Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


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    • Surely you have to go old school and get try not to eat the jetsons food 😂😂

    • REACT please do Steven universe foooddsss please!

    • @Dawson Ting i love in2it so much i'm not gonna lie because their songs are awsome

    • Rhiannon Small ji

  • do kids try minecraft foods

  • Wait his name is Jim and he is a police officer.. Jim hopper? He’s back from THE DEAD only stranger things fans would understand Like if you love stranger things

  • What about the new pork sandwich, the clogger, if you can find a greasier sandwich you’re in Mexico!

  • kind of sad they didn't do the hot cocoa :(

  • Ned Flanders hot coco should have been the winner dish!

  • Wait he’s a police officer

  • They should do family guy at some point

  • The punishment food looked like a weird krabby patty .

    • kendra williams you mean the Nasty Patty XD

  • Waffles are delicious

  • That donut looks so delicious.

  • 2:47 Ok but....who the fuck asked?

    • Why you gotta be rude though?

  • I would definitely win this challenge even though I love donuts & nachos. Plus after seeing that terrible sandwich that smells like fish I'll be glad that I would win especially since I am extreme allergic to fish & seafood.

  • Tori & ary 😍

    • Chris Grey tf

  • It would be more fun as try to eat challenge. All these creative foods and we just see them go "okay, what's next" to continue the game. If they don't eat it, they should lose.

  • GodIsAmazing

  • AwesomeVidmybro

  • 3:17 her: Everything strawberry flavor so good me: ummm did you forgot about medicine of strawberry?

  • omg would totally loose at the moon waffles

  • 1:25 Hospital Please

  • What is that disgusting sandwich that was given along with the ribwich?

    • @Y. Oh, now I see.

    • the one that homer kept for a long time then got sick

  • “Nachos are overhyped” days the guy in an affliction jacket 🙄

    • I barley see anyone wearing those jackets so you’re statement isn’t true

  • I like Ary!!!!

  • You should try Scooby Doo! Think about all of the possibilities!

  • I want Steven Universe try not to eat!!!!!

  • There's never a real incentive not to just eat everything. The punishment meals aren't that bad and the winning meals aren't great

  • Bobs burgers would be a great one

  • they are always pissed for getting punished for eating and stuff think about the camera girl

  • Gordon ramsay aproves 🤤


  • I would've done the hot chocolate from the movie as the last dish

    • That stuff looked delicious

  • Theres a place in Columbus Ohio called Amy's donuts and they have all these crazy donuts like combinations youd never think of like gummy worms or oreos idk but like over 50 types and they have Simpson donuts

    • Yeah I live in Ohio and I love that place but some of the donuts aren’t great

  • hope they got a new chef....yuck

    • @endog The donut is pretty accurate but, lets be honest, how wrong can you make a donut?

    • @Erdon Mavraj lol i suppose some people will eat anything....kudos to you my friend.

    • What????he made it like in the simpsons

  • Make Steven universe try not to eat.🙏 pleases

  • I remember watching the ribwich episode I’m so jealous

  • So far o i can do it bring it on

  • God loves you all so much 💙💙 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 💓💓 Philippians 4:13

  • I want a Spaghetti Bar and a Moon Waffle.

  • Gris: Imagine 4 the Ribwich reward they just brought him a McRib from McDonald’s

  • They should make a cookbook with all the foods they've featured on this series

  • REACT has many LGBT people 😂😂😂😂

    • @Uncle Frank wtf.

    • Sadly

    • the company is in california ofc.

    • @Carlina Van Helsing Jonathan.

  • Imagen if the staff is eating these foods in these challenges in front of them X3

  • You know what I would love is to just be on this show and meet tori that would be my dream come true but the problem is I’m 12 so I cant

    • just wait until there's and kids and teens react

  • Tori: Anything strawberry flavoured is so good. Me: Wish I wasn't allergic to strawberries ;(

  • The goth girl just wanna eat.

  • Omg I know Jim he use to be my soccer coach/Assistant and a cop in the Hollywood pal program he help me alot

  • what about steamed hams?

  • Im here after watching the try not eat simpsons food challenge at universal studios lol

    • Yo fam, we,re planning to visit universal studios. How much does the food costs? Thanks :)

    • Same tho!!!

    • Same! :D

    • Me too 😀👍

  • Food from Supernatural show.

  • I don't understand why people hate fish so much its delicious

  • Fuck the police

  • Professional chef?? That spaghetti looked like shit

    • Official Everything the sause looks plains and so does the noodles

  • I'm so fucking HUNGRY BRO!

  • But u licked the frosting in the first place Alberto.

    • they would have looked over the footage tho :l

    • Kaea Marshall if he didn’t ask he might have gotten away with it

  • No man in the world would pass them ribs hhaaaa ( drooling)

    • No carnivore you mean... It looks damn delicious.

  • If i was there i'll just eat every thing they put on my mouth

  • For the punishment you should have done Ralph’s crayon sandwich

  • Plz stop u torture me

  • I'm surprised they didn't do that one drink from the Simpsons movie that Bart climbed the tree for.

    • Binging with Babish remade that

  • Why are these comments just now appearing? This was 11 months ago💀

    • Same reason u made a comment my child!

    • Because they did a part 2 and this one showed up after it

    • It is funny

    • well you're here too so

    • Because of the youtube algorithm

  • This is the only try not to eat challenge that is very worth it to win