The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

Опубликовано: 12 апр 2019
Who bumped off the man that built Las Vegas?
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  • Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    • Yooooo

    • Hi Ryan Hi Shane Q1 are are u and Shane brothers or friends? Q2 what are u working on RU-tv

    • do a baby face nelson video please

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network y’all all some cool 😎 geeks! I had to subscribe.

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I’ve just subscribed to your channel it’s great show. I don’t believe for one minute the Bee Sedway story because Myer world never of sanctioned a hit on his best friend it was Myer who got him a pass at the Havana conference. I would go along with the Chicago story because Ben refused to give them back the betting wire service he tried to sell it back to them. There’s also been accusations that Mo Daliz (cannot spell surname) had a hand in Bens death because he beat Hill up one to many times, who knows it’s one of many mob hits that has gone down in the annuals of organised crime in America a great 👍 story Stevie

  • I don't think I've ever heard of a mobster who actually liked the nickname they were given.

  • I noticed Ryan's flamingo mug

  • You guys should investigate Fatty Arbuckle.

  • I'm not kidding, 400 page powerpoint sounds crazy, but that is what we get in physics during quarantine. Bich.

  • That ronald mcdonald dude sounds kinda crazy

  • my favorite thing about this episode is that my great aunt might've slept with him. she also might've been part of murder inc. but we're not sure because my bubbe and other great aunt refuse to talk about it

  • "well look, im not embarrassed to now know much about the mob. put them behind bars!" 😂

  • What is really cute is how you qualify California being corrupt as something of the past. Lol

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="550">9:10</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="558">9:18</a> best 8 seconds of my life

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="982">16:22</a> good hand

  • Says he used a .30 caliber carbine... shows an M1 Garand.

  • One thing about people from Chicago, is we immediately seize ANY and ALL opportunities to TALK about Chicago, as soon as it arises!

  • I dnt get the reference to "Gallagher your head"

  • He low-key looks like Ranbir Kapoor 😭😂

  • Can we just take a moment for Shane’s Chicago pride🍕💙

  • look, I know this episode is over a year old, but I'm doing a huge binge-watch of BU and I just gotta know where Ryan got that flamingo mug bc I need it

  • Please do the Jussie Smullet unsolved case

  • So... Is no one going to talk about the name 'Macdonanld'? I'm sorry- but living in the year of 2020- I can't take that name seriously, even if I wanted to.

  • So basically “The mob did it.”

  • So he's the real life moe greene

  • I’ve been in the flamingo!

  • Haha Yeh its unexplained if you ignore the vote taken in Cuba to off him,the only single vote in his favour came from Myer Lansky.

  • I hope Shane know that every 👏one👏 of 👏us 👏 is gonna show up at his funeral..

  • Does anyone know in which episode shane said he wants to be taken out, on a date or by a sniper

    • i think its in one of the post mortems, im not sure which tho

  • You say the west coast didn’t make anything like the mob on their own... What about the Bloods and the Crips? They’re the same as the mob only predominantly black and the originated in L.A. my guy.

  • Shane you're from Chicago? Me too!

  • f

  • I’m studying to be an fbi detective but I’ve definitely thought of flipping over to be a mobster guy. I know it wouldn’t be immediate but it would be cool. But then I remember that I have a conscious and I definitely don’t like being in trouble so I decided for the law was probably my better option 😂

  • Am I the only one that immediately thought of old McDonald when they were talking about the theories?

  • Shane really from Chicago and you can see it😂

  • I mean, does a car speeding off from gunshots really mean anything? If I'm in my neighborhood and hear gunshots, you better believe I'm gonna floor it out of there.

  • i find benjamin siegal looks same as shane

  • Do the Waco

  • Yeah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a> we started calling it the M1 Gallagher!!!

  • Moose to marry bee

  • “baby face or tiny” are they talking about Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu?

  • Crazy how decades later the west would start they own gangs and the rest of the country would hop on the banwagon. The only difference is the law worked with the mob and they extorted us.

