The Last Remnant Remastered - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
The Last Remnant Remastered is available now on Nintendo Switch! The Last Remnant told the story of a world filled with Remnants - mysterious artifacts from an ancient era.
No one knew who created the Remnants, or how long they had existed, but even with these question around their origins, they still became tools for the good of civilization.
A thousand years later, the real story begins, with the journey of a young man, determined to uncover the truth.
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  • This is great Nintendo, now just port the last story


  • Bring the YS saga to the switch aswell c:

  • I have played this in PC and it was a good RPG. damn i really need to have a Switch!

  • Does anyone know what the music is called for this?

  • They remastered this they didn't even master it right the first time. This is the Fallout 76 of Square soft, I know it's SquareEnix but Enix only made one mistake.

    • @Alex Miller It felt like RNG to accomplish anything. It felt like the game played it self more than doing what i told it to. Like several other games doesn't follow it's own rules. I tried several times thinking i just didn't understand the combat or team builds. In the end it just felt like a waste of time and money.

    • What didn't you like?

  • Please please please lost odyssey next!

  • Bring Xenoblade Chronicles 1 as a HD Remaster to the Switch!

    • YEA

    • yeah i am waiting for this

  • finally

  • When will Batman Arkham Fourlogy will be announce on e3?

  • NieR RepliCant / Gestalt please


  • Do you think this will ever get a physical release? Trying to save my storage space as much as possible.

  • nobody asked for this. a waste of resources

    • Guess my name is nobody then! ;)

  • How about ff7 remake? Why nitendo only give old game except for their own.

  • This game is wack though. Gameplay isn’t that bad, but man the story is trash.

  • I basically bought every version of this game XD

  • Its a good game

  • We need a remake of The Last Story too, was an amazing game.

    • @MewStor Well, its Nintendo and FF's company, i think they can.

    • @Not_a _fanboy Possible but on the other side the game is expensive can they remaster t?

    • @MewStor You're right, the problem Is that i don't think too much people remember that Wii gem. With a remake, a whole new generation of gamers would see that piece of art, then the sequel would be a lot better.

    • I would say a sequel would be awesome

  • I big F yeah!

  • I hope they improved the combat mechanics. The original on Xbox 360 was a bit rough & cumbersome. It would be GREAT if we could get Lost Odyssey too.

  • I loved this game

  • Is it just me or this is a pointless port that no one asked for? When is bookworm adventures getting a switch port?

    • Lucak Arts I asked for it and received

  • Is it just me or do the characters the lands and monsters look just like Xenoblade Chronicles? that's really cool.

    • @Ran Mouri ah, interesting.

    • Xenoblade Chronicles take inspiration from ffxii and Last Remnant is like ffxii 2.5 so it was untreatable why you see it like that

  • Unleash the gay buldge!

  • Hey I remember this game. It was really fun on PC

  • Is this Jrpg or Arpg?

    • It's a Turnbased TRPG, think FFT but with individual squads that you can customize. It honestly is a really good game and for it to be coming to Swutch is huge.

  • Anyone know the ost for this trailer?

  • Physical release please!


  • That guy reminds me of shulk a lot

  • Goddamn, Nintendo.

  • Will it have the Japanese VO as an option ? I know that when the PS4 version was released it was English only. Thanks!

  • I love Switch! I am going to be buy it soon I'm so happy! These kind of games I love so much as well as PS4 type of games.

  • Last Remnant is, IMO, one of the most underappreciated JRPGs ever. I hope this will end with a sequel from Square Enix. :)

    • The intro on its original xb360 release was absolutely horrible though. Confusing plot, bad framerate, gameplay that makes no sense, etc.

    • Harlot if you actually played this game to the end you know there will never be a sequel.

  • 0:20 Upskirt of the girl's underwear.

    • Hahahahaa WTF?!

  • Has anyone played this? Would you recommend?

    • The QTE takes a little getting use to and there is a LOT of army management. I can't say for sure how many squads the Switch will allow, but you're basically leveling and gearing around 15 people per battle. If you can deal with that, plus typical RPG mechanics, I highly recommend.

  • No physical, no buy for me : (

    • Same here

    • @hiotsobo Well, like I said, no phys no buy. Then it's no buy.

    • the PS4 version wasn't even physical just fyi

    • @Bob Fox I want to collect cartridges for the Switch. I try to buy less digital as possible.

  • Holy crap this has been the best e3 in years

  • Okay.

  • I could never finish this game on my 360 because it couldn’t handle everything that was happening on the screen. Can the switch handle that?

    • @Senseless mind Im not saying anything. Im asking. Because this game is about armies fighting each other. A lot is happening at once.

    • facepalm Are you saying that the Switch is on par with the 360?

    • I haven't notived any slow down...yet.

