Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!

Опубликовано: 10 сен 2019
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  • Who else'd brofisted pewdiepie?

  • TEARING UP 😭😭🤧🤧❤❤


  • Been watching for 8 years thank you pewds I love you bud

  • subcribe Indonesia 😅

  • Guys I think there is a new war that will go on so there is a gamer vs furry war well the next war will be anime people vs furry people

  • Play fortnite

  • You got award 100M subscribers!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanos in chat please congrats here since 500 no cap

  • Hold up did you just not subscribe to PewDiePie how dare you

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  • This is my first time watching YOU!

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  • pewdiepie is a youtuber is normal no but it is not a normal youtuber is much more ... has achieved things that we will never achieve is a good example for us that you deserve it pewdiepie

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  • Nossa copiando o Luba assim na cara dura??

  • HI

  • Colombia

  • Who was the one who gave pewd the 100Mth sub

  • My insta Name : Ahmed_labazanov095

  • Pon mill por que en español mil significa mil es 1000 y mill significa millon es 1000000

  • Why the fuck does this dude have so many subs? He isn't funny, hardly entertaining, and his vids look like they are filmed with a potato.


  • F t series ha t series you aré the Winer

  • ɮaռҡaʟօɖa ʍaɖʀċɦօɖ tɛʀɛ ɮaք ҡa ʟօɖa ʟassaռ ʄʊɖɨ ʝօɦռ ɖa ʍօtɦɛʀ ʄʊċҡɛʀ քɛաɖɨքɨɛ🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • a pewdiepie ad on pewdiepie video... HE'S DONE IT LADS

  • Aw congrats bro been a sub for years

  • Pewdiepie highest subscribers 100M me lowest subscribers 1. Damn it! Sad noises.

  • Dark matter button?

  • Alguém BR?

  • next person to sub to me gets ikonik and a og account im quitting fortnite

  • 8:55 thank me in replies ❤️

  • I started watching when you played scribblenauts the best times

  • If all of us (102 subs ) give him £1 he will have 100m

  • Like si viniste por tu cosmopolis :v

  • Like si vienes de TuCosmopolis? 😂

  • You are a shit

  • When pewds used to do the brofist as an outro i didnt care but this time i actually brofists my screen

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  • Pew die pie would u believe me if I said I actually made 1000 accounts and followed you with all of my friends which is over 200 at my school and we all subbed to u :)

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  • U've grown up?..u literally had like a utube fight?whatever that shit was (T-Series)...it's a freaking company..so there was no competition..u were the biggest utuber u still are..they don't even care cuz it's a company...at some point of tym i really thought that it was a contract between u and T-Series to gain more subscribers and a publicity stunt... Was never a hater never a fan..still neither one of them...but congratulations on ur achievement...and i wish the best for u

  • 😓

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  • 9:43

  • It is my Brazil Made of Brazil and I love you and subscribe

  • Me realising I watched him last when he had 10mil and then now he has 100mil... ;-:

  • 👊

  • you got 100mil subs now go back to gaming please lol

  • Been watching the whole way. Best video in a while 🤪😂👊🏽 love you pewds

  • Piwdepie significa peo de un pai

  • It was great. 5 people is great. Raising money for charity is great, thank you for doing that.

  • On ur shirt I thought it said ikea lol boi