Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


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    • Hanna Bashir pppp

    • Hey tori next time you’re on a try not to eat challenge and you eat only one food, try to keep it that way so that you don’t get much of a punishment. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not intentionally tell you what to do, i’m just giving you a recommendation.🙌

    • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Wait Jim is a police officer?

  • This time the winning meal was worth it

  • 8:00

  • The date was on my birthdaayyyyyyyy

  • Do it with anime foods!

  • I hate donuts I do not eat donuts

  • Tori: "If I'm going down for something, it's gonna be for a donut." MY KIND OF WOMAN RIGHT THERE! 😏

  • Who else noticed that the wall behind them has circles that look like doughnuts? Just me? Okay.

  • Surprised you all didn't use the "Good Morning Burger" or the "Flaming Homer"

    • They should do a second Try not to eat challenge The Simpsons version because there's still tons of treats from The Simpsons

  • Sssiiiiuuuuurrr aaareeii yoooiuuue alllright

  • If I had the nacho hat, I would sing “I’m a nacho man” before eating it. XD

  • Anybody else think Daniel looks like rip off skinny post Malone no disrespect 😂😂😂👌

  • Pp

  • Jim is a policeman? Kinky

  • My dad worked for the Simpsons

  • Please do more anime ones 💗

  • Should have also shown the commercial of the Ribwich in Simpsons

  • I would win this but the donut I just wanna say mmmm donut 🤤

  • You guys forgot margins Cheeto puff chicken

  • Make a try not to eat naruto edition please

    • oxiel becerra oh yeah yeah

    • oxiel becerra bruh Ramen every round

  • Try Not To Eat Foods from Dream Works Animated Movies

  • i dont care if i had to eat that gross burger it would be worth it

  • Can you guys try drinking milo and eat food in my country Malaysia

  • Ye should do real food vs gummy food

  • my school sells ribwitch or ribwich's lol

    • +icrywhenwatchinganime im proud of u

    • Family Guy yeah!

    • icrywhenwatchinganime my school had mystery meat...we all close our eyes and pretend it’s chicken lol

    • So u cry when u watch anime?

    • icrywhenwatchinganime ur so lucky



  • Those who didn't ate it are the losers😒😤

  • If only the rib gave the same result as the ribwitch did when eaten

  • Fairy tail ( it’s an anime) food try not to eat

    • I only remember erza's strawberry shortcake.

  • I think the nacho hat should be the prize

  • Krusty the clown burger?

  • My theory is that they all get to try the winning dish once the cameras are off

    • i also think the same!!

  • 2:34 Ary is literally my mood omg...

  • the nachos and waffle would have done me in.

  • Are Alberto and Tori brother and sister?

  • "I don't mind the taste"

  • Tbh, only the rib burger looked appetizing and good out of all of them... even the donut looked mediocre and way too sweet.

  • this challenge seems to be too easy to resist to eat it.


  • I wish they added this clip to the challenge 😭 from Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag

  • Make them eat Peter Griffin's car panini (family guy)

  • idk why i keep watching these videos, they make me so mad.

    • The thing is they provide free food and food then is always better then having to make it or get it later.

    • Zar Law because i feel like it’s not that hard to resist eating.

    • Why?

  • And I Like Food!

  • "Try not to eat: Simpsons"... Haha, I don't plan on it. O_O

  • Try to eat challenge please

  • for a moment i thought they'd give Chief wiggum's super spicy chili as punishment, but the rotten sandwich is also good

  • They should have done the waffles for the punishment food

  • I can’t believe they didn’t include the hot coco marshmallow drink 😩

    • this is not "Try not to drink challenge" 😂

  • Who reconise jim from nailed it


  • Wait a damn second...the dude in the AFFLICTION jacket said nachos are over-hyped? No, just no.

  • I know this isn't related but I just saw nailed it and Jim was in the episode can SOMEBODY make him react to it plz

  • Please make a try not to eat challenge - Friends food!!! It would be awesome! You could make the meatball sandwich that Joey always eat, the Joey's Special (2 large pizzas), the moist maker (Ross' thanksgiving leftover sandwich), any thanksgiving food Monica made, the Phoebe's "nestle toulouse" cookies, the cheesecake from mama's little bakery and the punishment could be Rachel's thanksgiving trifle!!

