Visiting The Kombucha Lair

Опубликовано: 26 июн 2019
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Visiting The Kombucha Lair
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Cody Ko


  • I love that y'all did this

  • Love GT , his kombucha, & his inspirational quotes on his bottles! Mango is the best! But I love all of his mixes! 9 years strong on kombucha 2x a day. 🙌🏼😉

  • What is kombucha good for?

  • Tried to do the old man affect on Cody but it wouldn’t work ??

  • frick this guy is actually hilarious

  • This video made me think, is this real life? And it fucking is. Long live the lizard king of Kombucha and his owl Beyoncé

  • That one blurry painting messes me UP

  • Mattysmokes actually smokes weed that’s cringe please

  • Deadass that’s cringe matty smokes actually smokes weed

  • I just realized the title is lair not liar

  • This is the type of rich you wanna be. Super wealthy, but still down to earth, and only a little bit of ego. And when you got a "couple million dollar owl named Beyonce" you earned a bit of ego

  • GT'S entire house: expensive. cars. expensive. sculptures. expensive. Noel: BUNNY!?!? Cody: Can I put my dick in it? GT: *yo i love these little bitchboys*

  • Why does Cody say fuck with an o? "fock"

  • This almost made me buy Kombucha tbh 💀

  • What's the song used in the cuts?

  • I use to work for him and I can with certainty he was the nicest most passionate CEO/boss I have ever met

  • The kombucha king Visiting the kombucha lair Escaping the kombucha lair

  • The code shude be cody code

  • I watch this video everyday to keep myself alive

  • This man is a god

  • The exposure makes it feel like I'm in heaven

  • Please do a thats cringes on “6 vegans, one meat eater.” Loved this btw

  • GT dave is about to run you down if you even have the *idea* that he eats lemons whole

  • They did a better job than Forbes lol

  • What’s the walking from spot to spot chill song called?

  • Where tf can I buy that kombucha 😂

  • I've watched this ab 3 times istg

  • I feel like I'm so high watching this. This video is tripping me out!

  • 14:04 😳

  • He seriously tries every batch of Kombucha? This guy is really serious about this...

  • If they don't meet Girl Defined next I'm suing.

  • Thanos fears GT

  • This is like that episode of Atlanta when Darius goes to that weird guys house to get a piano

  • Yo I wish the camera adjusted its pissing me off

  • Meet up with mattysmokes, an epic 3am hot box challenge 😤

  • This is just a video of Cody and Noel in purgatory. RIP 🙏


  • Can you and Noel please do a ‘that’s cringe’ of the surfaces Sunday best music video🥴🥴🥴

  • i cant fucking believe this happened

  • 1980, how old is this guy

  • This house is where girl defined films

  • iconic

  • Wow, GT Dave is honestly the fucking man.

  • 6:09 had me rolling!!

  • Next video: Participating in Pony Play

  • I love all that you do. Your videos and podcasts make my days so much better💖

  • Do a that’s cringe on Tik Toks😫😫 plz

  • What a rad dude!!!!! Thought I drank a lot of it! The GT's Cayennade is my current favorite flavor... seriously it rocks. SPICY!!!!!

  • I feel like GT Dave strangely resembles Steve-O. Gt Dave is Steve-O if Steve-O never took drugs and just drank Kombucha his whole life.

  • Love how lazy the blur effect was placed in to hide the obvious Audi symbol lol!