Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!

Опубликовано: 10 сен 2019
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  • *CocoMelon better be ready for a dis track*

  • Is that a real ruby in the middle of the reward for it

  • Who remembers when pewdiepie still had some legs

  • Vc é o bixão memo em doido 😳

  • The perfect day pewdiepie

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  • Türkçe bilen varmı

  • I can’t believe I was part of the generation that witnessed history

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  • Where men cried

  • Common damn unbox it

  • I want to subscribe. But I am so jealous right now

  • How Long Does It Take For You To Collect 1000 I Think 3 Minutes And I 1 Subscriber A Day: 'v

  • hahaha it says Mr Beast's outro song in one slash of the PC

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  • Well tbh the play button is kind of bad, i mean this guy has 100 million subscribers, wouldn't you give him something better than a recolored 10 million subscriber button?

  • Dude how are you felling🤯🙏🥳

  • Quien habla español😂

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  • I have 30 s'abonner in my channel I am so happy my life will change soon maybe🌹😍

  • I hate the fact this is 720p

  • Me: Watching Wholesome pewdiepie vid Ad: *i can handle this*

  • I remember this like it was yesterday

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  • Plus sydsidial ay me

  • Now the case belongs to jack sucks at life

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  • يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  • يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  • يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

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  • This man has 100 million subs and cant even get a 1080p camera

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  • Next stop 1 billion

  • How did the 50 Million playbutton video get more views than the 100 million playbutton video

  • Why does this feel like a father talking about his successful son

  • RU-tv já tá puto com PewDiePie, porque toda hora tem q fazer placa nova pra ele

  • I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since he hit 100 mil


  • Bravo maşallah

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  • who ever disliked u better be aware when ur sleeping

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  • this man's rig from 2010 is better than my current

  • please stop swearing

  • pewdiepie is the first utuber

  • Anchallah 150 million

  • I mine all day I mine all night But I don't get a single block of an iron all time😭😭😭

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  • Its almost a year

  • After this video, this mane right here started making lame videos

  • Pewdiepie bota legenda em portugues por favor eu te ajudei a chegar nesse ponto entao bota lejenda

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  • He doesn't even get as many views as his subs

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  • Just WOW! I’m inspired by watching this! =) 100M+++ Subs exists! =)

  • Quien más habla español xd?

  • Is this the Guiness Book Of World Record ? He's so Awesome . I hope someday 😁🤗

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  • Aqui esta el comentario en español que estas buscando

  • Hwo did u get 100mil in 10 years? U channel is really unique

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  • 8:14 **When you get knocked out**

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  • i actually remember watching this back then lol 😂 and the grudge game haha

  • Remember ththat bowl cut from 50 mil

  • It's kinda sad that the 50 million subscribers was better

  • I'm glad t series won

    • What a actual loser you are

  • The brofist :')

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  • What u would do when yt ban u?

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