What is the Coolest Accidental Death?

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Zac Oyama, Brian Murphy, and Tony Sam join Katie to discuss deadly water sports and jacuzzi protocol.

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Katie Marovitch
Zac Oyama
Brian Murphy
Tony Sam
Director - Michael Schaubach
Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
Director of Photography - Kenneth Keeler
Production Designer - Rick Mader
HMU - Kathleen Pardo
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Editor - Yaniv Elani


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    • at least continue the episode.


  • the coolest death would be global cooling. Where your death somehow caused the earth to start to cool.

  • Question when the bits of frozen body thaw , dose the skin muscle and bones act like ice and lose shape or whould they retain their pervious state ?

  • Hangliding =/= Hangliding with a line from a boat... ?

  • This was stupid until Patton Manning

  • I live for Katie oml! Also if you were parasailing could you pull yourself to the boat by the rope attached to yourself and the boat?

  • This is just adult stupid deaths from horrible histories

  • “I’ve been in a hot tub for two hours and I didn’t feel 10% dead” nice math

  • Did they....kill Raph...???

  • #2 Should have been called CARdiac arrest.

  • 5:13 Katy misses so many, I'm so sorry

  • The coolest accidental death would be suffering a heart attack while laughing at Peyton Manning jokes.

  • I hate the ocean Not because of what’s in it, I like sea life, but the ocean itself sucks

  • You and your mortal enemy punch each other so hard that you simultaneously create a super nova and a black hole, destroying the earth

  • i'm subscribed

  • Stop making me pay for things. I'm poor.

  • Heart attack isn't an accidental death though, it's death from heart disease...

  • Missing a pool from a balcony.

  • Of course RU-tv recommends this the day my friend is accidentally crushed by a bulldozer...

  • @6:15 when guys turn everything into sports in the middle of a completely different conversation. "I don't like this"

  • i fucking love this show. my study breaks just consist of me watching one episode every time. quality content.

  • But what if the shark ate you but hung on and the the Shark also parasailed by hanging onto your body

  • It just feels so awkward that it made it uncomfortable to watch. Like it had the same air as 4 people who hate each other but the teacher makes them work together on a skit.

  • I think the liquid nitrogen death would be cool, but when meat is frozen with liquid nitrogen it would bounce if it is dropped not smash.

  • Zac losing his mind over Paytons Manning

  • the shark sounds like cardi b

  • Can y’all stop interrupting Katie lol

  • Isn’t all death accidental

  • I thought they were gonna rank real accidental deaths....

  • Electric Guitar Electrocution

  • I love how sports totally hijacked Katy’s story lol

  • The hot tub one happened to a relative of mine, he had a heart attack and then became person soup.

  • Kodak Black: " Lemme parasail da boat

  • Heart Attack jump

  • If the hot tub is 98.6 degrees, would you still die?

  • One of these deaths was just the beginning to Jurassic Park III.

  • Ni puta gracia

  • Ugh. Why does every channel have a seperate service they want me to pay for..

  • The biologists liquid nitrogen death normally works like this: Too much evaporates and fills the room. You faint and suffocate.

  • Of all these ideas, the most salient and abiding, is that Zac's hot, and his reduced appearance in sketches means less fun.

  • Today I learned his Zac Oyama's a Yashihiko. Did his parents conceive him during a Rurouni Kenshin marathon or something?

  • Did anyone already point out that the (by that time not so liquid) nitrogen will probably kill everyone in the room way before the shattering body thing occurs...?

  • I really enjoy this and I do find it funny but just from a critical point of view it feels slightly slow paced like a podcast with video but this is just constructive criticism. P.S keep up the awesome content I love you guys

  • The temperature of a hot tub should never be hotter than 40°C (104°F) (or 38.9°C (102.0 F) if you are pregnant). Sitting in hot water for a long time can cause severe heat-related illnesses, such as nausea, dizziness or fainting, and even death. Avoid staying in the hot tub for more than 10 minutes at one time.

  • Awesome

  • Final destination 6

  • I remember piranhas eating a woman's legs while she was parasailing in one of those god awful piranha movies.

  • Stan is now a stain.

  • I’m sorry, but the answer is anime style battle to the death.

  • Zac is back?!!

  • Katie’s piccolo sound ❤️

  • I stole thus off the darwin awards website but: (18 December 2018. Maryland). Like a plot out of Sherlock Holmes, officials found a dead body mysteriously crumpled at the bottom of an UP-escalator at an Amtrak station at the New Carrollton stop at 2AM. Perplexed and with no eccentric fictional detective to call, officials did the next best thing. They watched the CCTV cameras. The footage showed the man running UP the DOWN escalator shortly after midnight. When he reached the top, no doubt out of breath, he lost his balance and tumbled backward, falling all the way down the moving stairs and hitting his head smartly at the bottom. The Darwin Awards editors love to run up the down escalator. Even more fun is running down the up escalator. Remember when Mom told you to stop horsing around on the escalators? Well, you do now! Pieces of clothing were found stuck in the escalator when news crews arrived on the scene, and fabric may have been a factor in the fumble. The death did not impact train service, and no trains were running at the time of the tumble.

