Troubleshooting the Pillager Raid Farm! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide [Part 240]

The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! Things can't always go to plan, and today the Raid farm gives me grief, so I make some changes which will hopefully steer things in the right direction.
The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let's Play series!
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  • pillager abuser ;-;

  • How many snow layers did u put to block the villager from dying

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1003">16:43</a> spooky texture

  • just add magma blocks(on the floor in the area around the pit)

  • Lava looks a block too low because of bobbing on the water.

  • Timmy🤣🤣🤣

  • The Pillager with the banner should be at the inspection xD

  • Have you tryed leaves insted of boat's to keep the villagers safe?

  • Could extend the spawning area and add a mover thing with slime blocks maybe

  • you can also add a chest room behind the ladder if you would like

  • you can use a trident killer for the camber

  • I thought he was going to build the double Moses farm

  • How about Phil Ager

  • I wonder how long this farm will work. Mine worked in 1.14.4 like a charm but for some unknown reason there are no more pillager spawns anymore. F3 shows one entity (I guess the bait villager), so it's not the mob-cap. I wonder if this happens to your farm aswell at some point in the future. Maybe this is a bug in 1.14.4?

  • We all need some anti VAX protection indeed ;) :P

  • How big is the ravager hit box? Could you maybe have a 3x3 lava blade and 3x3 drop chute? With a center block to keep the ravager from falling in

    • Also I think that since the lava is thinner as it spreads then maybe less pillagers will hit and try to swim up the lava

  • Easy solution to your water stream/lava/drop shoot problem: move the water sources back farther and put a block of ice on the approach to the drop shoot. Pillagers will “slide” into the drop shoot while the ravages hit box will still connect with the lava.

  • I think you need to place the lava one block high, so the ravagers burn with the lava but the pillagers and others don't bcs the water mecanics

  • Did he say Phil Ager? LETS GOOOOO SYSTEMZEE

  • you've got to name one of your pillagers something completely and utterly mundane to contrast all of the funny names maybe something like the classic Bob. perhaps Judith.

  • The iron golem would be the best option instead of the non emloyed villager

  • You should check out ilmango’s raid farm. He has it set up so newly spawning pillagers can’t be added to the raids. Also the villager is right next to you so you get the gifts easily

  • Love the literal " i made a few more friends"

  • Put a carpet above the hopper so that the xp doesn’t get stuck

  • Name one Gray Villager

  • You should use a trident killer to fix the farm!

    • @Pixlriffs oh ok. That makes sense!

    • Trident killers are a Bedrock Edition thing, they don’t work in Java Edition

  • Use a trident killer to kill the mobs and you won't have any issues

  • You can make them fall onto grass paths, also you can hit them through it and they can’t see you, also items can be picked up through grass paths with regular hoppers

  • The one thing us bedrock folks have better are raid farms

  • Do u know if your friend still scares villager's

  • How to have infinite emeralds! Get a bookshelf for one emerald break it and trade a single book for a emerald. Then repeat over and over. For every bookshelf you’ll get 3 emeralds. So 1 for 3 trade! Of course from villagers. HERM!!!

  • Pixlriifs, extend the platform where the lava is being kept. It should make a 3x3 area so the pillagers don't get caught in the lava.

  • Try to use the lava source only on the killing chamber (2 blocks above). I think that the water increase the height of the pillager and he jumps a little (more than 2 blocks). For the ravager to pathfind and fall, increase to 3 blocks the gap on the platform (your first design) and on the killing chamber, so you can have more space to spawn pillagers (instead of using this huge hole in the middle). A mix of your general mob spawner and the Iron Golen/iron farm =)

  • In The Fullness of Time: A Memoir by Pix L. Riffs (formerly titled Mein Kraft) Available now on Amazon and at all good bookstores

  • Name one squidward

  • Name the friendly pillagers after the builders of your farms

  • I just died in my world with my shulker box filled with my 3 spare elytra, to a ghast (And pigmen who agrowed when I was shooting at the ghast). Which then proceeded to drop into lava. Now I have no elytra, no diamonds, and no emeralds.

