What Happens When You Freeze Dry a Popsicle?

Опубликовано: 3 дек 2019
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Today we're taking more of your comment requests and seeing what happens to different foods in a freeze dryer. Today we're experimenting with popsicles, egg nog, popcorn, and mentos. We'll also see if there's a difference in reactions with mentos and diet coke after they've been freeze dried.
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  • Can you try to freeze dry apple?please

  • Try cotton candy and coffe

  • your hands are so gross dude

  • Me: uncomfortable for the first 36 seconds

  • What happens if you freeze dry a freeze dryer?

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  • I think it's obvious here that anything with minimal moisture content isn't going to change much

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  • @uspikeble

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  • what is egg nog? is egg nog sweet? why do people drink it

  • This was posted on my mums b day!

  • He said a lots of pops in a row! 😀

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  • Misc. Experiments Freeze Drying.

  • Take popsicle and freezedry and make cotton candy

  • The kernels popped smaller though.

  • Freeze dried vegetables? Gotta balance that diet

  • I get the feeling when 5 minute hacks ( or blossom can’t remember) made the video where the coke went really crazy and stuff when they put in mentos they freeze dried them..

  • "Freeze Dry"???

  • It's not you popcorn it's me 😥😭

  • Me watching while eating a popsicle. No cap

  • Freeze dry an egg and ice cream

  • Next time you have to put freez dried diet coke in mentos ;) This is a joke my reply to the comment isnt

    • You should try using a popsicle to make cotton candy

  • Do Dipping Dots!

  • I say that as an "Adult."

  • How much times have you used the frees dryer

  • Can you freeze dry pop rocks

  • Who is here in 2020 after Grant Thophams Died :(

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  • Freeze dry candy buttons.

  • those nails........cut your nails ;-)

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  • How about freeze drying real Maple syrup and then trying to make cotton candy with it?

  • The popsicle sound is weirdly satisfying

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  • 4:52 i bet it tastes like the space food like the candy one

  • Lucky Charms! Part of a nutritious breakfast!

  • Liquidised mentos and freezedried diet coke

  • Try gum in a freeze dryer!


  • 0:35 she was laughing lol

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  • Say hello don't react to coke

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  • 8:00 for mentos

  • U made a new type of ice cream it’s called hypothermia

  • What about a slushy

  • Freeze dry lemonade

  • you shouldve tried to freeze dry the coke also

  • These new people officially ruined the king of random for me rip grant

  • Try freeze drying diferent stuff and then make it into cotton candy.

  • What happens when you freeze dry water

  • You should've out the freeze dried mentos in diet coke then close the lid and shake it

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  • I love your videos :3 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  • Freeze dry cotton candy and then put it in water and see if it reacts


  • What would happen if you put unpopped popcorn kernels in the vacuum chamber?

  • U shud make cotton candy from freeze dried eggnog!!!

  • _who wants to learn this font_

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  • I tasted it to

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