Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite Lists and Dangmattsmith

Опубликовано: 23 июн 2019
Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite Lists and Dangmattsmith
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Things That 99% Of People CANT DO ! ft Reaction Time Infinite and Dangmattsmith.



  • I can do both tough tricks

  • I can lift my eye brows and I can lift my eyebrows in dividually and I can talk well breathing in!

  • I can breathe and talk at the same time

  • i can bend my thumb

  • i cando all

  • 735

  • Who else was trying to do this stuff but then your parents walked in.....

  • How can you raise your left eye only I can't but I can raise my right eye only

  • 7:00 I can forward both :3 Bro I can do every single one 😂

  • I’m the only person that I know that can lick their elbow

  • I can

  • Its 773

  • 7:26 I can do this I’m an alien

  • I don’t think this is safe but...I can do all of them

  • Yes

  • i can do all off them i want to see you one day but i live in england

  • i can lick my nose

  • I can t do number one ❄️

  • The Number One is 783. I tilted my computer screen.

  • I can twist my thumb back and forward to touch my rist I can also touch my nose with my tongue

  • I can easily raze 1 eyebrow


  • *looks at thumbnail *. I can do that- :p I mean you can’t see but I can do that- I can do so many of these -,-

  • I can do 97% of the videos challenge

  • I can breathe in and talk

  • Dynamite if yes I can do it quickly click

  • I can raise one eyebrow

  • I can talk while pushing my nose

  • I'm close to doing the elbow lick

  • I can

  • I can touch my touch with my nose and do the right side young thing

  • You need to have your a tongue that is flexible

  • I can touch my nose with my tongue and there is no trick to it lol👃

  • I can raise both eyebrows

  • My friend can do the three toung thing and I can touch my nose with. My toung

  • I can touch my nose

  • I can lick the elbow and not to breath for 1 hour

  • I can do all this thing

  • Yes

  • Infinite iz my fav yt

  • holding my nose and mouth 21 seoconds

  • My thumb and kness and arm and tough

  • I can make a three leafed clover with my tongue ;w;

    • @The _GamingChannel i never found anyone but my brother who can do it without me teaching them

    • Same!!

  • I can put my tongue upside down

  • I can do almost everything in this video

  • I can make my thumb flat

  • 7:39 my thumb touches my arm

  • My friend Reegen searfoss can touch her toung to her nose i can't

  • I could do the thing with my thumb where I put it right by my knuckle

  • I can do the thumb thing it hurts my finger tho

  • I can clóse my 1 2 or the left one and the right eye

  • I can do it

  • my shoulder doball hinted.

  • I’m double jointed

  • I am the one percent

  • I can do the right

  • I could rasi one eyebrow (talent)

  • I can do alot of those

  • And my ears can move

  • I can do the last one