The Shane Dawson Cat Controversy, Denial, & Apology, J.K. Rowling Is A Retroactive Hero, & More...

Опубликовано: 18 мар 2019
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***Note: I always make an effort to not include the mass shooters’ names or pictures in my show. Even though we used multiple sources to gather the details for our coverage, they also included information on the individuals that I do not want to give a spotlight to.
Instead, here are the links to places taking donations that go towards those impacted by the tragedy in New Zealand.!/
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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  • I don't even know what top comment feels appropriate for today's show... JK Rowling Backlash (00:06), James Gunn Rehired (2:28), Shane Dawson Cat Controversy (3:38), TIA (7:46), Christchurch (8:55)

    • If anyone Captain Marvel production team should be the one Disney fired

    • @Saint Nasim Najafi AghdamMy point is why should we believe someone who has admitted he will lie to be liked when he's apologizing to be liked?

    • Phil the problem with how you see cancel culture is you are basically defending rapists murderers and domestic abusers. Just because someone apologizes does not mean there shouldn't be consequences for their actions. Shane says it was a lie when he told it and he told that lie to be liked at the time. So was that the lie to be liked at the time or is this the lie to be liked at this time? Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? How about the boy who cried "like me like me I'll be whoever you want me to be"?

    • Philip DeFranco the world/ RU-tv need more people like you!

    • just changed my twitter handle to @hrhendricks in case anyone was looking

  • wait why do people not like lily singh?

  • Shane Dawson might be a zooaphile and is in a bestiality relationship with his cat. Sounds about white to me.

  • If you've ever created a universe, you know that there can be *thousands* of details that never surface into the works, or that only clarify after something is in stone. I see no problem with how JK is revealing things. It's not a matter of shock or attention, it's her learning more about her creations and/or sharing things she's always known.

  • Love yo face, too, Phil. Thank you.

  • My heart is still breaking for New Zealand.

  • Thank you for how you covered the terrorist attack in our city. We have all been deeply affected - we were tentatively recovering from earthquakes and this horrific, intentional, disgusting attack has left us all broken-hearted. Abdul Aziz is incredibly brave. Farid Ahmed is also a wonderful hero imo. Cheers.

  • 7:11 exactly

  • No one can make them movies better than Gunn, I'm SO glad he got rehired! People can grow in their opinions, doesn't matter who you are

  • I read all the books. Literally no mention, don't worry Phil, it's okay to think Rowling's a douche. It's cynical publicity farming, honestly we should all just probably stop talking to/about her. She's proven that she isn't a valuable part of even her own works any more, let alone society.

  • I love how people are pieces of shit until something really bad happens and you get all of these stories of people helping and protecting each other

  • A lot of James Gunn's jokes on Twitter were funny.

  • 1:45 Phil this was the most fiery burn I have ever seen on your channel 😂 Jesus Christ man

  • Hi phil - where did you get the shirt from you are wearing in this video?

  • As a New Zealander, I would like to say I am proud of my country and the way that we handled the situation. This sad event is not a representation of our small country or anything we stand for, that kind of hate is not welcome here. I am grateful to you for not showing the shooter and giving the attention he wanted. Thank you!

  • Every video I watch from you makes me respect you even more than the last one. I stopped watching the news a while ago because all it did was intensify my depression. But the way you present everything gives me hope. Thank you so much for being so encouraging and thoughtful in your dialogue. Also just a side note about J.K. Rowling, I personally think everyone is reacting a bit strongly to the whole Dumbledore/Grindelwald situation. It's just a new bit of information for the backstory of different characters. I just thought, "Oh, okay cool, that's what I kind of figured when I read the books," and left it at that. There's no need to praise or condemn Rowling for it. As a writer, I can sympathize having full backstories for every character and struggling to figure out what you should include or exclude. You have to decide what information is relevant and is going to move the story forward. Maybe she decided it wasn't information that Harry would consciously think about or maybe he wouldn't even realize it. I don't know why she made all the choices she did, but I don't really have a problem with them. Maybe she really was announcing it so she could get praise for including LGBT characters. Okay. Whatever. Don't give her attention for it then. Don't praise her or condemn her. Either way she would be generating discussion and becoming relevant. Either way, at least we're getting some memes out of it.

  • some franchises novel authors made perfect books lord of the rings, dune, which are subsequently ruined by their children Brian Herbert, Christopher Tolkien, but it takes a very special author to ruin everything great about their books in a vain attempt to stay relevant isn’t that right jk Rowling

  • What they did to james gunn is hilarious because they jumped the gun and realized MONEY is more important than any sjw BS

  • Lmfao at the joke Phil did on j.k

  • *Shane Dawson is a total liar no one jokes about such a specific scenario with such specific details in the matter of fact way he stated them. Sexual deviancy and pedophilia are a huge issue in the homosexual community so none of this surprises me. Compare it to the humor of James Gunn and you'll see huge differences.* *Apex Legends is shit by the way, just a repackaged fortnite with Call of Duty infinite warfare mechanics.*

  • No one: J.K. Rowling: The wands are all dildos.