  • you know he had to do it to em

  • so did anyone else startle when they heard the name lucky luciano or was that just me

  • I live in vegas😙✌️

  • why are we assuming the neighbors testimony is correct? Im terrible with street names and directions and I havent recently been questioned about murder. Maybe they misspoke.

  • or it was aliens.. and then the men in black cleaned up the mess. maybe not, but seemed like the right area and time, around roswell

  • There's a Robert Macdonald WWII Veteran in my family...

  • So only hit 4 times out if nine shots and it was an expert marksman ?? Well we can throw that theory out.. was only 14 feet away and bugsey was still on couch after he was shot. So whoever it was wasnt a very good shot to miss 5 of 9 from 14 feet away.

  • baby face mafia boss = fuyuhiko

  • Could imagine having a friend like Benny Siegel ? I don't think his associates killed him. When a mob heavy gets killed , I doubt the police worry to much about who did it

  • i thought that learning the cause and motive is enough to call a case is solved, but apparently u have to know the exact person who pulled the trigger

  • yo mama so lazy

    • she took 10 years to finish the joke

  • Is it just me or does the photo used for Bugsy look like Taliesin Jaffe?

  • Shane stop. You were born in Schaumburg. Schaumburg Shane! Not Chicago.


  • Sometimes I forget who lucky Luciano actually was and when I hear the name, I immediately just think of you know I had to do it to em guy

  • I always come back to this video for the 'eddie, get out of the garage!' bit, it cracks me up without fail 😂

  • Shane I hate to break it to you, but Detroit style pizza is better

  • I disliked because Chicago pizza is gross. New York Style always.

  • I absolutely _love_ the fact that the Mob has little check up meetings

  • I'm watching this before going to bed and their pictures popping up every 5 seconds does not help lol

  • The west coast doesn't have crime? Uhhh M-13 started in Los Angeles, they've definitely got some organized crime.

  • "we could never start anything on our own over here." >The Crips and Bloods would like to know your location

  • Shane: put mobs in jail Buzzfeed: EX-MOB BOSS...

  • Shane: I want NOBODY at my funeral! You hear me? Everyone: Alright, so we are going to through a huge party, and when his body gets dropped from the helicopter, whoever gets hit wins his will, yes?

  • It was rigged from the start.

  • Im gonna say that to people I dont want to speak to: "It's in the best interest of the Earth not to speak to you."

  • What did Ryan say at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="456">7:36</a>?

  • There would of have to been two shooters. The rifle used could only carry 8 rounds at a time. With no extended magazines and or time to reload before his escape... This leads me to believe there was two shooters.

  • What if the car was just someone who was in their car or driving down the street who just drove when they heard the gunshots

  • I mean, cats do produce out of control if they're not spayed and neutered. Breeding like rabbbits is cliche, but cats do pretty much do the same thing. Though it's true they don't have a double-barreled uterus like rabbits do.

  • The guy who killed buggy’s had to use a M1 carbine cuz a grand has 8 round per mag ima for it would not make sense to fire eight rounds then reload then fire one more and a standard carbine mag has 15 rounds

  • La is still corrupt it hasn’t changed I honestly wouldn’t wish California police who do no good on anyone

  • What won’t the Cat Man do!?

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> if this were the other way around shayne would say “I’m gonna miss that funny little man”

  • this entire thing is just the plot of Godfather 2

  • If I was a murderer I would totally watch videos on theories and have a ball

  • I feel like the speeding car was just a big red herring.

  • Great two are not funny...

  • THE M1 GARAND HAS 8 ROUNDS. It’s quite important to account for that

  • Bugsey was big, but today's Vegas has far more in common with a post Hughes casino purchase. The mob is far weaker here than in those heady days my Scout Masters experienced as children, where you would get birthday presents from a guy who turned out to be a hitman.

  • When they talked about the strip,nevada and vegas i had nostalgia of fallout wtf

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="736">12:16</a> Ryan: According to Bee, Moe... Me: *Adventure Time feels intensifies*