  • More JRPG stuff, ok.

    • yeah it's awesome. JRPGs haven't had a go-to system except for the lolvita since the PS2

  • I am playing it and looks great 😁

  • This game is absolutely terrible

  • do thay plan to make a physical verson of this game or is it only digital?

  • i know it says remastered, but does anyone know if it had it's issues fixed from it's initial release? Like all the bugs and glitches and such? Thats the only thing stopping me from buying this right now

    • @Brock Morgan damn that means ive been missing out all these years lol thank you!

    • GoodGamerGlen those issues were fixed on the pc version years ago so I’m assuming that this would also be fine

  • This reminds me, I miss "The Last Story...." That game was so much fun, it had potential. Wish XSeed would make a sequel.

    • The GloryXros that needs to happen (along with a Pandora Tower remake and a sequel to both as well).

    • Pandora's Tower too, a Switch Remaster would be great.

    • The Last Story is a Nintendo IP. You should ask them instead.

    • A switch remastered port would appreciated.

    • Blue Dragon too

  • no physical?

  • I would've bought this if it was physical.

    • hiotsobo but the OG version on the Xbox 360 was

    • the PS4 version wasn't even physical just fyi

    • I would prefer physical too, but atleast the digital version is fairly priced

  • For anyone bothering to pick this up, grab a guide to play this, the endgame is literally impossible if you go in blind.

    • Now* are

    • How are you talkin about the Xbox 360 version or the PC version because the PC version I believe ironed out a lot of those things

    • @Adrian Falcón and wasting an 80 hour save file feels good for sure.

    • using a guide is for weaklings

  • All I want for Christmas is Reggie Remastered

  • Hey look it's that game with the convoluted leveling system.

    • @Link2434 true but skyrim also gives you tools to counter it. Enchant/blacksmith/alchemy are so broken that once you maxed them even legendary difficulty becomes a 1 shot fest. You can reduce the difficulty at any time if it gets too hard. In the last remnant the only way out of a hard boss is to grind..which increases the difficulty even more creating a loop that is really hard to escape from. Enemies have a level cap so it won't increase forever, problem is only enemies available are too weak so it'll take forever to level up enough to beat the boss unless you get lucky with the crits and dodges.

    • @eminiclam isn't that exactly how Skyrim (and other Elder Scrolls games) work?

    • @eminiclam Convoluted and annoying go hand in hand though, but that is another way of putting it.

    • it wasn't convoluted, it was annoying af (non intuitive). Like grind=games get harder. When the EASIEST way to finish the game is speedrunning then your game has issues.

    • @Silver Rose It's rare to find someone who genuinely likes a game like Final Fantasy 2.

  • You know what would be cool? If you could like create a game...wait 1 minute into the future,and then remaster it.

  • Pushing the limits

  • ...this trailer has shown me almost Nothing about what the gameplay is like.

    • @Bo Xue That makes no sense...

    • @Bo Xue so new people can see this, be confused, and not want to buy it? brilliant marketing.

    • It’s a remastered old game, they don’t have to

  • Well i just bought it for the ps4 yesterday.... *opens wallet*

  • Time to buy this a 4th time. I may have a problem.

  • I think I've spent twice as much on Switch re-releases/remasters this year than I have on new games. Normally that would be a bad thing but I'm just to happy to have acess to so many of the games that shaped my adolescence without having to dig through my closet of old consoles.

    • @Cruzi 100% agree. I've only ever had Nintendo consoles (which I don't regret) but I always felt like from the later Gamecube years all the way through to the Wii U era, I was missing out on so many games. I know Switch gets some flack for being a port machine, but for people like me who missed out, I love it.

    • Yes ofcurse! I love these type of games as well so I don't feel bad if I spent a lot even on ones Iv'e already had like Crash and Spyro.

    • @Cruzi I feel like Iv'e missed out on Switch games since I also played PS1 and until PS4 but with all these amazing looking games I am definetly going to buy a Switch! You should too!

    • I haven't even played like 95% of these so the Switches library is really interesting for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I played games in general since the ps1 era but I still missed out on so many.

  • Is there a reason why they keep remastering this over LostOdyssey? I keep hearing Lost Odyssey is way better than the Last Remnant when it comes to the (originally) exclusive XB360 RPG’s. This looks cool but the battle system seems a bit overwhelming and off-putting.

    • @Alan Garcia but they could if they wish, like Cuphead.

    • @creative username True, but a switch port would be great.

    • @Alan Garcia That means nothing anymore.

    • I played both and I like this more

    • The thing is lost oddyssey is property of Microsoft. It's like a halo or gears of war.

  • NINTENDO Killer Instinct, please!!

    • They don't own the rights to that. You'd have to ask Microsoft/Rare.