultural appropriation do not apply, it's a huge hypocrisy.

    • @Jordan Loux Seriously. Even putting aside the fact that medieval Europe wasn't as white as bigots want us to believe, it's mythology. In the trailer there's a big ol' tree looking dude. If the ethnicity of the cast is where someone draws the line that's a them problem not a movie problem.

    • It's a mythological story. None of this is based on reality so who cares.

  • Holy crap this looks epic and it's only the teaser trailer

  • Ok ok so its this summer. Why can't they release new movies to stream already. IT'S A FUCKING PANDEMIC FOR CHRISTSAKES. I'd rather pay 15 bucks to watch this on my laptop than wait 5 more years to see it in a theater.

    • I'm really torn. I'm very excited, but Green Knight like it'll be BRILLIANT in a movie theatre. Just.... *chef kiss* visual and audio experience. I'd rather wait a few extra seasons for release.

  • King Arthur created the Knights of the Round Table to stop fighting and for the people with power to use it for good. The Celtics that commonly revolted English rule, joined the round table. Many from France and Hungary and other European nations joined as well. There was even some middle easterns as such as Palomides. The table represented something great and just. Gawain was a Celtic; he and his brothers joining showed that it became a peaceful era in England. The race relations between the Normans/Saxons and Gaelic peoples was terrible, but through Arthur and his table they came to peace. Portraying an important Gaelic figure as an Indian is whitewashing so much behind it. Read the poem. Braindead woke dumpster fire that only people in theaters will go to see-why they haven’t released it yet.

  • Okay so that's downright like a Dark Souls movie. THEN LET'S ENGAGE IN JOLLY DECAPITATION AND PRAISE THE A24!! \[T]/

  • Pretty sure Gawain was supposed to be welsh according to legend ?

    • He is from Orkney, the isle region above Scotland. He is also a nephew of King Arthur.

  • Yeah ok

  • A24 please its been months we want the green knight,

  • This movie looks phenomenal. There is an excellent 2002 Welsh animation based on a super old story titled 'Sir Gawain and The Green Knight', perhaps this movie too is based on that. It is available on RU-tv with surprisingly few views.

  • when is summer?

  • Stupid coronavirus

  • So when and where can I see this?

  • Awesome, Feeling excited about this. Hope to watch it soon :-)

  • Why does A24 produce fucking fire... all the fucking time! So stoked for this!

    • A24 mostly don't produce they distribute. Pretty sure BRON pictures are responsible for producing this film.

  • A24❤️

  • watching this trailer is one of my daily routines now. FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS FILM MANNNN CAN'T WAIT

  • это медведь на лестнице? у этой студии имеется некий бзик на медведей.

  • if you don't immediately release another trailer i just might think about turning on the tv and hate-watch Ghost Story.. or sumfin...

  • In my town we never get a24 movies and the one time we do, fucking virus

  • >the green knight >red text You posted cringe

  • I don't know why, but I thought of this after watching the first half of the trailer the hundredth time... *peasant boy returns home from school* FATHER: "Tell me a tale of thy day, so that I might know thee." SON: "Behold, it suckith! T'was not not a good day." *mother burst in!* MOTHER: "YET! You did not have a good day YET!!!" *Intense A24 music intensifies!*

    • and even done this way still more in my opinion interesting than the avg nf/az crap.. :D

  • Thanks Covid for fucking up this release date

  • As I recall the Arthurian mythology, The Green Knight was the test of Gawain to prove his valour. It was part of the legend that no matter how you killed him he was reborn the next day. This could be that story, of Sir Gawain defeating the Green Knight.

    • Integrity. Green knight permitted him to try and chop his head off, in return he can do the same to you in one years time. He was testing his honesty. He did not defeat the Green Knight, he survived

  • It pains me knowing this movie was suppose to come out a month ago

    • Breh, don't tell me that....damn it.

    • Same. I want in my eyeballs!

    • Where can I find an update when there is one..ave just found out this existed by talking on reddit cuz ave just finished the book today 😆

  • Night King?? Is that you?

