The Spiders and the Bees

Опубликовано: 8 мар 2019
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • I got stung by a bee in socks outside and then I hit my leg on a bench 1like=1healing

  • Also there are other pollinators like bumblebees

  • Watch Matpat theory on bee movie

  • Dude I’m scared of every single insect, and bug once a frog jumped on my foot and I flipped out

  • And bees pollenant tomatoes so if they all die no pizza so when ur eating pizza THANK BEES

  • I got stung one day and I had to use my allergy pen and go to the hospital

  • 6:30 THATS SCORE BUNNY!!!!!! I CANT F ING WAIT!!!!!!!!

  • A bee once landed in my freaking face!!!!

  • Bats eat upp to 5000 mosquitos every 12hours

  • You thought a bee on your arm was terrifying, well well, I was drinking bubble tea at china town near or in chicago, and a wasp decided to land on my nose.... I was beyond terrified, I was just praying to god it didn't go inside cuz that would cause me to make it mad.

  • And 3 words get bee spray

  • Bee lands on arm*holy frick thats true fear

  • Wasp and hornets can LEAVE!!!!!!!!!

  • And the Brownwoodow

  • I've gotten stung by a bee 11 times!

  • its crazy i like bees but i hate spiders i see a spider run back in the house i see a bee i just look at it

  • A wasp stung my neck and I no longer going outside because the nest is right by my door

  • 0:00-0:30 is matpat and steph part

  • A bee sting me in the throat once

  • I love all animals fish spiders and insects even though my mom will not get me a traranchala

  • VidCon is on the tenth of July which is 16 days before my birthday which I'm really excited for.

  • Bees are actually not important

  • They're dying at an alarming rate!? *GOOD*

  • Who pollinates the rest? That’s easy, probably butterflies, are you dumb? >:p

  • im scared of bees alive or dead i just have a fear of bees

  • 0:38 hOlY fRiCk

  • Once in third grade after school I had a bee balancing on my eyelash for like 5 seconds and that was the scariest moment of my life

  • #TheOdd1sOut I’m little screaming this is so funny! Great video!!

  • 6:47 James steps on bee 7:03 *bee stinger is on arm*

  • For some reason bees and wasps love my hair, sometimes I look at the ants getting ready for nuptial flight or just walking in the yard there’s always a flying insect on my hear.

  • James:SpiDerWeBs aRe ToO wEaK tO TrAp yOu James a few minutes later:AnD ThEiR WeBs Are StRonGer ThAn BulLeT PrOof VeStS!

  • I’d choose bees over anything

  • i have spider fear

  • This summer i got bit by spiders and it iches really bad

  • Once a bee landed on my head, I was as still as heck! It ended up biting me, yes they do that, there was a bump, but I didn’t feel any pain, just a feeling.

  • This video was very funny espetionally the part where you edited the part of your own mouth on you avatar.

  • I have a pet bee

  • A bee 🐝 landed on my leg once and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

  • Ok

  • I love ur vids

  • I have never really been scared of bees or spiders (i have always been terrified of wasps) but i never really liked them and after watching this it has really changed my opinion. 👍=if you agree 💭=because why not

  • I have a flower tattoo in my arm and it's in color, and I have lots of bees that try and land in my arm it's actually kind of funny

  • Dude the daddy long leg is the most venomous but it's mouth is too small so it can't bite people bye that's my fav spider

  • Both are scary yeah

  • Me: raies bees and loves snakes Also me: jumps onto a table and screams at top of lungs because I saw a very tiny spider

  • 0:40 you can see his buttcheeks

  • At 4:59 how come spiders are on the podium they are Arachnids

  • hey watch exotic lairs

  • 5:32

  • We learned WASP SUCK..

  • 5:52

  • Lucas the Spider is the CUTEST SPIDER OF ALL FRICKIN TIME.

