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The Wise Men of Instagram
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  • i think the account is sarcastic on purpose

    • nvm. i take it back

  • I haven't laughed so hard at a video in forever

  • 5:11 got me🤣🤣

  • 6:50

  • my name is Samantha so I was a little caught off guard at 8:03...

  • Found this gem from pewdiepie's vid, liking the content dude, already sub'd. I mean... what a cyber bully bro, how could you bully a insta gram account with such KNOWLEDGE.

  • 3:47 ouch no need to attack me personally


  • This man is mall grabbing his skateboard please help

  • if a guy is happy, drop him. he is just hiding his pain. unhealthy. classic Mr. Struggle.

  • yes

  • 10:30 I feel like this one is honestly because the guy subconsciously knows hes a giant douchebag so hes really doing the entire group of women a favor by being single...

  • 0:20... so your toilet threw shit all over the place, there was shit everywhere that destroyed your shit?

  • This is hilarious pfffttt

  • “This guy had sex with cars lmao😱😱😱” xxxtentacion in heaven: 😳😬

  • 30:36

  • I want Cody to do a meme review with Pewds so bad.

  • the samantha part really got me

  • You are so fucking funny

  • OMG thank you youtube dramas for letting me find this channel!! This is amazing I can't stop laughing 😂 xx

  • Motivation for incel ? i guess there is a market for everything and everyone

  • you are hilarious!

  • no one: jake paul: he’s a ball of hatred.

  • Is it just me who thinks Cody looks a bit like Cole Sprouse

  • Just binge watching all your videos of you *cyber bullying kIDs*

  • Today I laughed out loud at a video for the first time

  • Damn what a bully, this guy truly has a lot of hatred in his heart Kek

  • this video is so so painful .. I am ... shit man

  • How the fuck you drop that expensive piece of tech(phone) while being a software engineer.

  • Found your channel from Jake Paul's crash of a video / also from WillNEs response you should check his channel out

  • Thanks to Jake paul for making me find and sub to a new great youtuber.

  • Wolf of wall street 👌

  • Sorry lad, Samantha’s mine

  • Just found this channel because of willne but I have enjoyed your take on shit men think is "WISE". THOSE men are alone and stupied because they are dumbass that only think of themselves. I'm a new sub to your channel.

  • Ive only watched 3 of youre vids so far, i am already dyeing of loughter


  • Is it not obvious that this insta account is ironic/satirical?

  • Oh look, Another 9 year old has appeared 👌🏻congrats on your future 3 million 💜

  • This was very funny high five

  • Lol jake Paul will call this bullying

  • This guy got scammed by some 40 yr old dude and thought the scammer was his girlfriend.

  • 9 year old army with u fam

  • There are funnier posts on the account that Codyko has not covered! When I saw the "95% respect for girls" meme I had a feeling that this "wiseman" was an Indian (I've heard similar stuff here), so I went to his IG account, and I was right. This dude is Indian, as are most of his subscribers. This accounts for his poor grammar and spelling (all Indians who can speak English have English as their second or third language) which sometimes makes for comedy gold. He started his Instagram page about a year ago, and initially, there was no misogyny in his posts at all! His instagram posts at that time were lame pieces of "motivational advice" posted on heavily photoshopped pictures of male models. Here are a few samples: "Stop stopping yourself." "We are balloons filled with feelings. In a world full of pins." It seems that this kid was 14 years old at that time, as I cannot imagine anyone older producing content of such depth. Interestingly, he hardly had a following at that time. His old posts used to have no more than a handful of comments. Somewhere down the line, it is apparent that this dude's girlfriend dumped him and that he has had a hard time getting over her. This is when he started with the misogynistic rants which he used as a form of therapy. Rather unsurprisingly, this is when his followers started increasing. Right now, some of his followers (mostly non-Indians I think) read his posts for entertainment purposes. A large section of followers simply tag others in posts. And some seem to be genuinely moved by the misogyny and stupidity (my guess is that these are also teenagers). Before he descended into full-blown misogyny, he started with cringey posts like: "I already got a girl and she is my mom" And then: "He thinks she's mine but she's busy with other nine" This is not related to girls, but is hilarious: "Sleeping is amezing Its like getting a free trial of being dead every night" Another one: "I see. I grind. I conquer" Back to girls: "YOU CAN IGNORE MY MASSAGES BUT IN MY DREAMS YOU'RE MOTHER OF MY 3 KIDS" And some more: "SHE SAID, YOU WAS LIKE MY PERFUME BOTTLE NOW YOU'RE FINISH" And here he begins to get creepy: "FAT MEN ARE FAT, BUT FAT WOMEN ARE FLUFFY, CUTE, PANDAS TEDDY BEARS." And: "IT'S BETTER TO PLAY PUBG THAN PLAYING WITH SOMEONE'S HEART" And his most 'radical' message yet: "I can DIE but I will never text you first" So it seems that this bitter teenager wants to now spearhead the MGTOW movement in India. Poor kid. His public breakdown is giving him considerable fame. I won't follow him, but might check on his account from time to time for more gems.