  • luckily dev patel is a very light skinned indian, but hopefully they stick true to the time setting of medeival england and dont shoe horn diversity into it. would be interested if period peices could actually stick to there period's norms. Its ok for Gawain to have a swarthy darkened look about him but please dont make arthur or lancelot subsaharan african.

  • A24

  • It is inspired by the middle english poem "sir gawain and the green knight", a beautiful work that tolkien loved

  • A man of Asian heritage playing an Arthurian knight, I'll be skipping this shite

    • @Sunny Under the Desert Moon - A Film About The Prophet Muhammad starting Tom Hiddleston as Muhammad. I wonder how y'all would feel.

    • Crybaby

  • What’s with the conscious multiracial casting and putting an actor of visibly Indian descent in a story in a Medieval European setting? When we make movies about the Middle East, Africa, we shouldn’t be casting white European descended actors, it’s wrong.

    • @Sunny Great argument, thanks

    • Crybaby.

  • Damn you Covid!

  • King of Yellow start video... True detective théories

  • Media: Yeah, let's have an India guy play a Romano-Briton. So diverse, beautiful and brave. Also media: A white man cant voice a indian character, nor can a woman play a trans-man, and a bisexual cannot play a lesbian. This is racist, transphobic and mysogynistic! Shame on you!

    • If you think all Romano-Britons had blue eyes and blond hair you'd be very much mistaken.

    • @singlikeyoumeanit it's a movie. who cares. stuff like casting in a movie does not matter. there more pressing issues to tackle than this.

    • @Sunny elaborate, please

    • Crybaby.

  • Is this out yet ?

  • Imagine a similar trailer for something else. With the puppet theater scene that explains the conjunction of the spheres. Too much class right?

  • Dark Souls look a lilw movie. Great!

  • As in Sir Gawain?

  • I'm thinking of picking up the board game

  • Did that fox just howl like a wolf?! 1:01

  • how many time must i rewatch this trailer? :(

  • Its funny how everyones crediting A24 for its awesome job but doesn't understand that its just a distributor. It has nothing to do with the movies and outside US, has an incredibly horrible schedule where most movies distributed by it go unknown overseas.

    • A24 is producing as well as Being they put money into this film besides distribution

  • I thought this was a debut of a new hero

  • I love anything A24 puts out. Especially if it's a "dark movie", in which this should be no short of amazing. Thank you to everyone at A24 who puts together these masterpieces.

  • @0:14, is that you Paemon? @0:18, is that you husband in Hereditary (or boyfriend in Midsommar)? @0:35, is that you weird symbolic artwork in Midsommar? Needless to say, A24 is on fire (no pun intended) with all these releases!

  • White privilege is having your history erased and having non whites replace you and play the role of historical, great european men

    • @Machine Gun Frank It's actually an amazing example but if you want another one how about Storm from the X-Men, historically written as a black women surely no-one would mind if her ethnicity was changed correct? After all it's only a movie dude!

    • singlikeyoumeanit Pretty poor example dude. Despite not being a real place, Wakanda is still based in Africa where... you know... most native people are black. Of course, The Green Knight is based in Europe where native people are white, however, the story doesn’t explore race issues like Black Panther does. It would be disrespectful to cast a white protagonist to play a movie like that. Also Wakanda doesn’t allow outsiders to enter the kingdom so a white person couldn’t be cast even if they wanted to.

    • @Machine Gun Frank So can we cast a white guy to play as T'Challa in the next Black Panther film? After all, it's not like it's real history or anything. Can't imagine any reason people would care.

    • It’s a movie dude... and it’s not even one based on real history. It’s based on a medieval story.

  • 1:09 quickest funny moment

  • Excalibur galatine

  • Anwar (Dev Patel) looking different right here

  • Looks pretty low budget to me.

    • Yeah, A24 rely more on story and character writing instead of amusement-park-ride-cinematography to engage their audience.

  • Is this available to watch yet?

  • Its sort of reminds if senua :3

  • Like a mix of Hereditary, Midsommer, Excalibur and the Holy Mountain.

