UFC 257: Post-fight Press Conference

Опубликовано: 23 янв 2021
Watch the UFC 257: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • What was in that bag? Dana know what was in that bag he answered way too quickly he knew damn sure what was in that bag he even started blushing and even went and shut the f****** about it stuttering afterwards.

  • UFC is brought to you by: ... ... well... ... nearly every single randomly picked stream. Except 1. Probably. Which is still more than the people who actually did pay and got exactly nothing.

  • 48:41 khabib respond

  • Connor megreggor out here looking like Mr white

  • dana talks the most shit in the sport

  • I appreciate Chandler shoots high but that would be another mauling.

  • Put the beginning of the interview from Chandler on 0,75x speed and look away. That’s fucking Usman bro.

  • "My calf was a belooown" - Conor McExcuses

  • You are idiots. If you just stream them live yourselves the viewcount and subscribers would be more than your ppv scam

  • "For such a time as this..." Powerful - I hear my brother! KEEP STANDING!


  • I respect Conors new found class..but the way he keeps acting like he took some amazing, difficult challenge by fighting at Lightweight..like it isn't his natural weight class/weight and where he should've been fighting since day 1. The same BS as him acting like Diaz is some legit Welterweight and a tough challenge like he was fighting Middleweight who cut to WW and not a guy whose an actual natural Lightweight whose been dominated in most of his fights at Welterweight in Nate lol.


  • Dana was after one guy that was planning on streaming his fight? That cost 60 bucks? Dana dude bruh wtf omg

    • Those kicks put the fear of god in him lol

  • 53:44 I don't know my n****

  • Piss me off conar and his fucking cardio after he beat Aldo like he did he was not the same

  • Heart attack

  • Dana is going to pass on April 22 21

  • I Don't Believe a Thing this dude says they didn't Catch any Streamers " Good Move Dude Taking down that Stream we Had you " IF They HAd him He'd Already Be Arrested !!!!!

  • Herb Dean to Amanda Ribas "You're here for a long time, not a good time."

  • Dana White is a beast. Dana if you read this, give me a job! lol Great fight.

  • I dunno man, Mac was hella slow and inaccurate and not smart. Back in days he was like Irish explosive version of Izzy, minus kicks probably but plus destructive power, right now, kinda not even a demo version. No offence to Diamond, but Mac should've obliterated him again, like he did before, like he did with Max with switch kicks and chaos with punching power advantage, he's still cuttin angles but man, those pivots are degen version of his pivots from even long ago already. This is a regress, a big one. He's not joking about being rusty. He should be capable of not only regaining, but even building more skill. He's not old for current combat sports, he still has some years for new and old stuff, checking lowkicks, grinding with that hook curving from back in days, anything. Hope. He was swaying leg away from big lowkicks back in days, but that costs so much energy vs small low kicks, with his stamina, not a chance. Mark Hunt used to just bend his leg with his weight, changing angle, and check kicks that way, lazy style. Maybe he could try that technique, why not, stamina friendly. It will be exiting, if he's on the move finally. Feel the mystery, what he's gonna invent for the new match. Most likely, he said about a grappling match to create a feint, because no way he wants to grapple with Dustin, kinda meh decision with his stamina and reach and punching power to grapple unless he's forced to. He's just tryin to make Dustin think about it, as in his truthful open minded rain of thoughts it will sound very believable. So if Dustin overwrestles to proof a point, he can lose fuel even below Conors fuel level, happened to even Khabib, not like many ppl noticed. Although, ye, Khabib has relaxation rounds, so it was not a dangerous kind of exhaustion. Doubt Dustin will overlook that Conors gameplan repeat with letting opponent work on takedowns and grappling. I want Conor to show his will to explode ppls heads, like he did. He knows, that this is what this game is all about, when it's him fighting. What if defence, then smash him by hitting somewhere else, show something new at the same time, and he's already behind and lost in guesses. That's the Mac, as for me.