  • I had an actual laugh out loud moment with that beautiful bastards transition, it was so smooth and hilarious.

  • dude how badass he picked up a credit card machine and just flung it xD

  • Why would he say something like that tho

  • I get why people are angry with JK for being retroactive, but I personally think it was clear in the movie that they're hinting that Dumbledore and Grindlewald's relationship was more than friendship. I look forward to see where they go with this in the next movie.

  • What is wrong with people today? People need new or more hobbies than over thinking fictional characters in a book that is ten years old. If you have even 1 spare hour a day where you're online trying to save the world via internet connection by criticizing fictional books or whatever other meaningless things than you're doing it wrong.

  • Jk Rowling is just trying to stay relevant... it’s not heroism when you’re using a semi oppressed community for your own personal gain... ( yes gay people can be oppressed in certain areas of the world not just people of colour)


  • The Utrecht terror act?

  • cancel culture is so stupid and ive said it so many times

  • The thing abt the Shane Dawson /cat thing, is people are freaking out abt it, but Brandon said the exact same thing in a David Dobrik vlog following it up saying like "p***y is p***y, right?" and nobody cares. I feel like people are borderline bullying Shane. I don't get why.

  • Dawson is a first class idiot. He feels ashamed about a cat joke but thinks it's fine spreading vile Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. The JK Rowling thing is a non issue, it's her book,s she can do with them whatever she wants, don't like, don't buy into it. More than simple.

  • On the subject of J. K. Rowling, I dont get what the big deal is. You cant be hurting the LGBTQ community by choosing to have a character be gay, even if it isnt really in the book because that isnt what the book was about. I'm %100 sure shes thought through her characters and this isnt some attention grab to act like shes something shes not, she doesnt need that, shes J. K. Rowling. This is just another example of the snowflake left bashing someone in order to show how "oh so horribly evil" most of the world is

  • Philip ya stooge, the kid who committed the heroic act is called William Connoly, the senator is Anning Frasier.

  • Wow! JK Rowling gives “headmaster” a new meaning.

  • As a Us citizen, I feel guilty for what happened in Christchurch simply by being a US citizen. Maybe we're poison.

  • phil i would love to hear your opinion on the hidden recording of jim jefferies and the fake news he was spreading regarding this shooting

  • Tbh, this stupid drama happening to such an amazing content creator such as Shane kinda seems like one of JK Rowlings book plots. everyone: oh Shane's making 2019 his year. JK Rowling: SHANE DID THE DIRTY WITH HIS CAT! You cant honestly believe such things, Shane has improved himself, he tried everything on RU-tv, yes those things even included shocking jokes all to cooking videos, to now with conspiracy videos, he has gradually become more of himself, I love his content. One of the best Creators and most genuinely real RU-tvrs there are. Please don't judge him on his past but as the man he is now. 😊💜

  • Philly D gonna get a news cast on live TV one day, if Lily Singh can do it you can too!!

  • 3:40 what you clicked on this video for

  • I love Phil's sarcasm, so hilarious

  • I only found out about Shane because of memes.

  • Its a true story...he was eager to tell it you can hear it and the way he tells it. No problem about the past..learn and grow but its a true story about the cat. Its okay. He didnt hurt it he was 19. If people were to read any Carl Jung they would see how much supression and neurosis most people carry around.

  • Trust my kid with Shane D.. Hell no.. Think something is wired wrong.... And yes think you're very bias.. Thank god it wasn't a kid from Covington that said it....

  • thank god you changed your lighting, now it doesn't look like your squinting to avoid you're retinas from burning out

  • People forget who Shane Dawson was 10 years ago 🤧

  • Cinema wins made it to the deFranco news

  • I am so sick of people digging up things that were said in the past and using it against them today! Guess what?! I was a heroin addict in the past. I am clean now and moving on with my life. Does my past make me a shitty person today? I hope not! How can anyone move forward if their past is constantly brought to the forefront?! Leave it alone people!! Jesus Christ! People grow, people change!! I am thankful for my struggles because they’ve made me who I am, but I don’t have to answer for every fucked up thing I’ve ever done... thank God I’m not famous and no one gives a shit what I said when I was in a different state of mind and maturity.

  • Even if the Shane thing is real or even have thoughts like that to tell as a funny story is weird as fuck. You would be insane to trust leaving an animal or child alone in a room with him

  • That Shane story was not a failed joke. He has told many stories of him engaging in "behaviors" with his pets over the years. The kicker is .. he's said much worst on the podcast -- which is probably why he removed his podcast from Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

  • Jk Rowling is the author of KIDS books. Sorry she didnt give the play by play of Dumbledores sexcapades

  • 'Haven't seen a blowup like this in the youtube space in forever' Piewdiepie: Am I a joke to you?

