VFX Artists React to MARVEL Bad & Great CGi

Опубликовано: 25 май 2019
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The Crew talks about VFX in MARVEL movies.
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  • Your cgi is kind of trash, and then you say they have bad cgi, smh

    • maybe its because they are just 4 people?

  • Props for that quick little Cyriak mention in reference to Doc Strange! That whole sequenced was definitely inspired by his video for Eskmo - We Got More

  • More hyped for this than ksi vs logan paul. Everyone and their grandmother knows jj is gonna get clapped.

  • Bad & Great CGi in series

  • Dead pool?

  • 10:24 lol

  • mind-blowing feed

  • Do VENOM

  • white suits were so fake they made my head spin. It was a headache.

  • You guys can not do this show if you don't react to Who Framed Roger Rabbit!! Classic

  • Should definitely review the scene of jean greys sacrifice in dark phoenix

  • Since the guy with glasses doesnt watch any Marvel movies, I'm switchin to the guy on the right side

  • i love clint

  • Please do a Vfx artists react to Scott pilgrim vs the World movie please please please...........

  • r.i.p rtx 2080ti's who sacrificed themselves to make great cgi...

  • I'd love to see these guys react to transformers movies

  • Do black panthers rhinos.

  • Imma be real, I left the theatre from Dr. Strange with a headache. So trippy!

  • But... I thought it was all good

  • 1:00 Thanks Man

  • When will u do bollywood?

  • Can you react to the CGI in black eyed peas music video Imma Be Rockin That Body?

  • Are you guys hiring?

  • The suitcase suit from Ironman 2 is made to be light enough to use as a suitcase, that's why the case isn't weighing as much as any other suit

  • That glasses is killing me.

  • Can you please look at the quantum suit scene in endgame, the helmet scene when the Helmets go on their faces don’t look right, maybe a shadow thing I would love to hear you explain it!

  • The avenger suits looked like crap i could tell right away

  • Ok Guys, lets go back in time and review this one. Movie: Robot Jox, Release date: November 21, 1990.

  • I was like oh marvel have bad CGI? And then i saw black panther and that makes sence

  • Please make birdemic good

  • Do this for Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

  • Thanos is Rich Piana rip

  • 10:30 the real explaination is a sudden stop that breaks her back and smudges her organs

  • React to Inception lol

  • You guys should react to the 90s Goosebumps show intro.

  • That spiderman scene was so sad :´(

  • these guys will be good at CinemaSins

  • I wanna punch Clint in the face. Fucker doesn't doesn't watch any movies wtf.

  • Does Clint watch any movies...ever? Lol jk

  • You could say in Doctor Strange, it took a lot of movie MAGIC to pull that stuff off

  • Ready Player One!

  • KINDA??!!!

  • I lost it whrn they start going frame by frame too see exectly where Guewn's neck breaks

  • React to Stranger Things VFX

  • Fuck you corridor...black panther vs kill monger final fight was great

  • "faces without hair aren't real" sorry most Asian men

  • Reign of Fire and Godzilla 1998 (but please review godzillas CGI how it really is because there are so many youtubers and people out there that blindly think the CGI of that movie is bad, which in fact it’s one of the finest CGI even for todays standards.)

  • Theres a really bad VFX part in dr strange called the open your eyes scene, theres a part where hes being grabbed by a bunch of hands and the CG character is so obvious

  • So does Ironmans suit conform to whatever he's wearing? What if he was wearing some thick boots? Does he just have to kick them off and "barefoot" it.

  • Please do bollywood movies!

  • What bone conduction headset is the dude on the left while sitting on the couch wearing??

  • You guys are spot on on your effects stuff, but you might need to read more comics. As advanced as the Iron Man suit is, you don't think he has something simple as inertial dampeners to keep him from dying from all the massive impacts he takes? He's gone faster than the Speed of Sound in just that suit. Without those, he'd be paste in a bucket.

  • They showed a scene with stan lee and didnt give a shout out... BIG HURT

  • Ever thought about doing the same thing you guys do for video games

  • Thanks for teaching me about something I never knew anything about! (and entertaining me in the process)

  • _K_ *I* _N_ *D* _A!?_

  • 2:05 You have thrown me into the moral dilemma of wanting to see Thanos with a beard

  • Will you guys give Spawn the treatment you gave The Mummy? That would be awesome.

  • You guys should react to the kimetsu no yaiba animation

  • 9:37 THAT, that right there is one of the most annoying things in movies. It gets me so triggered every time . Finally I hear it from someone else :)