VFX Artists React to MARVEL Bad & Great CGi

Опубликовано: 25 май 2019
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The Crew talks about VFX in MARVEL movies.
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  • Dude the suit up scene is beautiful

  • 12:47 I'm sorry but Dr Strange looks really out of place to me. I noticed this alot in Dr Strange (1 of my first Marvel movies) and that's why I don't really like Marvel movies. To me it feels odd and stands out. I know it's a unpopular opinion.

  • I would love to see Corridor work on a marvel film

  • Loving these videos, guys. I've been watching since Dubstep Guns and not only is it great to see how you've all grown as artists and professionals, but sharing your knowledge and experience with us is a great idea and much appreciated. Keep it up!

  • Talk about how Zack Snyder's movies have a top notch effects, MoS and BvS, there's no competition....

  • love you work.

  • 13:58 Why does he sound exactly like Micheal Stevens

  • 13:03 sly use of tinkercad

  • Please review 'Naked Lunch' 1991, starring Peter Weller, effects

  • Black Panther won an academy award for production design folks.

  • Can you guys do man of steel and Batman v Superman



  • 10:26 "KINDA?!?!?!" I loved that!

  • Vfx artist reacts to shark tales

  • CW, you guys need to do GLASS due to their powers being grounded in reality.

  • Some old VFX, like Metropolis, Star Trek, etc.


  • Critique Potter films for good and bad magic FX (Patronis, wand lightning duels, apparition, etc.)

  • Avatar, Gravity, Interstellar (Christopher Nolan films), The Amazing Spider-Man films, Blade Runner: 2049

  • Critique films where humans become animals and vice versa.

  • The terminal velocity of a human with the skydiving position is a low enough speed to not mash your major organs, if you switch to land leg first right before impact. That move's quite similar to what Stark did. Most he would experience is extreme nausea

  • I love how you see the camera guy in the helmet at 8:10 Come on guys, you're meant to be visual effects artists! Mask him out, for god's sake!

  • Inception?

  • To say they're a group of VFX artists, it seems like they've never watched a film, ever.


  • I noticed recently that there were a LOT of films that used CG FX and actors for scenes where it didn't seem entirely necessary. There may be TOO MUCH material for videos on that topic, but it's something to consider...

  • fight club

  • Donie Darko Space Jam 300 A quite place Love your vids!

    • Tf is a quite place "its a quiet place"

  • Why do you feel the need to bend over backwards in defence of the shitty CGI in Black Panther?

  • Que tal vcs contratarem um tradutor ?

  • Godzilla

  • do horror, penny dreadful for example !

  • The CGI suit-up of Iorn man is the Porn of CGI artists.

  • Something about Bollywood sifi movies. And what they should improve

  • Can you guys Reac to iT movie scene where Georgie gets chomped on? I thought that movie... specially that part is review worthy

  • React to IT CGI

  • John Wick

  • Doctor Strange dimensional fight scenes is like a vfx artist having an acid trip.

  • Does anyone else notice his brace on his hand. Now go watch future videos on this channel, he's wearing a glove thing on the other hand.

  • Matrix Reloaded

  • I'd love to see you guys give your look on Starship Troopers. Especially the scene where they get ambushed in the deserted outpost (The scene where the scared officer gets crushed by a dead flying-bug) Allways loved that movie. And it blew my mind back then :)

  • Avatar and lord of the rings

  • I remember bad cgi in civil war, at the airport scene, Iron man and war machine looks so odd

  • Do justice league pls

  • Incemption please 🔥

  • Aorta?? 9:42 Come on, Tony Stark does not have a heart!

  • spider-man from 2002

  • React to Treasure Planet

  • KINDA!!!!?!?!

  • John Wick

  • Really old VFX. Like Chitty chitty bang bang

  • How does Thanos shave? Surely his mighty beard hairs are too powerful for any blade.

  • tron legacy!!

  • alita

  • with all love and respect that chair turning in legos is really bad CG XD

  • B14

  • Transformers... specifically Optimus Prime's first transform.

  • 1. Activate subtitles 2. Go to 10:57

  • Yes, please, go ahead and set the record straight that Matrix never invented their so called “bullet time” effect. Saw it in TV ads years before those frauds claimed it.😡

  • Can you please react to Bollywood CGI

  • You guys should react to Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/King Kong Basically Weta's greatest hits

    • A Subjugated Subject I would actually love to see them discuss the difference in CGI and visual effects between Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

  • You guys should do transformers

  • Try out the flash cw version.

  • You guys should react to Agents of SHIELD season 4 ghost rider, and Season 5 & 6 space ships and scenes

  • iRobot

  • Polar Express! It always freaked me out! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Spiderwick Chronicles, Narnia!!

  • I could see the suits because of Hulk

  • Slip in a 4th cast member who is cgi and continue to review stuff but don't say anything

  • 10:20 In the comics Gwen died from snapping her neck.

  • O Brother Where Art Though was one of the first big movies to colour correct in post. Looking at some older movies' uses of VFX might be cool.

  • Make a video about films that were ahead of their time vfx wise. That would be super cool

  • VFX artists have to wear light coloured jeans, got it ;p

  • Please do korns freak on a leash music video, it's one that always stood out to me as a kid think you guys might like it

  • There is a scene in the first Avenger when Iron man talk to Thor, and he open his helmet and the effect on RDJ's is so weiiiird the shadow is strange

  • I like how you guys explain flaws, but also let us know that some flaws are necessary due to production deadlines. great content.

  • Please react to man of steel

  • pirates of the carribean the black pearl

  • 10:58 with captions on

  • Just imagine transformers😂

  • Wren is so serious and sounds p.o.'d when he brings up the endgame suits

  • I've never been more entertained by 3 nerds on a couch as I have right now

  • Nice Guys!

  • Before thanos destroyed the infinity stones he first made a razor so he can look good when thor comes to kill him

  • I was starting to feel like I was the only one in the world that realized that Gwen died from her head hitting the ground, not her spine snapping from a sudden stop. I'm not alone anymore :'D

  • Fuck Patrick Willems pompous, hypocritical and inconsistent ass, but interesting video.

  • react to the train scene in spiderman 2

  • Do cat woman.

  • Iron Man wouldn't have just died when he stopped himself from falling, but he was so close to the people on the ground, his thrusters would have killed everyone below him.

  • 2008 iron man have better cgi than trashy overrated black panther

  • yo stranger things? also pacific rim

  • the CGI in venom was pretty cool/Weird

  • Starwars prequels you could spend days making videos on those.

  • Thank you guys for such great insight into your craft. Have you reviewed Dark City. I think it might be cool if you react to it knowing what technology was available at the time.

  • nope she doesn't, the waist coat does....anyway her spine should be broken in halves

  • As an audio engineer I wanna critique the audio on these videos

  • How about some Godzilla bros

  • do cloverfield!

  • React to Bollywood! Some CGI heavy movies are Bahubali, Robot, and 2.0

    • Bahubali isn't Bollywood. Know what you say!

  • I just refuse to believe you're working in VFX but hasn't seen most of the big CGI movies listed here. Na-ah. It's impossible. It must be some hipster thing, like "I'm too cool for all that".