  • Dana: Conor will be thirsty for win or relax and walk away. Conor: * talking about vacation after the fight, with tea and happiness, not a word about gym * Hope it's just a relaxation before reforging that stance and kick checking for Doostin. :>

    • Fort thing he does is cough 😷

  • Who's this Dustin ppl type about? I know Doostin that Conor fought.

  • The cruel geometry canonically water because wire pathohistologically clear across a momentous south africa. equal, dashing biology

  • Conor i love you, be good to your woman and marry her. Pray to God 🙏 and go and get them. May Allah bless you. Amin.

  • Those kicks put the fear of god in him lol


  • Dana: streamers we got you, you’re all going down Me: streams every single event even when It’s free

  • Khabib : Who is this leg kick you speak off?

  • Hey Conor fair play to you

  • Connor's loss obviously makes Dana want to cry the cash cow got knocked out

  • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs


  • Questioners be going soft on dana cause they heard he almost had a heartattack

  • Pulled out his phone to only confirm he 'half' caught one steamer 😴


  • B.e.S.T f'u"l'l -L-o-V-e-------۞ ------------ tinyurl.com/beautifulasiangirls1 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский √™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание...


  • Fort thing he does is cough 😷

  • If you’re not a Dustin Poirier fan, you’re a hater

  • I thought Conor said Toy Land, not Thailand. Lol

    • @ceerw buty Hmm, does translate well. I got ''You're all habiba girls''. Try again..

    • вы все Хабиба девочки !

  • Thy dont get it. Khabib will never be back. Theyre fighting a ghost. He is a honourable muslim and he gave his word to his father... He will never come back. So shut the fcuk up. And of course... If he fought another 20 more fights maybe one was lucky enough to get that lucky punch but no one would ever really beat him... Khabib will be the all time legend

    • Ben Askren vs Masvidal 2. Come on guys, we all agree it was an early stoppage.

  • Dana talking all the shit about getting the streams taken down, But They ended up taking Dana's stream down lmfao

  • He took this loss like an absolute G though. Hats off too both men.

  • Danas so upset😂😂😂

  • Is am I watching McGregor...????? Seriously where his bad attitude towards the octagon fighters. Kudos goes to #Khabib . Now he is super humbled...🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    • That would be a pretty cool angle.

  • So fuck Dana White lol dude is a JOKE.

  • “There’s always a trilogy when it’s 1 on 1” Nate Diaz intensifies

  • Conor NEEDS to ditch John Kavanaugh and his current trainers! But Conor probably won't do it. This is the Ronda Rousey story all over again, natural talent hampered by very mediocre trainers! If only Ronda had ditched Edmund and gone to an elite training camp, who knows what she might have done. People will be saying it after Conor retires if only he ditched Kavanaugh, etc........... Kavanaugh has taken Conor as far as he can, a new elite training camp (Jackson-Wink MMA etc) will really challenge Conor and improve him. CONOR NEEDS TO FORGET LOYALTY AND THINK ABOUT HIS LEGACY.

  • That time Dustin said “knuckle shit only” to look cool on embedded but then kicks the fuck out of Conor’s leg. Fuckin lame for that. I hope someone in the media calls him out on it before their next fight, preferably on an embedded

    • Your boi Conor is a motivation speaker now - good credit to khabib for humble Conor & new Conor

  • Khabib 🦅❤️


  • Connor It Is What It Is McGreggor

  • After his arrogance was silenced by Kabib, Conor was not confident.

    • he doesn`t give a fk he`s wealthy

    • No. It just wasn't his night. Poirier has more experience and had the perfect gameplan to beat mcgregor. Conor had no answer to the calf kicks.

  • Ben Askren vs Masvidal 2. Come on guys, we all agree it was an early stoppage.

  • вы все Хабиба девочки !

  • Idk who Dana was watching, but the stream I watched worked perfectly 😂

  • Skip to the end and then restart to get rid of all the ads

  • "My calf was a belooown" - Conor McExcuses

  • "There's a man from High Ridge Missouri waiting for you." Michael Chandler on wanting to fight Khabib. That was a pretty cool quote. Small town USA vs. small village Russia. That would be a pretty cool angle.

