Vogue's 73 Questions is Stupid (Ft. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West)

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Vogue's 73 questions explores how to spend as much time with someone and learn as little about them as possible. It's so painfully scripted it hurts. This time they feature the supposed power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and I learned as little about them as I thought I would.
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  • Are you sure this wasn’t just a prop house??? Would explain the weird missing sinks, the lack of a homey feel, and literally just anything about that home. It’s more of a...Menards/Home Depot showroom of home renovations.

  • Kim Kardashian is full of shit. Her ass is the only reason she is famous. I’d wank my dick to it but her porn video is as good as “The Last Air Bender” live action movie.

  • Kim made a video on her sink and how it works

  • Lol remember when Anna Wintour had class & thought the kardashians were trash?! Those were the days

  • Isn't Kim Kardashian's ass the only reason she's famous? It certainly isn't because she has depth,talent,taste,intligence, I could go on but I think referencing the South Park episode where they think she's a hobbit says it all 😆

  • Who is Daddy North?

  • I can never take the endings seriously cuz his voice always sounds sarcastic

  • They live in the institute from fallout 4

  • This interview is so depressing and I don’t want to believe this is happening

  • i think when Kanye got together with her, he became a full robot.

  • did she say she has many talents? lmao lmao hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Here is how the faucet works..rather then a sink there is a slab of super porus concrete or rock. And the water just goes through the rock/concrete to something to catch it and it goes down the drain.

  • That house looks like a tomb

  • That house sucks ass

  • Interviewer: Hey Kanye whats the best thing about music? Kanye: Sound

  • 7:40 lol

  • You are literally famous for having done a sex tape. You have zero talent, you deluded psycho!

  • Kim kardashian is faker than a chinese ripoff iphones

  • Kim looks great in clothes and makeup, I'll admit

  • Feels like a cornhub vid

  • The front entrance is as big as my apartment

  • This girl is offensive to Armenians I remember in my Armenian school when we mentioned her name the teachers would yell at us because she was a shame to the Armenian community

  • Ethan and Hila’s outfits in this video are radical.✨😎

  • Interviewer: Kanye, in what direction would you point up and coming young artists of the next generation? Kanye: West

  • They make covers that go over the sink btw

  • I fucking love these 2.

  • Name 3 words that describe you: Kim: Sweet and smart 😂😂

  • but that's not really 'her' ass

  • List 3 things people say about you. I’m sweet and smart.......... Ironic

  • Their house looks like it just got robbed

  • Censored 0_0

  • How did I not know about this gem of a channel? 💜

  • She expects us to believe her deteriorating mom is only 50? Girl, please.

  • So fugly

  • I hate that it's 73 questions. Like why not round that number off?

  • Hila is stunning

  • That's the most surprising skillshare add

  • That house is depressing tho. No family pictures, no television, it looks very odd

  • 4:08


  • Kim really does look so damn weird walking around on those little skinny chicken legs and then above it is this huge lipo fat filled diaper ass. It's just strange as hell, Joe Rogan pointed this out too..... Crazy

  • 7:56 what, that is so weird.

  • Can you imagine having to wipe an ass that big?

  • I would have been stocked on those socks and head phi e wtf

  • "No such thing as a lazy day." They're literally just sitting on the bed playing. Where are the kids' toys? Why aren't they running around the house? So forced

  • Nice.....uhhhh table.

  • You guys are absolutely hilarious

  • 10:42

  • 💩

  • Kanye domesticated lol

  • She's got a porno. He's wanked it to her porno. Introducing kimye

  • I took a fat S***

  • I haven't laughed so much in a long time! Thank you!!!

  • They have zero art on the walls?!?!? Why?

  • When she told one of her kids to go get sprite i thought that was the name of another kid.

  • She keeps saying “all the kids are in the room” like an alien

  • "I dont know this feeling but you cant stop watch and you want to die" Lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Why is it censored?

  • What three words? "errm sweet and smart..." Is there a third..?

  • It's just mindless celebrity grooming.

