We Took LARRAY & MANNY to Haunted Mansion (scary)

Опубликовано: 20 сен 2020
Sam and Colby take Larray and Manny MUA exploring to an abandoned mansion on a haunted trail in the forest.
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We Took LARRAY & MANNY to Haunted Mansion (scary) | Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby


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  • in the first place

  • why u guys only 4 it will be good with more ppl but nice vid :) did u guys regret it?? XD

  • Markipler and jacksepticeye

  • At 31:49 I definitely heard a man scream

  • “THAT’S THE BIGEST SOIDER I’VE EVER SEEN” Me who lives in Australia: 👁👄👁

  • Bro one time when I was about fishing with my family at like 8 or 9pm and we heard the same loud high pitch screech and I had my phone so I put it on something and googled what that sound is and they said it was either a fit or this things called a fisher, yea it was hella terrifying cuz it was a super bushy area.

  • Damn they made larray run like a mile...... And he has asthma-

  • Is it just me or do I see someone wearing black 27:12

  • collab with the dolan twins.

  • David Dobrik and Natalie

  • As if that’s the biggest spider they’ve ever seen,,, girl I live in Australia,,, that was a baby

  • Did yall hear that little girl that said “yehe” so,etching like that

  • “aRe YoU bOdY sHaMiNg Us?!” and “is that a stove for ants?!” that shit was so god damn funny

  • LOve how ya'll were clowning each other each second.

  • do your research please!

  • Yo, Sam and Colby! I kinda wanted to help, soooo... if you ever see this, try meditating a lot more. I study witchcraft, but I'm kinda a beginner... But! Deities, crystals, and meditating will help a lot more!

  • Literally I just saw yellow eyes in the bushes

  • Loge pal

  • @MannyMua stay away from them stay away from demonic. Hell is not cute boo and your torture will not be goooodddd or cute either.

  • The one collab I wanna see them do is with jacksepticeye and markiplier or even Thomas sanders maybe even ethan (crankgameplays) too

  • For y'alls information this earth isn't hell boys. Keep playing with your souls though with that demonic shit.

  • when manny thought sam said “now we’re in compton” instead of “competition” I FUCKING DIED 😭

  • The sound you kept hearing at the beginning just sounds like my yawns 😅

  • Daddy lol

  • Manny giving us a James Charles look love to see it 😘😘

  • Bring charli and dixie to another haunted house plzzzzzzzzz🥰

  • Uhm when I joined your channel was ur for money-

  • Okay, but the rustling, high pitch “scream” animal noises and the bad rotting smell... they literally could have been tracked by a mountain lion or some shit they need to bring some pepper spray next time or something 😨😨

  • I believe that high pitched animal noise was a human screaming

  • it sounded like a man screaming hey.

  • The scream towards the end was the only noise I've ever heard watching their videos

  • 4:39

  • at 8:50 you can here like a man screaming "ah" lol

  • Have yall herd of mary had a little lamb chick chick bam no more lamb

  • Chairl

  • Why does this scares me so much, I CANT SLEEP NOW

  • Did anyone picture that big spider web as a face? (18:47)

  • Oh and why the heck did she have a gg bag

  • One time in Colorado we had to cross a house bridge and it was a bourd and it was old my older bro almost fell

  • Hey I am a fan and I heard a hosing noise and I the new video ot tfl that means a deamen

  • Hi my name is Edson

  • He sounds like Marian

  • Can you go with addison and James?

  • Cool vids

  • U should do king Bach

  • 8:51 i heard a scream and right after colby talked about it

  • guys I know how that is... its my grandfather that liked to go deep into the forest but one day he didn't come back cause he fell of the cliff and yiu saw that one of you nearly fell of and that guy had a towel or scarf round his neck right? he had the exact same white scarf. That's all the information I have

  • "we're doing a satanic ritual" Larry:"not me.. .. Wrong bitch"

  • 200,000 likes has been accomplished😍😂

  • In your next adventure vid maybe ask James Charles to come lmao, maybe

  • Take the damilio family

  • Can. You do Alex Warren

  • this was such a great group! honestly one of my favorite collabs!

  • It’s better make another video with them because Got over 200,000 likes 👍

  • larray i love ur videos

  • noooo what happened to blonde sam!! whyyyy

  • This guy has too much makeup on it's just a RU-tv video it's not a movie

  • Colby:we brought some candles. Larray:thats cute.from bath and bodyworks??????i hope so.........

  • Sam: thats a long one Colby: ok fuc* that Me: 🤣😂😂

  • 11:03 he can fight we can fight Lmaoo

  • ok but, manny touching up his make up in the middle of a heartpounding moment

  • 12:05 lol

  • Its an owl

  • da spiders there’s really do be thicc

  • My greasy face showing when they turn the light off and it gets rly dark:👁👄👁

  • The vid already has 300k!!!!!

  • 27:53 manny is just doing his makeup while sam was explaining something😂

  • LaurenZside

  • soooowheres the part 2 :)

  • i want too go i love to sumen dimens

  • larray can’t take anything seriously 😂😂

  • i love you guys

  • a group we didnt know we needed till now

  • 26:30 anyone see the flash of lights?

  • Tfue

  • theres a tiger or a coyote like running fast in like if you put it in 25 or 26 minutes

  • Y’all should do James Charles

  • Scary

  • the sign.... built: 1950 burned: 1982 that sent chills down my spine....

  • I don’t understand do y’all still live in Hawaii or are y’all just visiting LA or do you have houses in both?

  • I herd a man screaming

  • the music makes it so much worse!

  • I will never forget this but in preschool we were all 4-5 years old and they decided to get us in the halloween spirit that they were going to go on a field trip and THEY TOOK US TO A F**KING HAUNTED WOODS AND MY AND MY BEST FRIEND TO THIS DAY WERE JUST SITTING THERE UNTIL SOMETHING REALLY SCARY HAPPEND

  • Sam: where's the cameras? Colby: I didn't see them Sam: that means we're going *hops gate* Larry: remember when you guys went to jAiL, what was that for? Sam/colby: uuuhhh..🙃

  • My parents say that our family should not be scared of spirts, we should be scared or humans, I was like :0 I'm kinda not scared of spirits cause I don't see them 🤣 lol

  • Take Logan Paul

  • Y’all have to do a part 2 it’s over 200,000 likes

  • You should bring the Dolan Twins!!!!

  • Colby's voice- and Sam's eyes. i- REEEE

  • They should get Logan Paul

  • i heard the scream

  • James Charles

  • Omg Larray and Manny were hilarious

  • OMG it was so freakin funny but terrifying

  • He was wearing the shorts Noah gave him🥺😂

  • larrat

  • My anxiety level was like 📈📈📈 when they were walking back 😭😂

  • I kept hearing at the mansion and then before when you guys were like what the fu** was that I searched up what it was and it was a owl so u guys were safe at that point

  • but I think I'd be too afraid to even go up to the road leading into the forest