TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #25 w/ VINE LEGENDS Christine Sydelko and Chrish

Опубликовано: 25 июн 2019
For this Try Not To Laugh Challenge, we got some VINE LEGENDS in the building: Christine Sydelko and Chrish!
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  • can you bring noel miller and cody ko that would be a good idea for a try not to laugh video

  • can you bring noel miller and cody ko that would be a good idea for a try not to laugh video

  • Please have Brandon Rogers on the show

  • Your my favorite pizza place.

  • OMG! I was not expecting him to spit it out that hard! 17:18

  • That traveler thing that shayne did was honestly like the funniest impression ever

  • OMG! When Shane came out to make Olivia laugh was hilarious!

  • POCket NEmNemS ?!!?!! -Ian, 2019

  • i have those plastic dumbells.

  • Markiplier Bob and Wade

  • best ones (in my opinion) 14:20 15:48 17:22 17:47

  • 18:02 thank you for that

  • Can we get a weary traveler shirt

  • You guys are great

  • Crish is like a mix between josh gad and Andrew tmi


  • oh no the prankster has been replaced by an elderly men HAHAhahahahahaha!

  • Shayne this whole video made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • They need Shane on here that would be hilarious

  • 0:57 I'm hip hop the bunny lol

  • please more damien, christine and Chrish they are so funny!

  • Brandon Rodgers needs to come on this.

  • Try not to laugh is my favorite pizza place!

  • HI

  • *CaT gIrL nEeDs To LeAvE*


  • 14:18 was by far the best thing of all of them

  • They should do a try not to laugh with dan and phil

  • Awesome video as always One question: Can you do a try not to laugh challenge with Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Holland?

  • i like how courtney said taste the rainbow but there MnMs

  • If I was a part of Smosh.. For my act I would play the hip hop beat... and say : "I like big bis, itty bitty bois, mississippi bois in the city bois"

  • U should bring on maxmoefoe and anythingforviews onto the show

  • 15:03 Olivia looks GONE in space

  • I've seen many travelers enter but none return

  • Hello weary traveler So you want to enter the greatest youtube channel, eh? You have already done it

  • Omg.. Christine Sydelko is from one of BRANDON ROGER'S VIDEOS! :D

  • Chrish's face looks like Jovenshire.

  • Keith or Courtney should sing the national anthem but with water in their mouth. 😂💛 Please do another try not to laugh 😂 I love them 😍 💛

  • oh ive seen many a travellers go here

  • Next Try Not To Laugh, where everyone's trying not to laugh at once except for one person. Just say to one specific person, preferably the one who's hardest to make laugh: "Hey, pal. I got in a fight on XBOX One. Long story short, can you get Keith to give me an N-Word pass please?" I can't stop thinking of this happening.

  • 14:21 *LAUGHUNG*


  • bring Lasercorn to Try Not To Laugh!!!!!

  • Where’s Noah?

  • Is this the most pathetic juvenile waste of time on Y T, or is there something even lower?

  • Please get Matt and Ryan from Supermega

  • we need to see them back in try not to laugh PLEASE

  • DRINK.

  • Many off traveler's enter none leave.

  • 7:10 lol