  • Do people not have enough time to think of creative ideas or is this just the talent college humor is attracting now? Yeesh!

  • Is this a joke on panel discussions on news channels?

  • I don't even get the peyton manning joke but I laughed with zach anyway. My stomach hurts now.

  • Katie: I love parasailing. Also Katie: I’ve never been parasailing. Also Also Katie: I don’t know how parasailing works.

  • Scuba Forest Fire was totally stolen from the internet. The second he said it I knew what the death was. I’d like to say that’s an elimination and put hang-gliding tornado at #1

  • Zac?!

  • こんにちは

  • Sarah Palin.

  • An episode not entirely about hating on Raphael. Nice.

  • Brian saving Katie from all the reference jokes makes me happy :)

  • Zac is laughing so hard he started crying. Good shit.

  • 6:40 Katie would be excellent at cinemasins

  • Um actually, don’t have twitter so posting this here, in the most recent um actually (contest of champions) one of the questions implies that the caller in scream kills caseys boyfriend, however since there are two known killers dawning the ghostface mask, there is no way to know whether it was the caller who did that killing or not.

    • Okay, made a Twitter account just to add this 😅

  • Getting punched in the leg to death

  • Cool death: skydiving and as you are parachuting down a firework comes up hits you and explodes and not just a little one either, one of the massive cool ones

  • oh hi zac

  • But the better shark death is the the boats gas pedal gets stuck and as the man tries to cut you loose, he dies, falls in the water and gets eaten by a shark that now has your line in his mouth and therefore you're parasailing a shark


  • Why do I remember watching this a long time ago?

  • This and Um Actually are shows I'd get Dropout for but... It's not available in my country :'(

  • In a nursery home in Norway, an old man actually died because the water in the hottub was too hot. He had disabilities so he couldn't communicate with the nurses.

  • Sam, did you change your hair?

  • I haven't laughed out loud so much while watching a RU-tv video for a long time. Great stuff.

  • you baked your beans

  • college humor should try making similar sketches like the ones they used to make,

  • Being the first zombie.


  • Bring back Brennan!

  • The liquid nitrogen death is cool (no pun intended), but instead of liquid nitrogen it's liquid helium, which is colder than liquid nitrogen and can freeze a human pretty much instantly...liquid nitrogen would take a few seconds to freeze a human, so you would see the pain and suffering in the frozen body of a victim in liquid nitrogen, but a liquid helium victim would be frozen and look as if they were minding their own business and then got frozen.

  • Here's mine : You're baby sitting, but you're awful at it. As you're holding the baby you're slipping on a toy and falling forward, you barely manage to not squish the baby in your fall (it may be hurt anyway, it's not relevant). What you don't know is that the local volcano has entered a surprise eruption, turning your town into a modern day Pompei. You are turned into a cinder statue of a person heroically and tragically trying to shield a newborn with your body and celebrated as such by every future generation.

  • "Here's part of a sketch that we did. Please pay to see the whole thing."

  • a suicide bomber trips over your feet, falls, and his vest goes off prematurely. killing both of you. BUT, preventing many deaths. you'd be the guy who accidentally saved a lot of lives.

  • best accidental death: Man in California was found, burned to death in a forest fire while wearing scuba gear. turns out he was scooped up by the helicopter that pick up water from the ocean and dumps it on the forest fire. Picture the fear of being dropped from a high altitude, with an oxygen tank instead of a parachute, onto a blazing inferno. If you're not dead from the fall, you're dead from the explosion and flames.


  • College Humor’s Cast Includes Adam From Adam Ruins Everything. College Humor Created Adam Ruins Everything?

  • Im curious if she has marfan syndrome

  • I feel like you do not want to mess with Katie IRL. She would F you up.

  • most accidental death? would be checkin out your 4speed trans am in the garage on a winters day haven a quik blast then thinking oh yeah? shut the car off, run for the garage door but... falling short of the door in extreme pain from carbon monoxcide and a bunch of humble thought like hmmm so ? this is how i die.....

  • This episode should’ve been titled Rank-Room: The Returning Veterans.

  • "So, Peyton's manning the boat, Peyton Manning." *wheezing silent laughter* "What is happening?" "Peyton is manning the boat, but his name is Peyton Jones." "Peyton Jones is manning the boat. So, anyway..." "....it would be so great if you knew what we were talking about..."

  • I was an accidental

  • If the boat captain died, (and didn't fall on the pedal) then the para sail would fall because the boat would not be accelerating

  • Legend has it Zac is still laughing to this day.

  • Yes, yes he does.

  • Can I just say how much cooler it would be if the shark had been parasailing instead?

  • Wouldn't it be a like 18 times "cooler" death of you fell into liquid helium?

  • god i dont know why but i just hate Katies personality in these videos it's always so rude and i know it's probably part of the persona but it feels more real katie than sketch katie and i just dont like it. I know tons of people probably like her in this but i just dont. SHRUG but the videos are always funny and this show was her idea it seems so i really like the show. a strange combination of opinions here.

  • Murph not wearing a tie