  • When we all have watched the video on how to save bees with *PORNHUB*

  • _Come face to face with a Camel spider, bet you'd change ya mind_

  • "It can't open doors" *like other ones*

  • Ummmmmm sorry but bees have been scientifically proven to be a invasive species to America and are harmful to other species and have only survived this long because humanity has protected them to harvest their honey

  • It just hit me that as I was watching this video, I killed a spider I saw on my wall...

  • Spiders are nice yaeh yaeh yaeh buuuuut if you're in your bed and you look at your wall and there's a HUGE spider and its pure darkness and you're scared to move or do anithing!!😱😱😱

  • One time a bee thought that my skirt was a flower so I cried a bloody murder scream

  • Once I was stung by a wasp in the palm of my hand

  • I'm an official spider hunter and so is my mum! 😂 I will start shaking when I see a spider (if it's large). Oh and I stare at it so I know where it goes when it does move. I'm sure it stares at me too lol.

  • How are you not scared of spiders. They have like 1000 legs 1000000 eyes they creepy Crawley on you also BEES ARE CREEPY

  • 2:19 When I was only 4, (A total animal lover, that loved everything) I was with my friend's sister (Who was like my sister) and her friend who was there at the time, saw a spider, smashed it continuously RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. I looked at it for a minute or so, absolutely mortified. The girl who took the poor spiders life is just laughing and I'm on the verge of tears. It was a traumatic experience...

  • I fear both But seriously no matter how many videos I watch about why I shouldn't fear spiders I still do and I don't know why...

  • 2019, I love how this video got 3 times the amount of views then subscribers

  • 3:52 is the best part


  • 0:37 I'd fucking slip

  • There webs are too weak to trap you 3:45 fake news

  • my dad stepped on one too at his old house when he was young

  • I live in Australia... shït.

  • Umm James I’m sorry but I have Arachnophobia

  • 0:35 covers his part with soap. 0:47 notices that in every video hes naked

  • I’ve been stung by a wasp 3 times. One of those times it stung me in the eye

  • Black widow is a avengers


  • Does the baby spider know that his father is death cuz the mother spider ate him??

  • I like TheOdd1sOut Is Funny LOL

  • The spider named Matthew at the start of the video has a voice that reminds me to someone's... OH WAIT A MINUTE! MATTHEW PATRICK!

  • no joke me and bees are chill whenever im swiming or just outside we just kinda sit there

  • Spider Jr: mommy? Why do humans hate us Me: well spider Jr, its because you guys are STUPID FLUFFING PIECES OF SHI- (beep) Me: yea im sorry ...NOT SORRY OOOOHHHHHHH ultimate cringe😂

  • Wait, did James just make a fucking Rowan Atkinson reference at 5:47

  • I hate insects, like mosquitoes, ants, *WASPS* , bees (sorry), any insect that has more than one pair of lags and eyes.

  • What did we learn kids? Spiders are cool Bees are okay BUT WASPS ARE INSUFERABLE CUNTS!

  • I once had a bee land on the tip of my nose, at school at lunch, and I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for it to fly away.

  • Fuck off janet I’m not going to your stupid baby shower

  • Fuck off janet I’m not going to your stupid baby shower

  • In the beginning the baby spider had a poster of spider man and the mother spider said that human are stupid… Get it?

  • *sees a spider?* Me:hell no *dails 911*

  • TheOdd1sOut whats is your discord code?

  • Lol my name is Mathieu

  • I got bitten by a brown recluse it hurt. But I was asleep sooooooo. I felt nothing 👍👌

  • 2:28 What I do with cockroaches every time I see one inside.

  • а почему название на русском?

  • One time a bee flew up my shirt... I didn’t get stung :)

  • Spiders are the best arachnids

  • Wasp i cant deal with them. l just freak the hell out. cause once i got stung in the left eye, and for a month. my eye was sallown and i was blind. Not a fun time for me.

  • I hate bee too like i never got stunk but i freak out if i see a bee

  • The Black Widow Spider Won't Kill you if you're a Thanos Spider Endgame: Spiderwars

  • Who did the voice for the mom spider in the beginning?