  • yo if you want some help with making your design 100% afk you should check out silent whisperers version, the only thing you would need to change is an auto clicker instead of a trident killer

  • Can you throw a banner at a pillager in the bottom before you kill it to start a raid?

  • Please call a pillager ‘pillager Pete’

  • Doublemoses design is really good

  • can u do a tutorial on how to make a camara acount please?

    • @Pixlriffs thank you so much

    • Step 1: buy a second Minecraft account Step 2: launch Minecraft with your main account, open your world Step 3: pause the game, choose “open to LAN”, set game mode to spectator Step 4: launch Minecraft with your second account, join the LAN world from the Multiplayer menu.

  • try to put the villeger down whit you but be 5or 7 bloks higher so you can protetc him better caz you can 1 swing evogers

  • You should put a couple lava sources within signs inside the tube so that the mobs only take fire damage and only above the hopper. Plus, you can just add a dispenser to toggle from automatic to manual.

  • How about : Stevil. Get it? Steve and evil?? Sorry...

  • you should call one pillglriffs

  • Would Iron Bars help protect the villager?

  • I love this small/big RU-tv family

  • Can you make a wood farm?

  • Try magma blocks to suck them down into the water.

  • How about iron golem protecting the villager?

  • Make a floating lava moat above and around where the pillagers fall down, that way only the ravangers die and the pillagers wont be jumping up and down into the lava

  • Three ideas adapted from what I've seen work for other people. To keep the top villager safe expand the hole around him so that pillagers can see him but are too far to shoot at him. They will try to get closer, fall in the hole and they will be too low to shoot the villager, but the water will push them. To solve the lava problem you can expand the the big fall hole to a 3x3 centered on the lava (you can make it a two steps fall if you want them all to fall in one block) so the fall starts one block away from the lava. Pillagers and witches will fall in this one block gap but ravagers are too big so they will continue to the center and the signs/fences that are around the lava will stop them but they will take damage from lava. And finally now that you have a village down with you, add more villagers and put them around you so they can throw gifts at you when you get defeat a raid.

  • Why didn't you try raising the lava one block?

  • Maybe illagermango? Like ilmango?

  • You should call the Pillagers "TESTIFICATE" :D

  • eins acht sieben

  • Pillager name: Phil Ager

  • Move your lava up a block and put in fences in place of glass panes. Water will flow over the fences pushing everyone up half a block which is enough for the ravager but not the pillagers. Replace the snow layers with open trapdoors. Pillagers can see through them but cannot shoot the villager. This also allows you to put the villager in a mine cart. Finally, boats can be shot and destroyed by the pillagers making them a bad choice for protecting your bait villager. Try mine carts on rails on iron trapdoors held in place with a wall. Good luck. 👍

  • “They’re a little bit more squishy” Love that

  • Move the lava one block higher

  • Clerk not claric

  • This is fun n awesome

  • Since the lava is for the ravager, replace it one block away from the hole(foreward backwards, etc.) That way less raiders Will burn. And the ravager is big enough to cach on fire.

  • Surely you can surround the top villager with lava?

  • Yeah dr phil is a great ides

  • Pillagers are also attracted to iron golems

  • call one phil please

  • What happens if you dump the lava and widen the shoot to 3*3? Surely all it would mean is that everything falls and you can kill them at the bottom like you do now but including the beasts.

  • maybe put the anti-ravager lava up on the grass level instead of in the water so the ravagers don't even have to get down into the water in the first place?

  • Make that hole 3x3 but in the middle put glass pane. They should fall down but ravagers will not.

  • CrossBro (Name for a pillager)

  • Looks like we have two mumbos now "Where's my redstone box"

  • Why can't he just add a water stream on the grass platform

  • Name for Captain with flag "General knowledge"

  • Raid farms are so much better on bedrock edition

  • Name some of them 'Subscribe' and 'Like the Video'

  • Try to put an iron golem instead of the villager ☺

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="549">9:09</a> why is that vindicator doing the evoker arm movement???????

  • If you could somehow destroy the vindicator's axe I'd say name that Johnny and see if he just goes around giving free high fives