  • This reminds me of h3 vs keemstar

  • We need updates on this!!!!!

  • There is something very unpleasant about Dev Patel

  • Hey, remember when "diversity" wasn't more important than the actual setting you were trying to represent? Yeah, good times.

    • Suketi Indrajaya Gawain is supposed to be a big Scotsman with red hair and is Arthur’s nephew. He’s not Indian. It makes ironic bc the round table was technically multicultural anyways and this is a side story.

    • what are you trying to say dude

  • Anyone know when this movie will come out now in the U.S.A.? The pandemic has postponed so many movies and I really want to see this one.

    • whenever the pandemic is over.

  • For the people wondering why a24 never released. It's because of the covid-19.

  • I’m so excited for this.

  • “Summer” LIAR

  • Wow sounds incredible

  • Is that the Green Knight, the newest a24-produced, genre-redefining, trope-subverting, atmospheric, dark and eerie, emotionally draining, gut wrenching, aesthetically heavy craft by post-horror auteur with an arthouse edge, dread-inducing, suspenseful build up with strong character development and gradual feeling of escalation, bone-chilling slow burn with “say more with less” approach and soul-shaking, blood-curdling, skin-crawling and nerve-wracking exercise in persistently looming dread where tension and anxiety permeates every frame as movie reaches its nail-biting, jaw-clenching and paranoia-inducing final climax, free of any cheap gore, cartoonish cgi or infantile jumpscares horror film?

    • Literally haven't seen another A24 film but I liked this comment for the sheer dedication it clearly took to write it.

  • Which date... I'm waiting for 4th months

  • No Second thoughts, When it says A24 Presents...

  • We need more medieval fantasy told in a horror genre! Berserk?

  • A 24 should have its own Netflix

  • Really looking forward to this!! Read the tale awhile back really into folk lore and all that. Looks super good

  • I really want to see this, so hopefully it will be released on DVD or Netflix soon. Gawain and the Green Knight is the story I think of most when I think of the Arthurian legends and is my favourite, so I’m happy it’s being adapted into a modern film, especially one with this tone as the Green Knight would be terrifying in real life. Though I do hope they explain and acknowledge that Gawain isn’t white in this version. Not because I have a problem with it, as he is a fictional character and the stories in general have always been anachronistic, but because Arthur is still white which suggests either his sister Morgana/Morgause or his brother in law Lot isn’t.

    • EvidensInsania A few things to say in response to this. First, just because Gawain isn’t played by a white actor doesn’t mean he isn’t British in this version because he was presumably still born and raised in Britain. Secondly, the King Arthur stories have never been historically accurate. He’s supposed to have lived in the 5th/6th century yet he has armour and castles that only existed several centuries later. Thirdly, I had I look up the Bhagavad Gita as I’ve never heard of it. So unless I’ve been living under a rock and it is a recognisable thing that everyone knows about, I don’t think that’s a good comparison with the Arthurian legends. Fourthly, there were a few knights of the round table who were people of colour in the stories, such as Palamedes and Morien. So it’s incorrect to assume the knights were all white and from Britain anyway. And finally, with this being the most important thing, this is a film about Gawain instead of King Arthur. It’s rare to get a film or any sort of adaptation like that, so I don’t really care who they cast to play the character. They could have gotten a woman to play the character and I wouldn’t have cared because I would be excited to watch a film based on the Arthurian legends which isn’t focused on Arthur.

    • EvidensInsania u okay buddy? Did u get it all out of ur system?

    • You should have a problem with Gawain not being British. King Arthur is BRITISH folklore. You should not tolerate them erasing the actual British people from our own foundational myths and culture for the sake of modern political correctness and social justice. Do you know how many Indians were in Britain in the 6th Century? None. Do you think it would be OK to cast a white actor as one of the characters from the Bhagavad Gita? Oh no, there would be no end of righteous indignation and fury about such a thing. So do not be so quick to sell away your people's heritage because you're afraid someone might call you racist.