The Petyrs

Опубликовано: 27 мар 2020
Petyr returns from his meeting with Kungo in America.
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  • Cool that Jared Leto got involved 2:03

  • Please more Kungo. This series is beautiful

  • Wait a minute ... he asked Kungo to clean his mother's dirty pool but Kungo was his father ?! How is this possible?!

  • This is a masterpiece, the acting, the poses, the sound effects, the drama, tHE PLOT! It's beautiful!!

  • I feel like psychedelics were involved in the making of this one

  • This is just anime

  • This feels like one of those dreams that I can't quite remember after waking up. I'll have to watch again to remember.

  • also the secret to immortality is an enormous microphone

  • Wow I am really happy I’m here to witness this. You obviously have a hella promising and funny future and I’m lookin forward to it.

  • I'm happy for them

  • I love the Kungo Cinematic Universe

  • while you were aahhweeeyy

  • The Kungo EU is my favourite EU.

  • Oh god

  • This is pretty out there...even for you bro hahaha

  • A fever dream

  • It's part 3. I think I'll wait for my wife...

  • Petyrs has Thunder Toes (hence the thunder steps) because Kungo's father was also Thors pool boy...

  • Such a variety. Loved it.

  • Who the hell are the 3 people who are disliking all of Joel's videos???

  • I love this! what plugins did you use for the audio?

  • So this is where Kungo comes - reference from another video.

  • Wait, did you get the singer from X Ambassadors? And put a wig on him? Haha

  • Wait, did you get the singer from X Ambassadors? And put a wig on him? Haha

  • It comes close to being a musical so many times.

  • 3:17 breaking the fourth wall. I was cackling

  • Touching a dog, most days

  • Kungo, is that you?

  • Welp, thats an interesting way to use autotune lol

  • The Kungo expanded universe is getting very interesting

  • I’m learning the lower the views a Joel Haver video has, the better the video lmao

  • Did anyone else watch a man take the fuzz off the feet of a wolf spider for 5 mins as an ad to this video?

  • How many marijuanas did I just inhale?

  • I gave you the first dislike because I’m a pioneer

  • I love it! Great trilogy!! and the message about the secret to immortality was a really nice touch :) keep it up!! all of you guys are amazing!!

  • woah ok

  • Oh fuck.

  • I don't really know what to say, good work

  • What the hell is this garbage?

  • Those poses though. Magnificent

  • My sweet onion drop ☔

  • Person 1 "I just dropped acid" Person 2 "Thats cute. I just binged Joel Haver"

    • Me: I just dropped acid and binged Joel haver (definitely recommend but it can get a lil freaky)

  • this feels like a movie from an alternate reality

  • Universal studios take notes.

  • this is one of my favorite videos on youtube, and yet it only has 669 views. your dedication and ambition is unparalleled, and it shows. thank you🌟

  • the audio and editing in this video is unlike anything ive ever seen

    • @Strider thank you for saying so! more to come

    • @nartharie desperately waiting for more of your sound design. The stuff you lads did for the Kungo arc is so sick.

    • another satisfied customer

  • cant believe Im seeing this sub-1000 views

  • This is a chaotic piece of art.

    • the secret to immortality lies in this video, it is far too powerful for most

  • 3:27 - _Aaaaaaand_ new alarm clock sound.

  • Love Peter's poses. The 'Joe Dirt' wig lives again.

  • Second time watching this! Any fellow second timers out there? Watching in 2020 *edit*: Wow I just wanted to thank the ten people who liked my post and for responding different things have a happy 2021 I AM WATCHING IN 2021!!!!!!! :)

    • I have to believe this is ironic for my own sanity

    • 2021 gang!

    • @nartharie due to my rebellious nature I’ve chosen to reply to nartharie instead

    • @Dob Doby replied

    • @nartharie Reply if you're watching in 2021

  • So I'm a recent subscriber, this normal for the channel or is there some missing context. either way 10/10

    • I just finished the other two and it actually did give some context, and I would love to see episode 4 someday

    • Joel Haver wow your right! I’m still just as confused but that only makes me more happy? Thanks for the link ha ha, can’t wait for the next:).

    • Happy to have you around! This is yet another entry in the ever-expanding Kungo Extended Universe, the most ambitious universe in movie history! Watching them all will clarify nothing! -

  • this is better than any marvel movie, no lie.

  • Kungo the DIRTY pool boy😏

  • 1:08 this gave me some serious JJBA vibes

    • I had the same thought myself

  • That pool isn't going to clean itself

  • Art