The Green New Deal, explained

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
What's actually in the Green New Deal?
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The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan to fight the effects of climate change. It’s the only American plan that actually acknowledges the size of the impending crisis. And it contains some difficult truths that we might not want to hear.
Read the Green New Deal resolution here:
For additional context I recommend this piece by Vox’s Umair Irfan on the United Nations climate report, where the world’s best climatologists tell us how urgent of a problem this is:
This piece from Vox’s David Roberts, shows that world leaders really aren’t taking this urgency seriously.
Finally, you should read this explainer of the Green New Deal, followed by this story (in list form) by Hannah Northey:
I also enjoyed this piece, from Kate Aronoff of the Intercept, that imagines a world after the Green New Deal: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • If you want to read about the Green New Deal in the lens of the 2020 election, I recommend this piece explaining Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal: Inslee has the most ambitious climate proposals; it is, as Vox's David Roberts writes, the Green New Deal translated into policy. For more from the rest of the 2020 democratic field, check out the Vox policy guide: - Alvin

    • @Xavier Soltero well this election will be Sanders' to lose so I'm good with that. Be as progressive as possible. Change the old ways of thought.

    • @Henry Gustav you PAID 40K in?! Man I get like 800 some dollars back lol. Also I have energy efficient everything and I made the conscious decision to quit driving 3 years ago though I still keep the mustang for sentimental value. I waste water pretty badly but everything else I'm good with

    • Ricky washington Hurricanes have nothing to do with man made emissions. If they did why is there no reactive effect? Low wind shear causes hurricanes, not high temps.

    • Michael kelleher, Solar poisons the planet even more than fossil fuels

    • Johnny chang, CO2 is not a problem.

  • In recent history, when economy's of great countries, US, CHINA, RUSSIA, have made such drastic changes in such a short time it has led to civil war/ civil unrest and millions of deaths around the world.

  • My supra makes clouds by rubbing its rubber across the asphalt 🚗💨 I’m making ☁️ is that helping??

  • Wait, so your saying its a bad thing to reward people who have skills that contribute to society and that people with no skills and no contribution to society should be GIVEN things for doing nothing. Everyone is right, the geeen new deal is destructive and very poorly put together. It doesnt answer how all of these unemployed peoples incomes are going to be supplimented.

  • And get the population between 1-2 billion people , we don't need to populate that much just to keep it in place

  • The main things to stop the planet warming is to plant between 100-300 trillion trees now to 2055 the planet will cool well below 2 degrees mark the planet temp will be 0 to -1

  • Can all the countries afford to do that or only US is gonna live long

  • This idea will never work. You can not change the economy over night. You can not re-educate everyone over night. You can not refurbished every house over night. This had to be done by a state by state level. Town by town over the next 150years, maybe 250.

  • And what happens if America gives up fossil fuels when the rest of the world doesn't? Even if America does all this, the rest of the world isn't going to.

  • The fact that Vox wont show Bernie is indicative of how disingenuous they really are about this.

  • *cough* how about promise to decrease their military so we can have domino effect in world powers and we can get some budget in that. how a war can be possibly good for each nation.

  • The issue is that it just doesn’t target jobs but emissions throughout the entire society it effects the household as well from the heat from your water heater, to the electricity we use. The deal will be more disastrous than what people think. I have to commute to and from school and it’s not in a short distance it’s not like I can exactly walk to my school that’s in another city I avoid the freeways but that’s just it and to take a bus is way worse than my car as it’s a civic may not be a hybrid but it’s far more fuel efficient than a bus. Or whatever gas vampire Cortez drives.

  • This bs

  • I like how the intro of this video is them trying to be all emotion and playing victim like the left always does

  • this is so out there, besides without India and China doing it which is 2thirds of the pollution..all this will do is ruin America and Russia,China, and other countries will pick up where we leave off... plus not one idea how to implement it or how much it will cost...

  • We need thanos

  • Save some greenery, eat a vegan

  • Man's Greed will destroy everything, the Super rich and powerful have zeroFcuks to give bc they will be long gone by the time Earths resources are exhausted while the next Gen of Poor will be stuck in a highly Toxic shxtHole wishing they just died with the superRich

  • People: The world is coming to an end Me: FINNALY

    • Humanity's the one that should come to an end, not the whole planet.

  • It’s impossible. We can’t completely phase out fossil fuels, we can’t upgrade every single building in the country to meet the requirements, we can’t completely phase out non electric vehicles, we can’t destroy our economy, we can’t become carbon neutral, we can’t do every last thing it says within just 10 years. It’s impossible. It’s a good idea, but it’s just simply not possible.