  • Nate will beat that u backed out last time bro #Diaz army bitchs

  • Wow he didn't want to acknowledge Pitbull lol

    • Conor is still a legend

  • I really respect helping troubled youth. I was going to say that the hot sauce business is going to be a loser, but working with troubled youth helping the kids who doesn't want to buy a bottle now?

  • Isn't it insane the amount of revenue the UFC generates, that 2020 was the best year of the company's history and the rest of us are all sat here in lockdown still. Yet this guy is entirely focused on monetising his fights (which I know is his job) - and making us pay now. Pretty sad 😕

  • Your boi Conor is a motivation speaker now - good credit to khabib for humble Conor & new Conor

  • When Poor yay loses Conor Still Win$ 💵💵💵

  • At 50 minutes when he's talking about his fans he sounded like he was ready to cry

    • And your point is?

  • It's What Is Muay Thai Fighters Call. Tree Chopped LOL

  • This conners got the money hasn't been hungry man fuck all that looked normal to me and looked normally when he got dropped

  • This khabib conner 2 aint no big fight conner gets mauled rd 1 this time and dana just stuck in lala land

  • In the octagon smashing the crap out of each other and Dana's worried about a back flip

  • "My calf was a belooown" - Conor McExcuses

  • mc gregor in that clothing looks like Leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold

  • Notice when Dustin is asked what interests him. He doesn't dare mutter the name, Khabib, the goat

  • This is CTE island lmao

  • Dustin's the fuckin man. He took out some kings.

  • Conor is still a legend

  • lol did conor say i wasnt rattled? he literally put you to sleep. you curled up into a ball and used your arm as a pillow

  • I like how they have Mcgregor as the thumbnail lookin like he won 😂

  • Did they reference pot brownies? Great idea after a fight.

  • and Conor takes another loss, with this post presser verbal diarrhea! He never ceases to out do himself, just keeps on going... L!

  • "my leg is like a football" - Conor McGregor 2021

  • So keeping up with Dana’s analogy of Conner being like Rocky 3 story, How about Khabib (Apollo) and Conner (Rocky) Bury the hatchet... Khabib trains with Conner like they did in the movie...🤯💪🏽😎 Now that would be a real life fight story!!! I’ll pray on that as a fight fan!!! God bless to both fighters... and Hats off to Dustin (Uncrowned 👑 Champ that night!!!)

  • IDK why Dana is acting like he has arrest powers where he can just go to these streamers houses and just lock them up LOL. Plus IMO he is just bluffing to scare streamers off.

  • 49:54 Conor talking about “disrespectful comments”??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gaethje would kick Conors leg off his body through the cage and into the crowd as a souvenir.

  • *29-0* 🦅

  • i loved it that the ego character mc gregor is down xD

  • At least it was a very exciting and thrilling fight. Conor was even ahead in the card i think prior to that lethal blow. It would be exciting to watch Conor vs Poirier 3 fight

  • Connor is still the king

  • Dana will be blaming streaming on under paying prelimm fighters next greedy fat egg

  • marty is a former teammate?

  • Can you imagine Conor after Gaetje leg kicks ? A one, a two, a three..........................that's a wrap !

  • Man you can hear it in Dustins voice that he really wants to be the champ and I feel like he sees this as just another fight and the real storm is coming from him

  • I see Dustin gave Dana a gift too, that Louisiana sauce blew his arse up like a BALLOON.

  • How terrible is it that Dustin scrambled Conor's brain and yet the UFC still puts a thumbnail of Conor from the 246 pre-fight presser?

  • Connor: was that the proper knockout paul???

  • McGregor come back

  • This is what happens when you spend all your time drinking whiskey and doing cocaine and going to local pubs beating up senior citizens.


  • Dana sounds disappointed af 😂😂😂

  • Daniel porier looks like Chaning tatum's long lost brother!

  • 51:16 its called shin conditioning and it takes years not one fight then immune.. and antibodies have nothing to do with that its micro fractures that heal and make the bone denser 🤣👍

  • 5mins worth of fighting and 1hr and 22 mins worth of press conference talking about it. 😑