Three Things You Might Not Know About DAEMON X MACHINA - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 13 июн 2019
Think you know everything there is to know about DAEMON X MACHINA? We talked to the game’s Director, Kenichiro Tsukuda, at E3 2019, and he’s got three facts about the game you might not have known…until now!
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  • Competitive play???? Pvp????

  • I really hope this game is single player and not online only

  • Please fix the game's fps.

  • Hey just make the dash a shoulder button

  • armord core comeback

  • So.....amiibo pr what? A mech amiibo would be awesome

  • Two thumbs up to One Studio in fixing the correction and listening to feedbacks from around the world in creating an epic mech title DAEMON X MACHINA!

  • But will it have arena mode where i can fight increasingly difficult ai mechs

  • So your telling me the flying mech game lets me fly? I DIDNT KNOW THAT!

  • Thing #1 How to read its name

  • game is almost fully done they just need to fix framerate and all will bo good

  • I want the new Zelda!

  • Did they add any options to fix your ship? I’ve struggled with that since the demo release and it’s still bothering me

  • The demo was good day 1 for me

  • Please can anyone tell me, is it co-op ONLINE play too or just local? They never actually said. It's comes down to me buying the game or not. I'm happy to team up with randoms in co-op but not competitive.

  • Finally! I love mechas and I could never play Armored Core it's the perfect oportunity to play an mecha game on my Switch.

  • It's not for me, if you like it all the more power to you, but I'll stick with Mario Maker, Fire Emblem and Astral Chain.

  • I'd like to suggest releasing a second demo. It isn't really my type of game, so I never got around to playing enough of the first demo to form an opinion, but I heard other people talk like the first demo made them less interested in the game. A second demo (hopefully) would allow them to personally experience how much it has improved and perhaps would restore their excitement. Also, let players pet the doggo that you added to the base (and don't release the second demo until this is implemented).

  • Since From Software likes money, I pretty much have given up on a new Armored Core game. DXM will tide me over

  • I have 2 questions: 1. Are there motion aiming options? 2. Can I still get and play the demo?

    • 1. yes 2. no and yes (if you have it installed)

  • O0o0o0o I.CAN.NOT. WAIT. FOR THIS. GAME! 😍😄😁

  • I love Armored Core 4Answer so much and this game looks so much like that. I hate that so many people just seem so uninterested in it.

  • I'm definitely hyped for this game.

  • Thing #1: it can't maintain a playable framerate

  • Have been looking for a game like this since Axis Arena

  • I need this game so bad

  • It's looking a so much better I can't wait!!.. I'm buying it day one because you guys actually listened to fan feedback and care enough to change things. I wish more developers did this before releasing a game. keep up the good work XX

  • He a cutie

  • por favor creen un nuevo kid icarus

  • Did you guys get any reports of drifting joy con control sticks

  • -Kenichiro Tsukuda is hot af-

  • Just fix the cutscenes by making the player more involved ir by adding a quick time event system (Like in monster hunter) and it's perfect.

  • I will buy it, hoping to god that they got the framerate stable since the demo. Coming from a PC, the 30 FPS limit really doesn't bother me at all. But when a game drops below those 30 FPS, it is just so much more noticeable than a game dropping below 60 FPS. Despite the "low res" and "bad battery life" the switch still has me blown away though. The amount of performance you can get in a handheld package is just nuts....god I feel old saying that. Last time I had this much fun with a handheld and "proper console feel" was with my PSP. All Nintendo needs to do now is jump onto that digital sales train and the thing would be unstoppable. To me, there's no point in buying the game for 60€ on the E-Shop if I can buy it for 50€ or even less on Amazon and get a physical copy ontop of that.

  • was on the fence for awhile about this game but after seeing more gameplay and how much the devs listened i'm 100% sold, can't wait to play this!

  • They implemented feedback, thats great! Every dev *cough* GameFreak *cough* should be doing this! but that frame rate needs to be more solid before release.

  • Tbh i loved the game already as demo.I would even buy it if its the same as the demo but with more stuff in it.Now even with improvements? Heck yeah


  • Nintendo España did this video more... Enjoyable, actually. I'm glad they took everybody's comments serious.

  • This looks fantastic

  • i knew all of these do i win the prize? *cough cough* early copy of the game *cough cough*

  • Meus parabéns pelo trabalho desenvolvido nessa franquia, estou ansioso para jogar esse jogo desde o ano passado e espero que vocês batam a meta de vendas para lançar uma continuação.

  • September game for me. Rest can wait.

  • Man I want to buy this so bad but with all the competition this year(FE,Pokémon,etc) I don't have money to buy all😧

  • Nice to hear about the competitive mode, I am very glad, now it needs a fix on the framerate and it will be perfect.

  • We need another demo.

  • A bit worried it won't live up to Warframe

    • I've put about 1.2k hours into Warframe and I think DXM is a decent product. The combat has a lot more depth to it than "shoot it in the face." The openness and fluidity of maneuvering in the 3d space is liberating and I think it has a more approachable feel than archwing combat. Scale is handled well with bosses having a presence in the world. If I could send my ideas for Warframe to the devs for DXM, they'd probably listen more than DE has.

  • I appreciate them finally giving the game some much needed exposure and explanations. Previously they had only cutscenes and very abstracts videos to explain it, this is a definite step in the right direction.

    • they also had a demo on the e-shop

  • thank you for listening to the feedback, its now vastly improved from the looks!


  • Welcome back to top 5 central

  • THIS!!!

  • This dude is the most Mexican looking Japanese man.

  • I hope this game is a success. It certainly looks fun. Gives me Zone of the Enders vibes, which is a game I really enjoyed.

    • Me too! I haven't been this excited for a game aside from a Smash Bros and Xenoblade Chronicles game since Mario Maker!

  • I’m more excited about This game than Pokémon now. Armored Core Ravens unite!

    • See you mercs in the maintenance hanger.

    • DarkCore Raven reporting for duty!

    • See you on the new battlefield, fellow ex-Raven.

  • I was very hyped for it since its reveal. But after playing the demo, and even now watching the tree house video, I think it is too hard and complicated for me. Beautiful looking game though.

  • Devs who seek players feedback & deliver = Devs who deserve praises.


  • Listen just keep optimizing the game so it doesn't drop frames and I'll buy it immediately.

  • I knew all this

  • I'd take a slight drop in the visual part if we get locked 30 fps at least.