  • We don't need a new green deal we don't need microchips we don't need our rights taken we need freedom of choice and all to be treated equal and be caring of others quit trying to control us and micromanaging us

    • Easy to say if you don't have to live in a world that you are destroying at the moment 50 years from now...

  • I bet she’s your hero my question is how come no one‘s talking about 5G and how dangerous it is to the environment killing birds plants animals why is nobody talking about the chemicals they spray in the air that are hurting the plants that we need to eat and feed ourselves. Why are we not talking about how our water is toxic full of Fluoride and other dangerous chemicals that are dumped into our water killing our whole ecosystem this is more dangerous than anything else but no one ‘s talking about it. Why ? Why do we look away on these topics I don’t need 5G. This is more dangerous than oil or anything else but no one wants to talk about it It really needs to be discussed because everything‘s been affected

    • Sorry, but none of that was more dangerous than oil

  • Hahahhahahha government telling people how to live hahahahaha

  • There seems to be a couple of information assumptions and misdirects. Like why did the chart only show from 1980 forward? I would like to see a chart from as far back as possible. Because, in history, climate change has been happening long before fossil fuels. Populations have been exterminated or migrated because of climate change. And I never hear anyone say what part the geoengineering of the sky plays a part. Why is that? I really want to know. And how about the new building techniques that make it possible to live completely off the grid!!! It is real. No water bill, no electric bill, no gas bill. Freedom...but that means we would keep our own money instead of forking it over like the machine is used to. The green new deal just seems like a way to slip in and keep everyone dependent, just on new different methods.

  • 100% Plant Based! Animal agriculture is the biggest killer of a life; animals, humans (disease) and the planet.

  • you can’t make green energy with green energy... you plan to replace every single building in the us with green energy, well where are we going to get all of the resources for that? mining with machines that require gasoline? let’s not forget the current infancy green energy is still in. oh, guess were also just ignoring the fact China and India produce leagues more of carbon emissions than the US?

    • No, the United States produces roughly 15% of the world's CO2. India (8%) and China (20%) in combination produce 28% of the world's carbon while having a populations of over a billion people each. The United States has 340 million. Stop deflecting blame to other countries rather than acknowledging that the United States IS a massive producer, especially for our population and can help to set the trend for a clean future.

  • To be real there is no hope for Earth because you’re never going to convince everyone to do this. So I’m putting my faith in terraforming Mars.

  • Anyone watching this now needs to see only BERNIE SANDERS is meeting the vision laid out here. Warren's is miniscule in comparison and she's not really into the movement building thing as much.

  • The Green new deal shows democrats can't think and chew gum at the same time eg: resolution 1: "Ban all fossil fuels" then goes on about making all buildings energy efficient! why? the power isn't coming from fossil fuels anymore, its all green energy. Building energy efficiency is now only to save on power costs eg: If I double glaze/insulate will I ever get a return on my investment.

  • If you would just buy into this new western only tax we will be able to save the world.

  • For those people in the fossil fuel industry and you’re afraid to lose your job because of the green new deal. Andrew Yang is offering $12,000 a year to HELP with that transition. So you are able to live with dignity while you transition to another job. Because government retraining programs are only about 10-13% successful ! Think of the world we want to leave for OUR CHILDREN. this has nothing to do with us. We will not see the true effects of global warming. They will. Let’s stop with this capitalist mentality and move to a human centered capitalism. 😬🙏🏽 if you don’t agree with me please let’s debate as to why and why not.

    • 1993 Toyota Corolla to fund the freedom dividend is actually only 2.5 Trillion to fun. And Andrew Yang explains it clearly on most of his interviews

    • So where are we going to get 40 trillion dollars from

    • Human centred capitalism is an oxymoron

  • We cant afford it, i know we just make money from nothing but we cant make that much

    • @xlioilx you dont understand the green new deal. its not even legislation or police its just a document saying that we should acknowledge the problem and create an initiative to fix the problem not the symptoms.

    • There is no other choice.

    • The green new deal pollutes more. Lithium is toxic and batteries last only 3 years. Gasoline emits Co2 and carbon that is needed for plants. The greenhouse gas that heats up the earth mostly is water vapor.. green new deal is a bait and switch.

  • Americans realise they're not the whole world and therefore not the only ones using fossil fuels right?

    • @Captain Planet That doesn't mean China would stop using them is the US did so what's even the point?

    • Most Americans know they've used the most fossil fuels historically

    • Most dont, no.

  • All thanks to oil companies well be the ones that suffer now

    • I'm pretty sure you enjoy every day life. That's thanks to oil to power all that. It's also your fault.

  • We have to get rid of all the world leaders they're corrupt at care more about money

  • This video is ridiculous.

