The Spiders and the Bees

Опубликовано: 8 мар 2019
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • I thought he was talking about... you know...

  • Is that they’re incredibly talented than web design. Bruh such a cheesy joke.

  • Yᗩ ᒪIKE ᒍᗩᘔᘔ

  • Actually I have a pretty good reason (in my opinion) to be afraid of spiders. One day when I was seven, I was taking a shower and there was a spider on the shower curtain. I thought it was a cricket so I sprayed it with the water. But it started “flying” (building a web) around the shower, I screamed. It scared me

  • Kill all bees and spiders.

  • Yeah wasps are lazy.

  • Who polanates the rest

  • I HAVE ARACTNAPHOBIA....or how ever you spell it. (I'm 10)

  • I was stung by a yellow jacket that I immediately got revenge on

  • i dont think mosquitoes kill more humans than humans????!!!!

  • This kept popping up in my recommended, so I finally watched it, and I’m glad I did. .x.

  • OML I love spiders 🕷 and bees 🐝

  • i have arachnophobia but the fact that spiders are blind is kinda sad-

  • My pop swallow a bee accident it stung him in his neck. 🐝

  • 4:47 the future mutant bee

  • I have got three bee stings one on da finger one on da foot and one brutley in the mouth

  • I'm scared of bees because my friend got stung in the eye

  • Like 420

  • 5:08 - Who Pollenates the rest??? 😏😏😏😏😏

  • .

  • Honey bees once they pollinate a flower end up putting a poison that only other honey bees and the plant can withstand so therefore bees kill other pollinators like beetles and other types of bees such as the green bee So yeah honey bees are assholes

  • I hate spider's they killed my pet bunny and they a frickin scary James

  • bees are dying because they are committing suicide thanks to the bee movie

  • I'VE GOT GOOSBUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M fine.... AAAAAAHHH.😨

  • The spider and the bees The spider and the bees Hi ho a dar e o The spider and the bees

  • James Wanna Dubbed in Spanish

  • i thought you said "*black* *recluse* and the " *brown *widow*

  • Bee thankful spiders aren’t as big as they are in Minecraft

  • I'm scared of bees but I don't kill them cuz it respect them

  • 7:33 I love it


  • I keep on thinking of this but James is acting like a lawyer trying to defend a spider in court

  • honey bees are actuly the worst polenators in america because they does not have any natrual enemies in the us and they attack the competion instead aka honey bees kill the native american polenators. so the bee Movie is wrong. but i guess there fine in europé tho


  • Actually..... Bees arent very important because flies pollinate 70% of the earth

  • Spiders are welcome here but honeybees are invaders to America and they murdered their native counterparts... Just like human American history.

  • Wasps are truelly terrorfying I mean literly they fly loudly and WOA do they fly literly I just ran across the yeard with full edrenilin speed just to get away from one and it was really something

  • Puppies aren't dangerous..? _Just ask your dog georgie how those hamsters tasted._

  • I have seen a brown harmless spider crawl up the side of the wall right out of the crack between the bed and wall -_-

  • Haha one eyes

  • You can make a bee tarfiing.

  • I've stood still when a bee was on me and just stung me ON MY HEAD

  • Lol, a wasp landed on my head, and I just grabbed it and looked at it while holding it. Didn’t get stinged though.

  • 7:56 When a kid has their personal opinion on a RU-tv comment and you reply with your different opinion

  • aye posted on my birthday

  • I live in England and there is no venomous spiders

  • 0:15, when I realized that spiders have 100s of babies and leave their moms as soon they’re born basically

  • Can I just smack a misquote with a chancla??

  • Sharks eat a chunk of humans because we'll sharks don't have the Vision on earth

  • a bee sting me on my hear

  • I once sat down and it hut so much, my ass hurt for the next two days

  • Tbh I’m kinda scared of the lil spiders but tarantulas are sooooo cute

  • 0:45 “Their webs are too weak to trap you.” but 3:42 “Proportionately the silk that makes up a spider web is stronger than the fibers that make up a bulletproof vest.” I am confused.

  • Wasps are the worst

  • The odd ones out:what would you do to save bees Me: .............ummmmm

  • IF You SEE A Spider ............. Yeet it

  • Holy firck

  • *wow*

  • James:I'm going to smash the spider mum Spider mum: nuuu James:splash

  • 4:53.OH! THeiR DyiNG AT An ALaRmING rATE! GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey, i like bees :

  • lol 2:40 look at james poor house

  • 6:20 the Dino’s were kissing 🦎🦖

  • In the end of the video he sounded just like MatPat

  • It scared me when they made that noise

  • You make my day pun-errific hehe :)

  • Not to be a smartbutt, but I have read the news one time, saying a girl got bitten by a shark, but the girl had no fat, so the shark did not eat her full, not trying to make people feel bad of there body's, I'm just saying, so might be a 50/50% so get bitten

  • Not to be mean. To. Bee s../spiders

  • Competly opposite for me, I hate spiders and love bees

  • #TeamMoth

  • This is the funniest youtuber EVER! 11 million sprinkles he should have 999999999999999999 sprinkles! Yes I’m a stupid little 11 year old

  • Do spiders eat tho?

  • James says and I know not to throw rocks at them well you did it to a wasp Nest even though you told yourself not to

  • Actually the US look a lot better before bees were imported all the way from the UK if anything we would be better off with bees dying

    • Also the bees kill off other important pollinators

  • 7:36 😳 😂

  • global warming doesnt exist

  • 2:30 That spider is adorable

  • Dude, I got stung by 2 bees at the same time

  • Spiders can make a bulletproof wall with the white stuff in their butt? Kewl..

  • TEAM spider and TEAM bees

  • You can pet bumblebees coz they are flying pandas

  • I once almost got bit by a brown recluse and I am a kid so it would not have end well if I wasn’t paying attention

  • We should be scared of WASPS like what do they even do they just repopulate and sting people

  • Ya can't even run away from the Bee or else it will chase you so you have to stay still and pray it doesn't touch you cuz if it touches you then *true fear has come*

  • Moths can kill you!!!!😦

  • what about fucking mosquitoes,, spiders and bees do something,, what do these vampires do huh,, huh,,

  • I can die from a bee I am allergic

  • People always are so scared of bees and I never get why, I've been stung by them and it kinda just stings for a while then goes away bees aren't scary I dont get why everyone runs from them and freaks out when they see a bee *buzzy bee*

  • You could just blow them off of you 🐝 Bee good for them

  • bee landed on my face when i was 6. didnt go away for a long time.

  • at 5:27 i my the only one who hears him say "da" insted of "the"

  • There is a spiders nest in my backyard that hatched yesterday

  • So I will probably die if I get bitten

  • Wasps are nice to me they never sting me but idk why.


  • Once a wasp landed on my elbow

  • 3:47 is anyone aware that he said gun fight but one of them is holding a knife

  • 0:36 XDDDDDD

  • The most dangerous spider is the Brazilian Wandering Spider

  • I was stung 8 times