Vin’s 400,000 Mile 911 is Just Getting Broken In. New Lightweight Bumpers, Custom Exhaust, and More

Опубликовано: 24 ноя 2020
Vin’s wasting no time when it comes to tearing down his 400,000 mile 911… even after finding out that it’s got around 300,000 more miles than he bargained for. But who cares about mileage, when this thing is about to be the perfect weekend canyon car?

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  • Should Vin’s ‘stashe stay or go?

  • I don't think i have ever been jelly of Venny .....until his 911 ....yes i have one ...but not aircooled ....thinking it's more fun and easier to work on lol

  • previous trunk looked so much more badass :(

  • I know a vehicle is a POS when a drive a load of metal to the scrap yard, and they ask me if I wanted to drop the pickup off, too, or just the metal in back.

  • Vin be looking like hes terminally ill with cancer. Buys an old porsche too? Im nearly convinced.

  • Vin? I see luigi

  • As someone with minimal fiberglass work experience, I feel like it would have been a lot easier to remove the misplaced studs and reglass them in to the proper place. Had to do that to remount a mast on a sail boat. Outside of all the glass in the air from grinding out the studs and removing the glass that mounted them, it's a pretty simple operation to be honest.

  • the fitment looks so bad but I still like it

  • What an n rig

  • You should put the actual mileage on each update video on the way to 500k. Im with Scotto. I love it more knowing it has 400k and runs that good

  • Those bumpers have to go son. Or painted. The OG set served better

  • At hoopti hackedtogether 911. Only vin.

  • My dad made a pipe for my older brother YSR 250cc two stroke that had a FZR pipe cut to fit the tiny bike, where the center unbolted... and you could rap Bully Steel wool in it, when my brother went to take the pipe off, it was so tight to the custom frame it wouldn't come off after being unbolted, you had to loosen the foot peg bracket to slide the pipe out. Ya it was kinda nuts at 100 MPH stable but hell of a white knuckle ride, don't tell him we detuned it so it only made peak power beyond 70 MPH... shh.

  • all the people freaking out over the trailer... that's why you get two extra safety straps with every ball hitch trailer. YOU LITERALLY CANNOT FUCKUP UNLESS YOU'RE BRAINDEAD.

  • Vinny looks like those old disguise kits, with the big nose glases and mustache

  • You need RWB that shit

  • Dang, I thought I was watching Nakai - san, doing another RWB car... Not really. Nice, scoring gifted parts from Magnus Walker himself. Looks good. I'm glad to hear the dude from magnaflow say something about the shit appearance of pie-cuts.👍😂

  • And this trailer is why I love my new pj trailer, my buddy's trailer has the same tongue and ramp storage. So I knew I wanted everything opposite. Rear ramp storage and a less sketch ass tongue lol Also my luck the trailer would have bounced back and smacked the car lol #notsponsored

  • The Pornstache is hilarious.

  • You should RWB your Porsche

  • I started Homer Simpson screaming in my head when that trailer disconnected from the truck lol

  • Me: What’s the retail on one of those? Vin: PORSCHE

  • are you guys selling that miata kart ?

  • rwb treatment and monster ☠ engine swap

  • 13b swap it because unreliable (:

  • Vin, where do you suggest the best places are to find price guides for project cars are cos I don't wanna under pay them, or get ripped off

  • The trailer ramp into wall part slayed me. 🤣🤣

  • Rather than working with that steel exhaust....maybe working with the fibre glass instead? Design the exhaust and then make the bumper fit?

  • are we not gonna talk about how that dude at the end was welding without a mask and dudes were just staring at it?


  • You should do a SUPPY’S Adivce segment

  • dang that mustache is chillin.

    • I swear hes the cutest thing ever

  • I wish Vin could have just gone "waaaahh" I can't unsee it

    • Vin looks like Luigi lol

  • I love that the rear bumper doesnt line up at all and vin still sent it anyway. check the fender line for those who may be curious

    • That highway clip makes you realize how ugly California is 😢

  • Everything looks amazing ??

    • Original Porsche exhaust can't be matched or beaten. A substitute is an invitation to kill the engine or turbo life. Playing with back-pressure at various rev ranges invite killer he

  • Let’s see that black 2 door Tahoe

  • Vinny might be a bigger hack than Brad

    • Why does nothing aftermarket ever fit like it’s supposed to?

  • just me, or are those bumpers not matching the body curves either?

  • I wish Vin could have just gone "waaaahh" I can't unsee it

  • Hoonigan science: mustages ARE cooler. 😄😄😄😂😄😄😄

  • In a previous life, this moustache was in the village people (YMCA) 😁

    • talk about making a sow's ear out of silk purse jackass

  • Vin is literally 1 by 1 going through my dream cars

  • I want that decklid so bad. Told myself I would at least own a piece of a 911 by 40 years old. Need to do some serious grinding this decade!

    • Love this car and the Vin goes Freddie Mercury build. 😆 Gutted I missed the boat on a 911 although my 72 BMW is coming along now. #bmw16v02

  • What toolbox is that


  • Am I the only one that heard him say grinded lol 😂

  • That highway clip makes you realize how ugly California is 😢

  • Vin looks like Luigi lol

  • Damn, this thing is Ruf

    • Dude your a hack. In the nicest way possible

  • This is so going out of hand ahahah Good luck Her... sorry, Vin!

    • I love that central, dual exhaust! Is there any risk of the exhaust tips getting too hot for the surrounding trim?

  • Original Porsche exhaust can't be matched or beaten. A substitute is an invitation to kill the engine or turbo life. Playing with back-pressure at various rev ranges invite killer heat levels that can't be eliminated from the engine bay or heads. Excessive unregulated cooling will also crack cylinders. Several air cooled engines in both cars and airplanes found this fate.

  • Why does nothing aftermarket ever fit like it’s supposed to?

  • When youre finished, put back 400k on clock

  • 16:32 is so real. Anyone who works on cars knows that 75% of wrenching is dealing with dumb stuff standing in the way of actually picking up a wrench

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    • You didn’t latch the trailer hahaha

  • talk about making a sow's ear out of silk purse jackass

  • Diggin the wario cosplay vinny

  • that exhaust tone is tits! shouldve gave us a nice rev lol

  • Love this car and the Vin goes Freddie Mercury build. 😆 Gutted I missed the boat on a 911 although my 72 BMW is coming along now. #bmw16v02

  • Future RWB????? 🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Nice landcruiser

  • Love the Porsche Build

    • hoonigans.. king of unprofessional professionals lol.

  • It’s so funny just watching vin drill holes in a Porsche and saw zaw exhaust pipes. I have no clue why but I can’t stop laughing

    • Loving this build so far!

  • I love that central, dual exhaust! Is there any risk of the exhaust tips getting too hot for the surrounding trim?

  • Dude your a hack. In the nicest way possible

  • I find this really helpful and inspirational - with some pretty accessible tools, you can work on your own car, that you (plan to) drive regularly, depending on the complexity of the modifications/service. Thanks for making this look possible (and fun, at the same time)!

  • They went to Magñaflow

  • The trailer ramp into wall part slayed me. 🤣🤣

  • Vin is the king of bolt on parts and janky installs.

  • *RU-tv is getting real comfortable with these double 15 second no skip ads!*

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  • You didn’t latch the trailer hahaha

  • Vin's Porsche is badass. I already like it more than Scotts.

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  • Loving this build so far!

  • hoonigans.. king of unprofessional professionals lol.

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  • Seriously, why wouldn't you just mod the bumper to work with the exhaust? Already "screwing it to the body"!

    • Center out looks cooler for this style. It screws into the body stock

  • Am I the only one who thinks the bumpers and lid look like absolute dogshit?!

  • Wheres shred bed? You still doing the world's fastest bed?

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  • are we not gonna talk about how that dude at the end was welding without a mask and dudes were just staring at it?


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  • Vin looks like Freddie Mercury 😂 😂 😂

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  • Could we get a build walkaround on that sweet FJ60 that's always sitting in the lot?

  • What temps do air cooled Porsche engines run at?

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  • Don’t send hate to this dude, I just wanted to share his video

  • Vin’s all about cutting first, think about measuring later.

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  • Them tittie's need support vin you don't want hangers when you old

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  • that front bumper is disgusting lol

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