  • Climate has been changing from the beginning of time. Humans adapted or migrated. So stop scaring people. Or maybe some people don't want to leave their Starbucks coffee behind. *Vox* videos are all lies. AOC is just a socialist who will destroy the world just like other socialists of the past. Underdeveloped countries are steadily growing. So this is the latest strategy to cut short their growth. Close industries and let the people starve by cutting down the economy of countries who were oppressed for their resources for decades. Please don't underestimate human intelligence. We will go on living. Maybe without the trimmings and trapping of superficial western culture but the purging will benefit society.

  • The U.S goverment could never stray from oil/fossil fuel companies. they get way too much money from these industries so they can stay the top dogs.

  • I agree to the green new deal I honestly do

  • It's going to cause a lot of pain, for Americans and westerners of course, but it's okay we got your back you can all be more dependent on the government! Kind of like they did to the black community, and where has that gotten them? And to think I used to believe the conspiracy was just a theory.

  • Right so we throw away our rights, pay money till we have nothing left, give away our land and then what?

  • If you think mankind is destroying the planet, you don't want to be around to see what God has planned. RU-tv/Christwatch

  • We are doomed.

  • Socialism here we come! -.-

  • Geat ready to eat soylent

  • I don't understand why the Green New Deal didn't pass because Republicans actually support the Green New Deal. I saw Lindsey Graham say that Republicans support the Green New Deal.

    • @Tony38533 its hard to tell if this is satire or not

    • @Rerido the egg killer Sure they do. Where have you been. I saw Lindsey Graham say that Republicans support the Green New Deal. Pay attention.

    • They don't

    • @Rerido the egg killer I guess that's why Republicans love it.

    • Because it's moronic

  • I don't understand why the Green New Deal didn't pass because Republicans actually support the Green New Deal. I saw Lindsey Graham say that Republicans support the Green New Deal.

  • The way i see this, everyone has to make a sacrifice but both sides are not willing to make the sacrifice because it is most likely that the generation that starts this green new deal will not benefit from it but it will help future generations. The citizens, have to sacrifice their standard of living for a period of time and the government has to sacrifice money but are too greedy to do such. idk i could be wrong

  • Worst. Idea. Ever. An imaginary solution to a imaginary problem.

  • Planting trees would be the best solution.

  • So engineer here, even if we transition somehow to zero emissions the climate changes won't suddenly stop. If anything we should be preparing our infrastructure for the new climate and increasing coast lines. I'm sorry but I don't think it's possible to change from oil anytime soon maybe 150 years but it's difficult because oil products are extremely energy rich and most of our infrastructure depends on oil and I don't mean financially I mean our energy needs are so rooted into oil that it makes invading lands for oil really justified. But if you'd like a more hopeful outlook I think it's within the realm of possibility to anticipate the disasters and be more prepared than any country and then perhaps afterwards we can revisit trying to find a more long term goal with other major polluting nations. The money isn't the problem it's mostly technological limitations that may never be met unless we apply the solution in such a way that would be as saturated as gas stations are common in cities and throughout the United States

  • That meant they will lose their health care. Sad, America

  • I don't know why but whenever I listen to Mitch McConnell it enrages me, it should probably because he talks senseless stuff.

  • Still... In an economic system where companies seek to limit their production costs (“cost efficiency”) in order to maximize profits and remain competitive against other producers, what structural incentive exists to keep human beings employed, in the wake of an emerging technological condition where the majority of jobs can now be done more cheaply and effectively by machine automation ? $O, can we resolve these three questions logically without realizing the need to remove the Market Economy ? No. A resource-based economy is what is needed. Natural laws, the scientific method, not subjective opinions and BS

  • Is this the plot of the hunger games

  • needs to be an honest price for an honest wage not everything can be free if you give everything away free and tax everyone's death everyone out of money

  • You ever think that cancer has manifested itself in the form of Vox

  • As a Democrat I’m against the GND, and if I was in Congress I would vote against and redrafted it. It’s a Trojan horse for socialism.

    • Skii459 Fml I’m curious are you a Democrat?

    • yeah agreed, I was gonna make this point myself but I've been beaten to it, they're like yeah look a new deal that will save the environment if u don't support this you hate turtles, and then they sneak in socialism as a way to justify where they get their funds from. trust it to be AOC. good to see someone here isn't totally oblivious and saying it isn't about socialism.

  • the world has always paid people by their talents and skill level now people without talents or skills no matter what color they are deserve a lower pay now highly skilled people deserve a higher pay now color is not a factor skill set /talent is whites in the usa are about 60% now i know alot of young and old whites that just cant get a job because of their skin color is that reverse racisim

  • how about tires on those fancy electric cars or all the plastic? zero oil?!.......