Trials of Mana - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Step into the shoes of 6 unique heroes and rescue the world from the encroaching darkness in Trials of Mana, a full HD remake of the third entry in the seminal Mana series (Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan), never before released in the West. Coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020.
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  • It was about time!

  • jeez now i gotta buy a switch.... SD3 is amazing and im sure this will be too.

  • this is a remake secret of mana 1 (seken densetsu 2) would have deserverd.

  • Meridian Child is one of the best pieces of music to ever be composed. I CANT WAIT FOR THE OST!

  • SquareEnix: Does Kingdom Hearts could get a chance to be on Nintendo Switch instead of staying as a PlayStation game? Disney: No quiet sure, but if some would really like, they gonna to wait until 2022. SquareEnix: KH 20th anniversary. We must keep this promise. And maybe Sora could be the last DLC fighter for Smash. Disney: No problems with that.

  • I wish for Kingdom Hearts, SquareEnix....

  • Now, two of my favorite jrpg's of all time are in switch: final fantasy xii and SD3 =)

  • Excellent! Soon they can also do Children of Mana as well

  • A Gorgeous Remake


  • LEGEND OF MANA NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The narrator sounds like Triss from the witcher games

  • yup definitely need to get a switch

  • Seiken Densetsu 3, i have been waiting for this for so long. YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sure hope there will still be a 2-player mode!

  • My dream... it came true!!!

  • Wish the same would happen with Mother 3 :(

  • Looks amazing. Please Square Enix, do Secret of Evermore with this engine next!

  • Take my damn Money!!!!!!!!! And i hope a Legend of Mana Will be next

  • Make me cry

  • wheres seiken densetsu 2 remake?

  • Aww💞

  • WOW

  • I hope it comes out this January on my birthday. I got the Collectors of Mana! 🌿🌳❤

  • Looks promising, and about time they released at least a version of this stateside. The original was fantastic!

  • Things I wouldn't mind having in the remake: More class change options, as well as reduced level grinding to access them. More character interactions Maybe more spells/abilities None of the issues SoM remake had. Secret boss battle against Randi, Primm, and Popoi would be cool, in my opinion.

  • ¡Ya era hora, por fin este JUEGAZO salido oficialmente en España, ahora quiero una nueva entrega de la saga Mana!

  • I'd suggest a character from here for Smash, but then I remembered how badly Final Fantasy was treated, but then I remembered that Dragon Quest had a new Spirit Battle matchup (Ganondorf, Ridley, Robin) and that we might actually get Spirit Battles, so I guess I'll just suggest a character anyways.

  • HYPE AF!!!!


  • My friends and I were watching the Direct and we immediately hugged and wept in joy for this announcement. So happy that after 25 years this remake - and the original - are coming to the West.

  • I hope it will not be like Secret of Mana 2 remake. The Secret of Mana 3 is my favorite game, and I really want to play this remake version onece I see this trailer!!

    • You mean sieken densetsu. It doesent translate to secret of mana. SD3 was originally gonna come to the west as secrect of mana 2, but this was about the launch of the 64 and the localization was dropped. You're names are kinda confusing. They aren't numbered in the west. The first is Final fantasy adventure, later renamed sword of mana for its gba remake.

  • If anyone is interested, the music from the trailer is called "Meridian Child".

  • I’m waiting for Legend of Mana 😭

  • What? It's remake of Secret of Mana III!

  • Finally!!!! the next one should be in the switch as well, legend of manaaa ftw

    • I could never get into legend of mana, it was just so defferant. I really tried to like it but it felt like a huge drop in quality from 3

  • Does anybody know the name of the theme playing? Was it in the original?, This game looks so good, can't wait to play, Now if we can get Chrono Trigger like this if not better

  • Female Japanese voice actresses sound so cute!

  • good ;w;

  • Looks good. Narrator sounded tired and confused, though.

  • Magic doesn't seem to stop time and spells can be dodged now? This is what the game originally should have been like.

    • Yes it was the main problem of the original game. Constant waiting, like a turn game. Thats why i preferred secret of mana with its full action rpg gameplay. If this remake is full action rpg... we can even see a rolling escape... it Will change my opinion for sure.

  • Thanks guy. We waited 25 years and I am too old to play.

    • Lies. I'm 31 and still pull out my copy of klonoa 2 out. You never to old to enjoy a great game.

  • Angela and Riesz look stunning. And that's the way it should be.

  • Is this coming to PS4?

  • Final adventure = First Secret = Second Trials = Third

  • I can't believe, it's finally happening... Am I Dead? Is this heaven?

    • 😂😇

  • oh my gooooddddddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • me: Hey Square ! square: Yeah? me: thank you..

  • Angela best waifu

  • Please, i ask for one thing square enix, please make it multiplayer!

    • Poor Abdul...

    • its already been confirmed not to have multiplayer