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Опубликовано: 20 июл 2020
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During the Covid-19 outbreak in the first half of the year, I set up bamboo fences around the outer walls,
and planted some vine plants and vegetables, like cucumbers and luffas.
When fleeting spring gives way to summer, these cuties start to send green glow.
Pick the fresh cucumbers from the vine, and some termite mushrooms from the mountains.
Cucumber peels with Lap-mei, cold noodles with chicken shreds, fried rice with cucumbers, Chinese chicken burrito…
#It tastes like Li Ziqi’s summer#. How about yours?
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  • *If you are new here, here is absolutely everything you need to know about Liziqi ( Li Ziyi ):* In 1990, Li Ziyi fell to the ground in Mianyang, Sichuan. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Later, her father died, and Li Ziyi became an orphan. His stepmother didn’t treat her well. Li Zizhen mentioned on Weibo that he had had a half-dead experience when his stepmother dragged her hair into the gutter and was beaten. Grandpa and Grandma distressed granddaughter, and finally decided to take Li Ziyu home and live. When Li Ziyi was in fifth grade, his grandfather died again, and it was difficult for his grandma to raise her to continue school. At the age of 14, Li Ziyi had to drop out of school and go to the city alone to work hard, and began an 8-year wandering life. Her first life was very hard. She slept in a park chair and scratched her head for two months. Li Ziyi has also worked as a waiter in a hotel, with a monthly salary of 300 yuan. In order to earn more income, she went to learn to play discs and sang in the bar. Later, when talking about the matter, Li Zizhen frankly said: “I didn’t say that I liked music at that time, just to live, I felt that it was well paid.” In 2012, because grandma was ill once, Li Ziyi was worried that she would regret it later, throwing away all work and returning to grandma. “Being closer, I feel more at ease.” After returning, Li Ziyi opened a Taobao shop, but the business has been up and running, and he barely eats. In 2015, under the influence of his younger brother, Li Ziyi was exposed to the short video platform Meipai. Until 2016, seeing that his younger brother had some fans on Meipai, and holding more fans can improve the mentality of Taobao business, Li Ziyi re-entered Meipai to prepare for his own video program. The reason why she chose to shoot videos in this style is closely related to her childhood environment. In an interview with the living room of Sina Club, Li Ziyi mentioned, “All these things that are self-sufficient in the countryside, for me, they are jealous. In the short video, she chose to start from the most familiar places. In the beginning, Li Ziyi gave himself a topic called “Four Seasons Change, Eat While You Eat”. After the suggestion of Meipai editor, it became “Ancient Food” and it is still used today. In September 2016, a new opportunity came quietly, which also became an important promoter for Li Ziyu to get more attention in the future. Sina Weibo began to openly search for more outstanding short video creators for resource support. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Liu Tongming brought her Weibo resources support. One day in September 2016, Li Feng, an ancient short video blogger, accidentally received a private Weibo message from “Mr. L”. Mr. L expressed his love for Li Ziyu’s video content, felt that he had fulfilled his Taoyuan dream, and hoped to meet her. For a long time after that, Li Ziyi received Mr. L’s private letter. “It would be a shame for such a good video to let this person see it. This is usChina’s proud traditional culture should be seen by people in China and around the world. “Mr. L said in a private message. At first, after seeing these private messages, Li Ziyi didn’t care too much, even worrying about encountering a liar. Until one day, Mr. L came to the city where Li Zizhen was, and wanted to ask her to have a meal and talk. Mr. L’s politeness and clear logical thinking made Li slowly drop his initial alert. This accidental meeting has completely changed the life trajectory of Li Zizhen. Not long after the meal was over, with the help of Mr. L, Li Zizheng was supported by a large wave of resources on Sina Weibo, accelerating her popularity and allowing Li Zizhen to rush into the queue of the net influencer on the head. This experience is partly recorded in a diary of Li Zizheng that year. Some insiders close to the senior executives of Weinian Technology confirmed to Tencent’s “Shenwang” that the “Mr. L” is actually Liu Tongming, and his pseudonym was publicly reported. Daxiong Liu, the founder of Wei Nian Technology, an MCN company to which Li Zizhen now belongs. On December 8th, the reading volume of a Weibo topic labeled “Is Li Ziyi a cultural output” climbed to 800 million. Li Zizheng was once again on the hot search list. The video created by Li Ziyi and her has become a phenomenon worthy of study now. Extensive overseas communication is an important reason for Li Zihuan’s renewed attention. Some people say that she has filmed a desirable rural life and spread the charm of traditional Chinese culture and cuisine. Others think that her video is not completely true To reflect China’s rural life. Even the queries that have been popular since the explosion have been brought up again, such as being a DJ, being a rich second generation, whether the video is from my own hands, is there a strong push behind it, and the video is true for rural life It’s still just a fiction for character setting. An insider of Weinian Technology told Tencent’s “Deep Web” that Li Ziyi was of ordinary origin, and the relevant video content was produced by Li Ziyi himself. The popularity was not the initiative of the company and himself. In fact, both Li Zihuan and the micro-reading team behind him were quite low-key, and they were very enthusiastic and declined all the current interview needs. Until August 17, 2018, Li Ziyi’s eponymous Tmall store officially opened. Six days after going online, the store with only five products at that time had sales of over 150,000 and sales of over 10 million. A year later, the total sales of 21 products displayed in the Li Zizhen flagship store exceeded 1.3 million, with total sales reaching 71 million. The value behind Li Ziyi’s IP is being quickly tapped. Li Ziyi started from scratch and gained the first fans with his own strength. But now the popularity and gains of fame and fortune are obviously no longer just her achievements. According to Tianyan search, “Deep Web” shows that MCN Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co., Ltd., which Li Ziyi belongs to, was established on February 28, 2013, with a registered capital of RMB 5.208 million. According to the introduction, Wei Nian is an entertainment entertainment company that incubates KOL into IP through short videos and extends to consumer brands. The information of Qixinbao shows that there are more than 100 pieces of intellectual property information of the trademark “Li Zihuan”. The applicant companies are Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co., Ltd. The product categories include food, clothing, shoes and hats, dyes and fats, beer and beverages, Financial property management, catering and accommodation. Not only that, Wei Nian also has inextricable links with Li Ziyu’s companies. According to the eye inspection, Li Jiajia (should be the original name of Li Ziyu) established Sichuan Ziyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. on July 20, 2017, and Wei Nian is its shareholder, holding 51% of the shares. Supervisor, Li Jiajia holds 49% of the shares. According to other data, there are as many as 50 beneficiary companies behind Hangzhou Weinian Technology Co., Ltd., including Greenland Holdings, ZTE, Xinhua Media, Vanke, Light Media, etc. . Among the shareholders of Weinian Technology, Sina Weibo is particularly eye-catching. From Wei Nian Technology to Sina Weibo, Li Ziyi gradually has the best cards that internet celebrities are looking forward to. In her own words, she changed from “a little transparent to a person who is so useless to society”. After entering the public view and being noticed by more people, Li Ziyi’s sense of responsibility has also become heavier. “I want to do what I can to do more things that are good for society, such as the spread of traditional culture, non-heritage cultural craftsmen, and I want to show these old things to everyone so that more people know. Li Ziyi said. Source:

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