Types of Crushes

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Types of Crushes


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    • 11:15 that happens in February I lost my girl because I said the dip lyrics

    • The second one had me crying I played it 6 times

    • im a sexual howbotdat

    • 5:11 i'm pretty strait guys XD

  • That scent bird is NO JOKE I smell too good

  • My man crush is Danny DeVito

  • I'm sorry but you have to take that bro take those W's

  • That was... VERY specific

  • B**** no hell no don't even say that

  • 4:20 boi u like bull riding and boooooobies

  • *I'm ugly I am shaped like a Beagle* i died😂😂

  • I would tell my crush but he has a RU-tv so I rather not 😂

  • It's called catfish

  • I can't talk to girls

    • +Clumsy Panda you seem a really good friend

    • Oh I’m sorry

    • +Clumsy Panda it's my nerves

    • Why not

  • 11:38 that is 100% what happened to me not so long ago

  • I love the vids

  • bro this shit too relatable

  • Y’all ugly af

  • nobody like yall stoopid anuses

  • My best friend is my crush her name starts with a n


  • 5:30 I ain't gay

  • 6:29 I can't tell if they were acting or not.

  • brooklyn is my crush

  • mann alexiss clarkk..damn dats my ig crush

  • Can you make more weird phone calls? i really dig those vids

  • Are the girls in the vid ok with that

  • Types of Crushes: The forbidden crush... Your cousin.

  • My crush is Lucy

  • Nobody: Rhino:Be GoNe ThOt 😂😂

  • Whys my man wearing a Bournemouth shirt?

  • I Think noah is so sexy

  • Noah boat is my crush if he were bi like me and were i would go out with him

  • Estella nova

  • Yo thanks Noah baot I'll check out scentbird :)

  • SLL

  • Let's gooo ten mi... wait what? They haven't hit 10 mil yet? This is a joke right? No? Really? wow

  • you guys should make a movie

  • School crush

  • 2:45 that’s me

  • A blonde she hella cute

  • That work crush is straight facts!

  • The RU-tvr one is relatible cuz I like rhino, like he is F I N E

  • 11:35 This is me this ain’t personal Noah!😂

  • Bow hello

  • 13:55 nah he trying to get free food 🎭

  • 6:57 wow, dude really wasn't playin😂😂😂 if you check the description, it ain't there

    • MoyinOluwa Oludare really want her media thoooooo😩

  • Rhino is super cute

  • I'm nothing wrong with it but why did the white boy all like the black girls and then why did the black boy likes white girls I mean there's nothing wrong with it

  • i did have a crush on someone named Taylor

  • 13:54 be sounding like James Charles

  • She kinda remind me of the Asian girl from Daredevil on Netflix 😂🤘

  • My crush is her!! What’s her at? Oh I found it lmao 😂

  • My 1st Celebrity crush #MichaelJai and My 2nd Celebrity crush is #TaylorLaunter!!!😍

  • I had a crush on my best friend and now we’re going out

  • the one that get you nervous and the one you try to smile at but can't

  • my crush? noah will he ever notice me? no hotel? trivago

  • Video starts at 2:27

  • Did white boy always have a lisp😕

  • 2:50 look it's Libby from Jimmy Neutron!! 🤣

  • noah cute as hell



  • Girl in my class

  • Bro I had a crush on the girl from spy kids 3 too😂

  • U guys re d best

  • @loveliveserve u should have done school crush

  • Types of crush: The one that never knew you exist.

  • 11:05 the thing that happened to me in real life with my beautiful ex

  • 12:50 is me

  • Bro that’s was to real🥺 hit me in the heart bro.

  • I had the same answer Kim possible

  • 2:43 this one had me dying🤣

  • 4:58 "BE GONE THOT!" Lmaoooo

  • I love how Noah doesn't know what to do when he catches his sister with Rhino. 😂😂


  • 8:40 ur welcome

  • why does mans look like tsm myth and boonk had a kid?

  • Yall betas

  • 5:07 😭

  • Lol

  • Only channel that makes ads interesting fr

  • Oh the fuck I just saw hey arnold hat😭😍😍it's sooooo cuteeee

  • Oh come on, who doesn't have a crush on Noah?

  • These niggas dont know there fanbase I doubt any the little white ducks watching this shit can relate to half of the shot these fake ass swear they hood mfs

  • *Rhinos Shirt Is literally Leonardo DiCaprio in the inro* *Ryan looks so hot*

  • white Boi RiCK🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • I’ve had a crush on all my best friends😂 LOL Edit: YOU HIGHLIGHTED my comment Thank you rhinoceros and boat boi

  • Most of my crushes liked me back

  • Type of crush: the one that know he like you but try not to show it

  • 3:06 it's Ed from Good burger 😂😂

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Its EDT... not ETD .. just sayin..

  • 3:53 i can weirdly relate

  • 14:06 *james charles entered the chat*

  • How tall are all of you I'm 5'3

  • Oh I thought you never post anything now you do loveliveserve ->🧑👦

  • lmao princess jasmine is 16 tf

  • Types of crushes When you have a crush on the waiter James Charles can relate to this so much

  • Mine too is Kim possible

  • i find it funny that SML gets demonized but lls dont?

  • 11:44 totally me

  • Loveliveserve is so cringe but funny