  • hahaaa ... great video. Those celebrities are fucking surreal

  • i feel teh cringe edit: i couldn't make it ethan, sorry

  • Their house is like those bare, empty houses on extreme cheap skates cause the people are too stingy to buy furniture lmao

  • She’s waking backwards cause it’s the only talent she has

  • Omg, the beauty community now is very intense

  • What is that SAD AF house? It's theee most boring colors, everything is the color of those swollen earthworms you see laying in parking lots after a hard rain...

  • the only reason Kim thinks she can smell people's cavities is because she chose to live in a giant dentist's waiting room

  • Kim's ass is so big when she started walking backwards i expect her to start beeping.

  • 'Used the Kim blowing the...bubblegum' Not the Kim blowing the Kanye? Also, I think that stupid outdoor sink might just be a really lousy fish cleaning table. Its supposed to drain blood and guts, not cover the floor in them.

  • Hila really be having that beautiful pregnant glow all day, she’s so gorgeous and great. I love her, she’s my fave

  • Interviewer: what 3 words do people most use to describe you? Kim k: uhhhhmmm.... Sweet and smart. Interviewer:.....is there a 3rd? Kim: and kind.

  • it's kinda cringe

  • Thats why shes walking backwards hahahaha

  • WE ARE DOOMED, the left and the right are going ballistic with their idiologies!!! both manipulating the dumn masses. celebrities, wars, race, diversity.

  • i can't watch those clips....immediate brain leak. iq points just evaporating out of my ears. aw, that's cute.

  • Yeah keep on hating u backstabbing jew

  • maybe the house is so empty because kim always walks backwards and she doesn't want to bump into the furniture

  • Vogue's 73 IQ

  • Is NO ONE going to mention that Kim straight up dropped her baby down and Kanye started doubting her as a mother at 5:27?

  • "Do you mind" "Yes get out"

  • Hila’s glassesssss🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • i laughed like shit

  • By the time you can smell someone's rotting teeth, the problem is a bit more serious than a cavity. Someone call child services.

  • INTERVIEWER: "What THREE words do you hear most often when people describe you?" KIM: "Sweet and smart" Not smart enough to count to three though. 🤷‍♀️

  • That moment when you realize her house is so big she could walk backwards in it for 30 seconds without even worrying. Edit: Kims ass may be fake but I'm pretty sure I'd toss her salad

  • Kanye is the 🐐

  • Hey Kanye, How much is your IQ score ? -yeah.

    • TXPZ Kanye’s legitimately got a genius level iq but kk

  • Is that a fat mike cosplay??

  • If only that interview wasn't so strange & uncomfortable.... RELAX!!!!!!!

  • 0:40 he literally did exactly what i was thinking after he said that

  • Those are permeable counter tops. They are convenient asf. Rich folks I tell yah

  • Those sinks are actually pretty cool

  • She'll he remembered for her many talents? And what's the many talents? Even the sex tape was boring.

  • I actually like their house. :D

  • They sink is amazing, she posted it on her instagram story and it’s like at this specific angle where even if you put it on all the way the water wont go off the slab

  • - Tell me THREE things about you - Im sweet, and SMART ...

  • “Kanye what’s the best part about being a dad?” “The kids.” 😂

  • Kanye looks so miserable to me for some reason, at least in this video. He opens up the door, and immediately Kim is like: _What the fuck are you doing? No one wanna see your flamy-ass hair in here, get your ass back in the bedroom with the kids._ Then they ask him 'what's your favorite thing about being a dad?' And he just answers: 'the kids', like all life has been sucked from him, I've seen some memes that goof about him not being the sharpest tool in the shed. But it looks like he's miserable. Even when the interviewer asks him 'how did you know Kim was the one?' he just responds in such a weird way, like there's no love between them. When she's asked about her birthday presents or something like that, Kanye just fucking sits there like a robot. And when he's asked about her response, he just says 'she said: Oh, ok.' and then she has to point out that 'that was _BEFORE_ you told me about the stocks!!!11!!!' but I believe that it was after he told her he real present. I know that this is pointless, but goddamn it makes me feel weird.

  • She’s walking backwards so you can’t see the Velcro ass attachment

  • So glad you still like kanye he is a God after all.