  • I hadn't watched you videos for a while when Jake Paul made his godawful video about you. Gave me motivation to keep watching

  • Now I'm binging this channel because Pewdiepie made a video because Jake Paul made a video because Cody Ko made a video. Ah, RU-tv.

  • Thank you PewDiePie and Jake poop 💩 ,❤️


  • Can you please make a that's cringe on jake Paul's confrontation lol

  • I think an indian guy runs this page. This reminds me of pewdiepies you india you lose video. The bad grammar and the overly dramatic quotes

  • Who's here from Pewds and Jake Paul?

  • I’m waiting for your new Jake paul THATS CRINGE video

  • *i will watch every ad so you can fix your doo-doo floors*

  • She is not Samantha she is Ricardo

  • Guess this is what cyberbullying looks like.

  • I can understand how you feel with shit all over your house. No joke, our septic tank blew tf out and flooded my room and the hallway with nothing but pure sewage and some water, and it took almost two and a half weeks to fix, luckily I stayed at my grandparents house because that stench was H O R R I D

  • Dude Jake Paul is completely wrong.

  • The owner of that account did the 5 stages of grief wrong

  • "Poop trees" lmfao😂

  • I found this after Jake Paul’s video Thank you Jake Very Epic

  • Im so glad pewds made a video of Jake trying to roast you. Your videos are great


  • Thanks to pewds for introducing me to this beautiful person. And the jake Paul drama was staged. ✌🏽

  • Thanks to pewds for introducing me to this beautiful person. And the jake Paul drama was staged. ✌🏽

  • Got here from PewDiePie's video, good shit

  • Man batter

  • Me gusta mucho el contenido. ese jake no mames weis, buen 5d chess bros

  • You're really really goood... Better than way may youtubers.. Fuck Jake.

  • His grammar is crap

  • Can I still join IAB

  • I am on board Thanks Jake Peals

  • Pewdewpew sent me

  • is it just a bot that puts random messages on random images?

    • No. I think it's just a bitter Indian teenager who can't get over the fact that his girlfriend dumped him. LOL

  • Plz tell me that account is satire

  • Found this channel because I heard one of the pauls was hating on it and boy am I glad I did. 10/10 content.

  • Anyone here from pewdiepie

  • Some how i feel like thats a troll account

  • Just subbed to Cody cuz of Jake. Nice video dude!

  • So Rent a car is prostitution?

  • Cody ko: *changes scenery* Jake paul: you bully

  • Please don’t ever stop Cody lmaoooo we all know you ain’t even close to bullying. Your videos make me smile and lmfao!!! that jake Paul video was funny as fuck 😭😭😭

  • New pewdiepie

  • i like this guy

  • This is so motivational it make me motivated to end it all I’m joking chillll

  • Here from Jake Paul's bullshit 😂😂😂 Jake actually brought me here and I love your content now. I cant believe I'm about to say this but thanks Jake 👍

  • Wait.. is the OC good?

  • Thank you pewdiepie for sending me to this guy

  • I’m here cause of PewDiePie.. Like if jake Paul is douche

    • Watched video... subscribe

  • I don't know how a man can have so much hate in his heart.

  • Hey cody, be confident when you have a such a loyal viewers. You should not be backed off by bullies like jake paul. We love what you do and are with you. Keep going also make funny videos. Love from Nepal.💖 P.s.- Make more trolling content of jack Paul. You have your right and you can make troll for content purposes.

  • 0:15 you look like logan paul doing his sorry video😂

  • So you brush your teeth with your shirt on and walk around with tooth paste stains all over your clothes all day? Can we have a little logic please?

  • poor poor man

  • I love this guys vids. Thank you Pewdiepie and Jake Paul

  • Crowd coming from PewDiePie soon be ready for new subs bro... This is the first video i ever watched of yours and i definitely like it🔥😂👏🏻 Best of luck bro (Also i think jake paul might be suffering from depression or somethin not even joking he needs hugs and love honestly)

  • Man batter

  • i cant tell if that account is ironic or not

  • I feel like the account was satire

  • This dude is fucking funny. Jake Paul is big stoopid

  • *ThAt BuRnInG bUiLdInG oVeR tHeRe*