Tom MacDonald - "No Response"

Опубликовано: 29 май 2020
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  • He talks about how much money he has and complains about other rappers doing the same. And what's with the line about making more money than rappers did off drugs? Like, no shit, a record deal gets you more money than crime. This isn't a preschool PSA. And what's with this talk of rappers randomly dissing him for clout? He literally disses EVERYONE and even disses specific rappers over 1 tweet. And he's talking about taking drugs when he was depressed (which is terrible, and I hope that's out of his life now), yet he demonizes rappers that use drugs to cope with depression. I don't get it

  • I'm ready to die! It's sad to say but my wife and kids don't love me!!!!

  • A big homie. We need. mask. Asap. 69. Cartees. Madonna. We need. You. To. Coronavirus. Song. B.y.o.body bagger. B.y.o.mask baby

  • Wow Toms music most unique

  • I am a norseman

  • The old way is not lost,how many trees grow back when i'm done building my house. I am renouncing my faith in jesus,i am going back to my ice age ViKing ways

  • Getting pissed that RU-tv stopped giving me notifications of his uploads

  • Clone or not Tom go Hard is Fuck I mg love his music, He'll everybody do.

  • Tom macdonald 1 of my favourite 1000 percent we need a eminem and tom song

  • Have you noticed that Biden's wrinkles are gone just like Hitlery's and Pelosi's - can you say Adrenochrome

  • Hes my new favorite artist.

  • God he sucks

  • あはは

  • He's one clever motherfuker modern day Shakespeare

  • Look at all these apologies..

  • I also like the song I dont care

  • I 1st seen ad I looked this guy up and I keep watching him

  • That beat is sick!!!

  • Tom shaves everything. Simply brilliant text with a statement and announcement.

  • Imagine Tom MacDonald ft hopsin and Eminem ✔🔥

  • Addictive 💕

  • His girl writes much better bars. Wish she'd get more props fr.

  • Yall notice me and chose the heat now the waters boiling hot 🔥 patty cake patty cake🙌 my dude... somebody had to be next in line for greatness!

  • RiP to whoever pissed off Tom ⚰️

  • That song is so awsome

  • Tom and Eminem should make some Songs together. The Lyrics of bouth of them are awesome.

  • This guy is unbeatable,!!!!!

  • One of the realist rappers out there, and the best in style. I hope the government leaves him alone 🙄 #LongLiveTomMacdonald

  • would you ever do a collabo with logic.

  • Are you tryna look/ sound like a gay rapper or....?

  • id love to see a collab with you and tech n9ne

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  • Lyrical genius

  • I love the clapping section it just has an amazing rythym to it

  • Killing it Tom 💪🤛🤛🤜👊🤜🤙👋👍

  • He is way better than Eminem. Mad respect. I love he does so good. I love him. He replaced all rap I loved. Kanye I respect for what he did. I just do not like his songs. This I can feel

  • Best song in 2020 ps i cant wait to get gravestones

  • Just saying listening to the words gives me that feeling when you listen to good rap songs from back in the day, and you just know there'll never be a song ( or in this case someone) like this ever again. This is a beacon of true rap in an ocean of Lils, Lean sippers, and mumble rappers. THANK YOU Tom MacDonald. #HOG

  • Oh shit, Tom's independent

  • keep fukn bringing it HOG Familia

  • Look at your career its a joke man.

  • I thought tom replied to all his fans guess not

  • Eninem

  • Still think you should get that split tongue

  • I always loved the beat of rap but hated the horrible words and this guy comes along and starts speaking truths

  • Pretty sure I had a mini stroke with all the flashing in that video but I loved it!! You’re awesome!! 👍🏻😊

  • cant wait for gravestones.......the day it drops its mine....H.O.G.

  • 🔥

  • "Gang is full of animals. You'd think my home was Noah's arc." BARRRRRSSSS

  • We need more people like Tom Macdonald to make music. It would help people wake up and stop protesting about shit that isn't there and stand up against real problems. Disagree if you want but racism didn't kill George Floyed police brutality did. Not every white on black situation means a whit guy is racist.

  • Its easy to make music when you're already rich...

  • Tom just keeps getting better every time I come back to check

  • Your so fucking good dude.. bars are nasty but the delivery is filthy

  • Watched some Vids of BMTH and got this recomended and I saw the Thumbnail and expected Metal or Post Hardcore etc. Dind´t expect Rap at all. First Song I ever heard of him and I started binge hearing/watching his Songs/Videos. Love it.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Luv it! Speak my braddah! Just heard my first video from you and I had to add you. Lyrics is real, beat is on point, vibes is meeeean🤟

  • Bars!!!!!

  • when are people gonna learn to not beef with Tom?

  • I’m about to drop a couple more ilium on poor people I never met I love Jesus But I haven’t told u yet... We love Tom God bless

  • Wow....just fucking wow

  • Bro... anyone else got fucking goosebumps? Damn that shit was sick

  • I love this dude. Like Eminem i listen to him hear him n see him as a teacher. Eminem has an alter ego which is Slim Shady. I applied his methods and i personally think Tom MacDonald did as well. Even i have my own alter ego. My name is Joshua Allen I call myself Mindgame. But i see now in this video and in multiple videos. Ol Tommy boy here doesn't have an alter ego. But threw this video you can see he does

  • Do not change! You speak for so many and you may or may not know it!

  • I’ve had to listen to this song multiple times to truly appreciate the lyrics. Impressive use of words. Keep it up buddy.

  • Love the truth in your lyrics. Amazing beats to

  • A contract Dispatcher aint ever free. Good steady flow my man!

  • I'm more into metal but this stuff is AWESOME.

  • Tom for Life 💯💯💯💯💯📢📢🌎❤️❤️❤️

  • I just listened few words and subscribed...

  • My bank account is 1 digit and yours is 7😪 Lol

  • GOD bless you stay focused Jesus told me to tell you man much love but I can kill everyone in King on the dot

  • Tom! Your lyrics are amazing! Right now cannot think of a better word.. Keep it up! I adore anyone able and courageous enough to speak the truth and their true feelings. Xoxo. And Nova .. Shout out to you good video. I know you know it could be better tho.. You a good lucky woman! Keep that one..

  • hell yea nice

  • I think Tom and Em would make a hell of a collaboration. They have similar stories of how they got to where they are.

  • #TomMacDonald … oh wait I don't have a channel.

  • Bruh...Another fire ass banger from Mr. MacDonald! ☄🔥

  • I showed this video to my old man he does graphic arts he was shocked at 2 things how Everytime I show him one of Tom's songs he's always like this guy is crazy good and 2 Nova is a fucking monster at video editing

  • Hey the shit kick it homie 💓

  • I am ADDICTED to this song especially since I judged Tom too early