  • Who the fuck could listen to that audio from Shane's podcast and think it was real?? That delivery was *so bad*

  • I’m actually really happy that she didn’t actively throw in the dumbledores gay line because she just portrayed him as a normal character, in the series of the books there was really no reason to add it in, she just wrote him as a normal person just like every other gay

  • I sit back, I watch, I laugh, and I enjoy. I love you Phil. You are hilarious, witty and I suspect borderline genius. 😂. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I sometimes say nothing, but I'm here.

  • JK Rowling is very close to ruining harry potter for me, ironic.

  • Harry Potter and the Gauntlet of too many information

  • Betterhelp

  • I do not understand the popularity of Shane Dawson. Maybe it is a cultural thing - I am not American.

  • Thank you for covering the christchurch story but why do you keep referring to the terrorist as “shooter”??? It’s always shooter and mass shootings when it’s a white person. What is the word terrorist only reserved for a certain race? He is a terrorist. That was an act of terrorism. Call it like it is

  • God it's weird hearing Phili D talk about my home town and even my college I wish it was under better circumstances

  • I am so over this cancel culture.


  • Of course all the heroic stories come from the mosque where there was no footage.

  • I want chimp merch

  • yess bisexual pride

  • This guy seems alright.

  • . Mv

  • jk Rowling: Anyone who dislikes my comments are gay

  • Does no one realize GOTG sucks?? Like... 2/10

  • Rowling is also actively anti-transgender, so she's not even good at making being an ally.


  • Bruh that Shane apology had dying 😂😂

  • I’m not a fan of Lilly Singh but I’d sooner have her, a minority, hosting a late night show than the likes of John Oliver and James Corden. Bringing Hasan Minhaj on Patriot Act was probably the best decision Netflix has made for the show. So ya go Lilly

  • Harry potter parents are canonly both gay fact for the day

  • Personally I think they shouldn't of made it go viral and give that shooter no attention

  • What about the dog he kissed

  • all because Shane Dawson is gay it doesn't mean every joke he says means he's doing it

  • Ive never watched this show but god i think he uses his hands too often its distracting. And Im Italian.

  • Rowling shouldn’t talk about it in Tweets and interviews, but write a book where she explores the characters lifestyle’s and stuff. I believe fewer people would be outraged

    • Der Doctor I’m not sure I understand the outrage, she said Dumbledore was gay for Grindlewald in 2007.

  • Am i the only one who thought Dumbledore was gay from the literal first chapter off the first book???? Think about the way the damn man dresses! And as soon at they were talking about grindelwald in the book I already called them together. The only thing i don't understand is why she didn't go all the way with it.

  • very nice

  • death of the author man, if her fans don't accept her years after the fact retcons that are incompatible with the story and world she established, then those retcons don't matter.

  • Shane can't catch a fucking break.. Smh..

  • Shane is aSHANEd of his jokes *KNEE SLAP* WHEEEEEEEEZE

  • 99% of the stuff Rowling has said after the series concluded has been pure BS but if you read the books it's very very obvious Dumblewald happened. As for the explicit sexual details..... well it was always a children's book that just so happened to also appeal to adults. This one comment of hers i can defend

  • The virtue signaling in the world today is real. Sheesh.

  • Why did he have to bring up the old intro like that? I miss it :(

  • 9:11 these right wing terrorists, domestic or otherwise*

  • I don’t see how it was a joke, or satire, irony etc....he straight up told a tale of dry humping his cat to completion. The chick told him to shut up like she had heard it before. None of these people are good enough at acting for that story to be a skit lmao. I don’t really give a shit either way. Just find it hilarious he thought that was a story he should share to the general public 🤣😂🤣

  • Phil, trying to keep up with your channels/content. Where are you?? How/where can I find your other content. Been kinda out of the loop for a while. BTW, you're looking great. Much aloha from Maui.

  • seeing how I've never seen any of Shane Dawsons videos, I unbiasedly think that he actually did bad things to his cat and is just lying. Seems like something a 19-year-old would do.


  • 4:50 he admits

  • I really feel sorry for Shane honestly. He's deluded himself into thinking that he needs to give a flying F about jokes that he made that some people don't find funny. You know for a fact that most people criticizing him for "offensive jokes" also watch Family Guy and The Office and the likes and enjoy it. And I say this as someone who some would call a "Shane Dawson hater". He really doesn't deserve this for so many reasons.

  • Nobody, except for idiots: PM of New Zealand: BAN ALL GUNS, NOW! Idiots

  • Everytime i enter philip's video i skip 5 second ahead Cuz i already know im a bastard My dad was married and lied about my mom that he was single and had sex and left my mom Also my mom is now an anti lover so i don't have a step sibling

  • I love you Phillip DeFranco keep up the amazing work

  • No one: Jk Rowling: 9/11 was an accident

  • 1:45 is officially my new favorite moment on this channel