Trials of Mana Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
Never before released in the West, Trials of Mana is here, and in this live demonstration, you can get the best and longest look at the new version yet.
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  • Sooo i am a big mana fan but i havent played the older once i started playing sword of mana and then continued with children of mana and heroes of mana Tho none of the mana games i have played so far can compete with the story and experiences i have had in Sword of Mana So i really really really hope they will remake that game next i would love to see the charracters in full 3D glory and having a fully voice acted story

  • Hyped about it as a game, but I wish the 3D art director had higher ambitions and better understanding for atmospheric, ambient colours. The colour contrast feels like a knife in my eyes. Like; wood is brown, grass is green, rocks are beige, shadows are black... when actually everything reflects the sky and is picking up colours from each element around itself. And all the greenery should sort of also grow on the rocks a little bit. It all looks very “virtual” to me 😢 I have too high expectations perhaps..

  • Mana could be the third Square Enix franchise to be represented in Super Smash Bros. The most likely candidates are either Randi from Secret of Mana or Riesz from Trials of Mana.

  • Wow, this is what a remake should be, not like that thing pretending to be FF7.

  • I have wanted this so bad! I have the physical edition of Collection of Mana Preordered, I'll also be buying Trials of Mana. I wanted this so bad years ago, I did the following: 1: Bought the Japanese Super Famicom Seiken Densetsu 3 cartridge, just so I'd have a legal copy of the original game. 2: Downloaded the fan made English patch and patched a ROM dump of the game. 3: Got a real physical SNES cartridge with the custom English patched ROM burned into it.


  • I'd really like a remake of Secret of Evermore that fixed the horrible storyline and the Main Character's horrible personality (oh plus new graphics)

  • Charlotte is just so precious! I might pick her, I really like Angela also. I could at least try those characters out in the original Trials of Mana since I preordering the physical copy of Collection of Mana. I definitely looking forward this version as well.

  • The only remake missing is final fantasy adventure now

  • I am sad that they aren’t adding legend of mana.

  • This is a proper remake. Not just the same game but with better graphics but a scorched earth reimagining with improved gameplay.

  • Although, I'm curious about something... Why does Duran have 447 HP and 34 MP at the very beginning of the game? It doesn't seem like a lot else is radically different gameplay-wise. Enemies appear to have the same stats, more or less. Did they just put Duran in at like level 30 or something like that for the purpose of play-testing this game?

  • This is absolutely amazing. This is what a remake should be. Screw FF7R... *This* is the upcoming release I'm most waiting for. I'd even say this almost makes up for how badly they botched the Secret of Mana remake.

  • I am so ready for this

  • this should be multi player

  • もう楽しみすぎる! 神リメイクをしてくださりありがとうございます!!

  • Angela's prologue is the most interesting storyline of all characters. My wish is the censorship doesn't ruin this great videogame in some critical moments of the main and sided stories

  • 16:30 This scene looks like the Link's fairy joins him in Hyrule Warriors. That a hype with this game OMG!!

  • 素晴らしい

  • The translator for the developers said "uh" or "um" 124 times throughout the duration of this showcase.

  • Hopefully it gets an english dub.

  • take a shot every time she says ummm or uhh

    • afterthewinter777 you’ll be drunk real quick 😂

  • I was really hoping this game would get this game would meet my exceptions. Looks like it hasnt been given the budget it deserves, some pretty restrained animation there. You can tell its done to a budget.

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😠😠😠😠

  • People please buy and play this; let us motivate Square, let us motivate Enix, that they bring back their classics. Step one: Soul Blazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma-Collection[->Remake] Step 2: Chrono Trigger Remake. ❤️🙏❤️

  • Plz put on Xbox love nintendo just haven't gotten a switch yet ☹️

  • Is the Switch version getting any exclusive content?

  • check out switched on snes secret of mana if you like the music

  • funny how this 3d remake looks so good compared to the crappy secret of mana one

  • Charlotte equips "a morning star" beneath the mechanism, relating a holy-water sprinkler.

  • If you watched the gameplay and did not think about a Chrono Trigger remake, you have no soul

  • This Will be amazing... I realy love this game

  • They need to remake secret of mana like this

  • I’m at a loss: wasn’t there already a remake of this game? What is this?


  • The combat in this remake looks slow and janky. I'll enjoy the collection they made available but this showcase of the remake doesn't inspire confidence for me.

  • Can someone tell me if I need to play the older games to understand this game?

  • Am excited for this game, but will it have local multiplayer like the original did? All 3 players at once would be cool.

  • By the way i did not want my previous comments to seem like im ungreatfull. I really am looking forward to playing Collection of Mana as well as Trails of mana when i can both afford them and also when im done with the games i just bought. Im a happy new switch owner. I just got it on Monday of last week. Thank you for bringing this to the switch.

  • Will we ever see a remake of Act Raiser 1 and 2? Those games werw so awsome and need the love and attention a switch remake would bring. Imo it would be a Shut Up And Take My Money! Situation.

  • Why no Legend of mana? That game was awsome and deserves to be in the collection.

  • No spoilers for first-time English players *2 seconds later* THIS IS RIESZ SHE'S A PRINCESS FROM A DESTROYED KINGDOM

  • Is it mana or mana?

  • Is the new remake coop olayable?

  • Why is Carly with nunchucks? What happened to her Morning Star like she had in the original?

  • 20:45 That Few Paths Forbidden remix is just LOVELY!

  • Hey Square Enix, since you are up to remaking the old series, and open world is dominating the gaming market, why not remaking the only possible open world "Terranigma" in this awesome style?? Besides thank you so much for this remake, I am deeply hearttouched by any chance one of the most emotional moments in my time by releasing Trials Of Mana officially!!

  • trials of mana looks breathtaking ;) but it looks way easier than the original, right? sure the battle is different but still..

  • I dont have a Switch. I definitely will buy one.

  • I like Reisz since I played the Super Famicom Version first hand. I look forward to the Remakes.