What do you guys think of the new Jatie House?
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  • I am so glad that u guys didn’t break up x

  • Next month it better be Katie and josh saying “WERE PREGNANT”

  • What the heck though I was actually so annoyed because you guys were so cute but I should have known it was a joke because you guys kept calling each other babe but I’m telling you I was so annoyed with you guys 🤦🏼‍♀️😬

  • I thought you guys broke up you had two videos about it saying you aren’t moving into together and now there’s a video about it! I loved you guys and watched you all the time now it’s just getting kinda annoying😬

  • Eventually one of them will actually get mad at the other and they'll think it's a prank lmao

  • You should put it by the TV

  • WAIT THEY WERE MESSING WITH US!?!?!?!?!?!?!?🤣 thanks godddddd❤️

  • Hey my family loves our dyson vacuum too! Though it can get scratched/dented pretty easily if you’re not careful when hitting furniture 🙄 oops haha

  • Why every time I watch y’all guys I always replay the intro like 4 times just to her the intro song

  • Love your house it is gonna be so nice once you get everything set up

  • who has watched all there videos once or twice????? i have

  • you guys should put the picture up in the living room

  • NO lie my Name Tatiana

  • Awesome congrats

  • Why did you guys not use boxes

  • "We broke up" 2 Days later "WE MOVED IN TOGETHER" Sounds like a bad collage relationship

  • Hi am a big fan of you guys 🤗

  • God dammit I thought this channel was actually over

  • Yo You Should do a night routine in your New house

  • Next week:Guys Katie's pregnant!! 9 months later:The birth video 1 year later:His/Her 1st birthday 18 years later:Starting College 25 years later:My Son/Daughter getting married 28 years later:I'm having a baby!!!!! I high key think they did the dirty;)

  • So happy for you guys 💗💗

  • 💗💗

  • OMG so random but I have the same vacuum! 😂

  • Intro song name?

  • Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

  • I am mooving

  • march 22 "we broke up" march 23 "sorry" march 24"MOVING IN TOGETHER" "oh yea we are not breaking up" wtf

  • I love watching you guys. I’m so happy for you both!

  • I wish I had a bf like that you guys are the cutest best couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

  • Bro I have the same vacuum

  • This is so chaotic I can’t even follow

  • Me beast give me shout out plz I subscibed an liked all your vids you are the best

    • Put the foto in your bed room

  • I an

  • Put the picture in the living room

  • I’m so excited for you guys 😘


  • Say hi if you see this I have no friends so no one has ever said it to me

  • I have the same vacuum, it's so satisfying😂

    • Seeing this pop up I got so happy I think my parents are worried bout me now ❤️❤️

  • What in the world is going on

    • I'm so fucking happy for u two!!! 😍😍

  • its so good wish u guys the best luck

  • Yesterday: "We broke up" Today: "We're moving in together Gurl I-

  • Katie please do a pantry and fridge tour eventually !!! ❤️

  • Btw you guys moved in 10 days after me and my fam

  • Instead of Katie I put KaSh

    • Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house

  • You about to get the corona virus

  • Jatie Amazing Talented Incredible Excellent RU-tvrs

  • Put the foto in your bed room

  • Really so In the last two videos you said “were not moving in together” oh okay well the This is ending, well I guess not... I’m taking a month break bye...

  • watch next week the bed is going to be broken and Katie is going to be pregnant just wait

  • Are you married yet??!!

  • You should put the picture either in the living room or the mud room so other people can see it

  • I'm so fucking happy for u two!!! 😍😍

  • Seeing this pop up I got so happy I think my parents are worried bout me now ❤️❤️

  • Can you do a house tour pls

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> Josh on his phone😂😂😂😂

  • How do we give you guys fan mail if we don't know where you live ? It's a genuine question

  • pls tell me the title of the intro

  • What happened to the break up

  • Good luck for your new house have fun can't wait to see the video in your new house

  • The break up had me in tears

  • #jatie journey

  • When you finish with decorating the house and moving in you should do a new finished house tour

  • I'm so happy for them💓

    • Wait we were pranked

  • my name is Tatianna !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Title of the intro song ?

  • I am so happy you guys are so happy

  • So happy for u guys😊

  • lol

  • if someone would of found out were ur house is u just showed the keys all they have to do is take a screenshot of the key and go to a 3D printer and make a copy of the key and then they can get in your house. not to worry you or anything but u might wanna change your keys and locks

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a>

    • Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

  • You should put the picture In The living room

  • Truck named Tatiana: TV named Tatiana:

  • Pls do more of these vids xxxx Ps .....love yous

  • So are they together or no

  • jatie

  • @weirdwolfie no I am changing my ways

  • Title of the intro song ?

  • Wait we were pranked

  • The hate in this vid🤣

  • Beside your bed