The Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup

Опубликовано: 25 ноя 2020
Reacting to Streamers in Open Qualifiers, then competing in Finals with the Top 99 players in the Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4)
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  • Who else played in it?

    • @Nick Eh 30 hi

    • I wish I could play in it but, when your locker bundle came out I used your code 😊

    • what placement in the tournament did you get?

    • I’m in OCE so I couldn’t

    • @dapugster idc

  • Me: Nicks a got for the shockwave play nick: he’s just better we all know that’s cap

  • I got top 99 players and for some reason I wasn’t on the leader board 😢

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  • I love how you killed the same person off spawn lol

  • You are in Texas game and Ronaldo’s game and some other pros

  • I was tikok recon Ψ

  • f f f f


  • 16:15 lol

  • Nick killed the same aura 3 times

  • I love his positivity


  • Nick your an awesome RU-tvr and your so positive I love it ❤️

  • Where was bugha in the final

  • Is dat bugha


  • Nick is the Badboyhalo of fortnite, I half expect him to say LANGUAGE in the swear parts.

  • Notice he killed Zorq 12:24

  • I know he is a minecraft player but you sould meet with @badboyhalo

  • At 16:03 in the vid mongraal would say CONTROLLA PLAYA

  • 14:45

  • Hey. Ick big fan. What is your new keyboard


  • Song?

  • 3:12 typical fortnite streamer: placing cones and has no emotions when he kills😭😭😂

  • I Wonder If Nick Eh 30 was the kid that said no more saying cus words guys 😂

    • He used to swear A lot then he turned family friendly

  • 16:07 that should be an emote

  • 16:05 Nich Eh Damelio

  • He killed the same kid 3 times😂

  • He reacted to these like it was a horror movie

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  • Hi

  • Love your dance

  • I got top 3% in the cup

  • You kiilled the same aura at the same spot twice

  • ❤️🇸🇦

  • Ops wakes up looks in the mirror starts swearing 😂

  • i was able to get the bundle

  • Watch nick kill the same kid two times in a row also nick keep up the good vids

  • first nick vid ive watched that had a curse word...........

  • You killed the same guy at 15:07 and 16:02

    • And 18:04

  • great video nick

  • 16:05 Me:………

  • I love your positivity nick! You make my day everytime I watch you man!

  • I am controller player but do you think it’s good or bad for me

  • Nick is so positive and kind.Also when he started dance-ing I cracked up 😂

  • I use your code

  • Positive panther 😂

  • Nick the fact that Einsight just keep droping the same place as you is funny

  • this guy rick rolled us at 0:26

  • Whoever disliked is jealous that nick got his own tournemt

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  • i need to poop bad LOL 2:41

  • There is no reason to hate on nick

  • I killed clix in this tournament it was so fun ty for hosting nick

  • I almost qualify but I lagged out

  • Nick : wake up go to the gym Ops : just starts swearing LOL

  • Nick i really like how positive you are

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  • he killed the same person in game three and game six,the aura

  • i mean the channel bexoh

  • press this link to see nick swear Bexoh

  • I love how it is exactly 20 minutes

  • Me

  • If u have a cup u should have a skin

  • I know I am late but I participated in it and did hella bad

  • If u played in this cup then your ehmazing

  • Same kid it game 3 and four

  • Nick eh I’m sorry I couldn’t play your tournament because I don’t have 2fa so I will get it now

  • He’s just a plain out good person. Using his platform to speed positivity. Bless You man

  • Hi nick eh 25💓💓💓jk 30

  • ops comes home and doesnt swear straight away his mum: call the ambulance

  • i lovve ur vids nick u are so positive and no matter what u always try and stay in a good mindset!

  • God loves you

  • Yo nick stop bullying that aura you Eliminated her 3 times😂 and keep your positivity makes my day watching you peace

  • Gotta love Nick’s excitement throughout watching clips 😂

  • Plz shout menoit

  • Ops lmao

  • At least you didn’t get last👍

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  • Jesus loves you.

  • 25 nov its my birthday

  • We love dem moves do

  • You save my life

  • Lol

  • I Want Another NickEh30 Cup

  • 4:45 That’s something you will find in a BCC video not live on stream in a $100,000 prize pool tournament with thousands of viewers Ronaldo is eh-mazing!

    • Where is the 4th game

  • I just love how nick gave everyone a shoutout without even telling them❤️

  • Bro nick ur the best ur my favourite RU-tvr u have the best moods thanks so much and keep it up bye have a good day

  • 15:58 what he dose to stream snipers watch this for a little bit

  • he killed the same aura in the same place like 3 times

  • I love nick eh 30 😂💯✅

  • I played i came 15 i loved it i bought your bundle

  • who's watching it on 2021?

  • dude is not booo gah its buuuu gah

  • 16:10 tho 😂😂

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  • Cool

  • ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh