Visiting The Kombucha Lair

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Visiting The Kombucha Lair
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Cody Ko


  • i hope the sales of kombucha will go up even more

  • GT Dave is like the only guy i'd listen to flex all his money

  • Lit

  • He’s like a sober, rich Steve-O

  • No fucking way. # fucking 1 baby

  • What cuuunt lmaooo

  • W


  • 17:47 - I thought for a sec that Noel was holding a trash bag

  • Ok this guy is hilarious

  • This video is just so wholesome

  • What a cool fucking guy

  • Who is this and why is he #1 on trending??

  • #1 on trending dude!

  • why do i feel like this is gonna be ryland adams in like 5 years

  • Congrats on #1 on trending!

  • 1 on trending 👀

  • ارجوكم إظافة معجب😊



  • Wow u on 1 trending!!!

  • I absolutely love how he namesd his owl beyoncé


  • GT is a lad and a half, i didn’t expect it

  • This is the BEST video ever!

  • why tf the ending beat so raw

  • It’s like entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory😌 but it’s kombucha.

  • You guys gonna give Mattysmokes some tix for you Canada shows

  • I watched half of this when I was intoxicated and tired last night and it felt like a fever dream 😂😂

  • This here is the content I signed up for

  • How is this #1 on trending

  • 1 on trending

  • #1 on trending?!?!

  • Welcome to my secret kombucha lair!

  • GT > Cody Ko


  • Funny how genuinely nice GT seems. Forbes did a really shitty job at showing who he actually is

  • GT genuinely seems so lovely, he was so chill and had a good/funny dynamic with them!

  • Is this the kind of channel that only has basic white kids who subscribe?

  • #1 on trending, that’s my fuckin boi

  • holy fuck noel is hot

  • One of the best videos ive seen in my life

  • lowkey gt handsome af

  • I wanted to see the bunny

  • did he fine or what??

  • Shoutout to average heigh guys

  • 10 minutes in and no GT, I’m worried edit: ok

  • This was such a good video

  • Humanizing a billionaire lmao

  • #1 on trending, Congrats.

  • Why is this trending at number 1..? Has our grandpa been exposed to the public?


  • this is fucking funny lmao

  • #1 ON TRENDING ?!?! HOLY. SHIT. also i fucking love this guy

  • It’s so nice to see GT opening his humble home to the elderly. Noel is sure keeping Cody company!

  • Fuckin no. 1 on trending! Good job! BARS

  • #1 On trending. We did it bois. Our short kings (including GT) deserve it

  • Despite how much they roasted him, he’s still nice to them 😂😂

  • Dude Fuck Your Shit...What Happen To Etika Again Cough Cough Nigga

  • two little boys and their reptile king

  • Hm q🧤🧤👟👟gz🦏. $

  • It's nice to see that there still are people with good humour out there and don't get offended by all the jokes. Good for him and good for you guys

  • what a cool dude!

  • lmao I thought this was clickbait

  • music 17:40-17:50?

  • hes a low key god

  • Straight up gonna go try kombucha for the first time tomorrow and you know it’s gonna say GT and the front

  • when are you going to utilise your weird name and make the promo code CODYKODE

  • What if he closed the garage door and filled it with gas and killed everyone in the garage.

  • “we’re here for gt”

  • Bruh I fucking love GT now coz he doesn’t take himself too seriously and IS ACTUALLY A FUNNY GUY! Imma go find me some kombucha

  • This, this it

  • Oooo I'm waiting for my Multi Green Kombucha from GT to arrive 🔥

  • #1 on trending

  • Better than Shane’ series lol. He is soo cute


  • The internet has proven that regardless of how much people think you're weird. If you know how to take a joke, people will love you.

  • congrats on #1 trending!! love the wholesome content🔥🔥

  • Camera guy didnt even try not to laugh...and i love it

  • He's a king omg this is the sequel I didn't know we needed but he deserves

  • Alright Cody and Noel, since this video was an update on someone from a previous video I thought that I would let you know that Skippy the virg is now 41 years of age...and yes...still a virgin.

  • 11:38 i thought this shit was a giant stapler

  • That's the coolest thing I've ever seen

  • This dude is awesome! Whatta wholesome guy

  • Goddamn 1 trending

  • Wow Cody you beat Bhad Bhabie and Etika on trending

  • I legit fw GT's art collection

  • Why does cody run like that?

  • Watching these 2 bafoons looking into that wavy mirror was completely priceless. Love it.

  • best sequel since rdr 2

  • i’m glad this dude is actually a cool guy

  • Awesome 👏 vid


  • Funny video. It clearly gave him more publicity, and you guys more views. So mission accomplished, I guess. My point of view is that, I wish it were a bit less "scripted". But I'm just a lowly Best Buy associate, working for 40k a year.

  • 14:09 he looks like he walks on his hands and feet into the kitchen at 3am only to eat egg shells and dried fruit, all while wearing the face of his last victim and listening to Victorian nursery rhymes on .5 speed


  • how is this number one on trending

  • I wish that I liked Kombucha so that I could drink GT's

  • The next time we see them they will be in cased in chrome

  • Oh shit GT Dave be a #shortking as well!