    • That's a real good idea! 💡

  • Can u please do Barbie or DreamWorks foods

  • Please do more try not to eat challenges, they're awesome!

  • That hat sounded hard asf tf

  • The thing is you can avoid eating them because take the spaghetti bar for example you can just think that SPAGHETTI IS EASY TO MAKE *IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ITS IN BAR FORM*

  • If you eat one time eat all

  • I would lose on every try not to eat challenge I mean what's better 4 plates of delicious food and 4 punishments or 1 plate of delicious food and basically looking at the food hungry is 4 punishments like honestly

  • *Try not to eat* Me; *eats without realizing it*


  • I think you should try ghibli studio food, those animations look really delicious!!!

  • are there any adventure time episode and they will be eating BACON PANCAKES MAKING BACON PANCAKES

  • That donut is from dunkin donuts

  • Family guy ver next pls

  • Where is Flanders hot coco

  • ya know my only complaint is the typically the doughnuts on the Simpsons are designed like cake doughnuts were as the ones used in the challenge are yeast raised.

  • Moon waffles : here comes diabitise

  • My mom doesn't like me to watch the Simpson's 😡😡😡😡😡

    • +r o s e I've been watching them since i was like 6 or 5

    • Probs cause you’re like 8? 😬🙄

    • F

    • Sara Guerra 😂

  • Family guy please !!!!

  • oh thats why jim seems like a d-bag hes a cop

  • Nacho hat looks so good and its fashion and food I love that

  • I wanna try moon waffles

  • Look at it this way.Would you rather eat 4 amazing foods and have a punishment at the end or struggle through the whole thing and only get the winning food??????

  • fun fact- at universal studios they have a simpson park area. they have gigantic strawberry donuts based off of the simpson and it is so good

    • +Kev Cruz Yes they are very good but get a bit stale after 2 days of keeping the donut

    • Myasija Rivera Is it delicious? Like have you tried it?

  • Mmm. Fattening.

  • Binging with Babish recreated the Ribwich on his channel... the punishment sandwich made me laugh

  • Anyone else as morbid as I am notice the ‘requiem for a dream’ reference in the last Simpsons clip?

  • anyone else think of michael jones and the mcrib sandwich at the end of this??

  • Y’all should do an episode of this with food from black butler!

  • 1. Nope, it's just spaghetti, nothing special. 2. Nope, just a normal donut. 3. I'd probably eat it. Got caramel, I'll eat it! 4. I'd eat it, probably just the cheese, but I'd still eat it. Winning dish. No, won't eat. Losing dish. WHY WOULD ANYONE EAT THAT?!?!??!

  • y’all should do try not to eat Spongebob foods

    • Okay i was wrong but i was right about them eating the crabby patty and crusty dog lol

    • Kay Mariee no they didn’t in one episode they only did the krabby patty

    • If im not mistaken i think they already did lol

  • My school has ribwiches and they’re SO good

  • Jim looks like he got bullied in school so he became a cop to bully others but it’s not working and his life is in midlife crisis. Sorry his face just screams this

    • +ian lee is it obvious that a cop like jim hurt me and not see himself in me as a kid ?

    • Lol who hurt you

  • Vat 19 is on react wow wow!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  • 2:46 well hes not chief wiggum

  • I'd be happy and mad because ribwich sound and looks good but I'd be expecting a squishy from the squishy lady lmao

  • Would have lost at round 1. I love food too much.

  • Do Swedish food

  • Congrats Jim,he is in one of the episodes in Nailed It(Netflix Series)

    • NightStarGacha didn’t he pick like a cop related donut to make 😅

  • Ok I just noticed that Jim (the police) was actually in a chapter of Nailed It in Netflix omg that’s why he was so familiar to me

    • What episode?

    • Me too i almost broke my headphones seeing him on Netflix xD

  • I love how a spheigeiti bar sent him to the hospital but at least 1M donuts don’t do nothing logic 😂😂

  • I ate the Simpsons donut at universal studios the jumbo one so I'm good

  • Whenever I lose my appetite I come here

  • I can easily win this challenge. Heck I'll even skip the Nacho Hat and go to a gas market and make my own.

  • u know it a good vid when alberto is in it

  • Eat steamed hams

  • The amazing would of gumdall

  • Do a try not to eat despicable me food