Опубликовано: 23 июн 2019
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  • You should be eating about 20,000 to 40,000 calories per day for your age

  • On the call 😂

  • David was describing (almost) the show supersize vs super skinny

  • If you guys are at all curious. Calories are basically a way to track your intake of carbs proteins and fats in every meal. For instance if you have a shake it’s not gunna be that many actual calories (like jason was saying you can’t survive off of one shake a day because one shake wouldn’t have enough calories). What it will have is carbs(Carbohydrates) because of the amount of sugar in the shake. If you have one shake you shouldn’t eat or drink anything else with carbohydrates for the rest of that day. But you still need protein and fat to make sure that you stay healthy. Calories in one shake may be around 300-400 calories but a good majority of that is just empty Carbs. David asked how some people are able to eat foods and not gain any weight. The answer for that is actually simple. It’s all about your metabolism. Erin’s Metabolic rate is much faster and more active in breaking down foods then Jonah’s. You can improve your Metabolism by doing more weight training to boost up your testosterone levels. You can also improve it with intermittent fasting and/or a keto diet.

  • I don’t worry about calories and it doesn’t bother me

  • david doesn't drink after people?

  • The fact that Carly perfectly pronounced "acai" has me proud. On behalf of Brasil, I adopt you.

  • Every time I watch Trying Starbucks... "McDonald's is number one for f****ing reason!"

  • do more of theese

  • Carly is fucking beautiful!!

  • Where is the strawberry drink

  • David is so chill in everyone else’s videos I like him this way

  • its weird seeing jason tamed lmaoooo ive always just seen him in davids vlog going all crazy

  • As someone from the Chicago suburbs, when David said “let’s go to portillos” I really felt like his friend for a second bro. Like David we can get portillos anytime fam. Let’s get fucked up with some hotdogs or beef cheddar croissants. Their fries?? HEAVEN. Chicken tenders?? PICKY EATER APPROVED. I would love to go to portillos with David.

  • The past 3 videos of Starbucks, David always says "why do people hate on McDonald's, they're #1 for a reason," Lmfaooo

  • Carly is the prettiest in the squad fr

  • cal·o·rie /ˈkal(ə)rē/ noun the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules).

  • david’s smile is so precious 🥺

  • Since David and Jason are worried about the health of the drinks they can order like an iced cold brew with heavy whipping cream, sugar free vanilla, cinnamon dolce. So many drinks you can make with less sugar and carbs

  • erin and carly's vids are some of my favorites cause i feel like everyones just so real in these like you dont get to see this side of david and jason in the really crazy vlogs

  • David: We're having goulash Jason: What time David: Tonight

  • Jason is calm in general but crazy on David's vlogs

  • The convo around 9:05 made me laugh😂 you don’t have to always eat 1500-2500 calories a day, you can afford a treat day once or twice a month if you’re usually healthy(-ish)😂💀

  • David should try the pink drink, he would love that

  • David is a germaphobe huh? I never paid much attention to it, but now that I noticed I realize that he always has to have the first sip of everything. Then when someone does take a sip of something he will not drink from it 😂

  • They are sooo niceee love them fr the energy in that car❤️

  • I’m here for the McDonald’s

  • This is the whitest thing I’ve ever seen

    • I'm white but holy shit they are so white

  • *Whitest Whites*

  • omggg Gulaš

  • Why the fuk are these weirdos going to David’s house my god thats so cringe

  • I love that Jason is just sitting in the back so quiet 😂

  • idk i feel like david is an older version of jack d grazer

  • Fitness people died when they started talking about the calories. xD

  • people near chicago have a growing love for portillos,, ALWAYS 😂

  • watching this after you’ve finished eating is disgusting.... still love yall tho

  • This is so white

  • I love how they all are just sharing the same straw lol

  • White people be like

  • These people are more white then the seats

  • Wait David never got his strawberry açaí refresher

  • David:lEt’S gO tO pOrTiLlOs Erin: whats that? Me and every chicagoian: oh ok😔😢

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one that came from the memes

  • Yo you guys have so much fast food places in the uk we legit only have like McDonald’s, subway and kfc and that’s about it lol

  • David is a child omg

  • WAIT they don't know what a THOUSAND calories mean??????? Dafuq

  • Why does David seem so innocent in these but when I watch his vlogs he seems so frightening but I still love him

  • calories help maintain ur weight, women shouldn’t go under 1200 (or 1600 i cant remember) a day based on a 2000 calorie diet. going under or eating right at the amount of calories needed based on ur diet / weight / etc can help you lose weight or maintain it. i’m pretty sure it’s also energy or something idk, i learned this in nutrition a while ago😂

  • Get the double chocolaty chip frappe chino. I don’t think they have it on the menu but you can still order it. It’s not on there for me I live in England and also I order it and they still give it to me. It’s so nicee

  • The amount of times David forgot about the Goulash😂

  • There is a uk tv show where they swap diets

  • "Are you coming for Goulash?" Jason: "To where?" 😂 3:43 I would die for some goulash right now

  • i feel like jason is so left out

  • I love this series. Do more drive-thrus!!! HAHAHA

  • U forgot the açaí refresher

  • i want goulash wtf

  • I wish their views matched their subscribers they have really good content

  • looooove erin’s shirt

  • I’ve been bingeing your videos for like an hour, all with David somehow, and now I’m about to go get McDonald’s because David was eating nuggets.

  • ... *goulash.*