What It’s Like Living With Brawadis...

Опубликовано: 5 июл 2020
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  • I miss this house honestly!

  • Good video 🔥

  • so you guys dint see that shotgun in the closet

  • 9:36 who els noticed añthonys shotgun in his closet

  • Im surprised anthony dosent have any drinks in his room 😂

  • Lol he changed the video name

  • Was thata shotgun in the closet😟

  • I am in love with mandi ❤️🔒

  • Did Anthony just say it's to hot? I'm in Canada near Toronto I'll trade with u anytime lol. 😁

  • everyone go unfollow Jackie’s ig shes a gold digger

  • Bro hook me up with mandi ❤️💯

    • Tiko Quintero ew

  • Sherman is hella cute tho frfr 😘😘

  • Is Aporro real jewelry

  • 9:50 Anthony ain't playin 😳

  • Mandi lost so much weight. She looks beautiful. Not that she didn’t before but she has a glow. Love it.

  • 9:50 Shotgun casually there right corner Real or fake? Maybe Anthony and Brian are working on something e with involves that Shotgun like A COD type video Or because Anything likes guns purchased a Shotgun model

  • Yo

  • Yo we saw ur gun

  • 7:47 bkhoor

  • Please do a prank on Jess

    • Her reaction was always priceless

  • I started washing my clothes when l was 11 with my mom 12 by myself and we used our hands not a machine cos bet me the hands are way better if you have the strenght

  • Now I understood that awadis family is full of the people of clickbaits

  • so your telling me every guy doesn't wash his own clothes at 20+ years old?

  • Old spice the best deodorant

  • I'm in Arizona

  • Sherman take the garbage out the house

  • Let’s just menchin he has a shotgun in his closet I don’t blame him I have one in my closet

  • Bro arizona is fucken flames im fucken wishing im in any mf part of cali ill trade you lives😭

  • When u actually live in AZ

  • This heat in Arizona ain’t no joke🙈🥵

  • when you already know thats not the real house that is just a thumbnail clickbait but you still clic 0_o

  • Brandon uses is brother and ex girlfriend for views but Anthony uses brawadis for views

  • What's Mandy's @?

  • If ur reading this never lose hope in ur dreams and goals for ur future. You’ll get their one day trust me and god 💙 and god bless you if ur reading this comment🥰

  • Anthony come to illinois its like 90 degrees everyday in the summer and spring and in winter and fall it between 10 to 60 degrees

  • Why does brandon brush his teeth while he is taking a bath

  • How much u wanna bet the thumbnail is rugs new house😂

    • Nah lol

  • FaZe Sherman loading...

  • that laundry scene coulda went a completely different way jus sayin lmaoo 💯

  • Every one reading this stay home stay safe and have a good rest of your day🙂

  • If u hate the heat come to Ireland

  • that balcony view is perfect to sit down nd smoke at night 💨 🤔💆🏽‍♀️

  • I’m in ARIZONA it’s hot here!!!

  • I just bought that fortnite nerfgun for my son it didn’t work 😢

  • DO a closet tour

  • Are you advertising glass jewelry

  • That gun shoots slow

  • Ur so funny 😂😂😂😂love ur vlogs!

  • Throw bar party 😏

  • A poor-o jewelry

  • Them diamonds are glasssss

  • Is that a shotgun at 9:50

  • He’s going to be replaying this vid over and over

  • I like watching Anthony more then brwadis

  • I got the one to 😂

  • Y’all tripping Miami bout hot asf

  • Intro trash

  • 11:14 why did I flinch?

  • They act like there house is actually big

  • 9:50 he got his strap ok Sherman

  • Loved watching this

  • That bracelet not even blinging 🤔🥴

  • Why does Anthony have a shotgun

  • Is no one gonna talk about the shotgun chilling in his closet 9:50

  • Dude mandy is so damn beautiful

  • Guys I want everyone to go spam brawadis’ socials telling him to start clogging n doing his normal vlogs rather than scripting it!!!!

  • Bro im in arizona and u said its cold when its burning 😂

  • The only reason he has that is bc of faze rug

  • Does anybody know where Anthony got the “S” light in his room from?

  • Yo Sherman Please Do More Vlogs🙏🐐

  • 9:51 Anthony has a shotgun

  • Did anyone see the shotgun in 9:50

  • in AZ it is not 30 it gets to 1150 112 at the least

  • bruh i saw that shot gun 9:50

  • So who else saw that shot gun in the corner

  • Arizona 116 tomorrow...

  • FAKE


  • Can you show us your vaping stuff

  • Btw:Arizona weather is 106 today lol I love u guys

  • Nobody: Anthony: *Buys a 100 dollar nerf gun*

  • buy the small gopro and attach it to the nurf gun mount.

  • good thing she didn't get stuck ;)

  • Tbh I don’t like the idea of them moving 😕 not trying to hate but it just seems sad a married couple living inside there family’s house

  • None of these niggas can get a SELFMADE tattoo Just RUG

  • Is that a gun. Y ur dresser

  • It’s hot in AZ it’s 110 degrees right now

  • It’s not even 5 million but ok buddy lol🤡

  • $100 for Nerf guns?????

  • who doin dabs in the am 2:37

  • I use that deodorant to lol

  • hey sherman, can you make a video of your gaming set and the name of everything and how much it costs please?🙏

  • 5:45 Man Brandon went Alabama mode

  • yo she filled it to 5 thats wayyyyyy too much lol thats for 5 loads

  • This is the beginning of the end for Sherman

  • I feel Brandon electric toothbrush are mad painful when u first use them.

  • 4:08 woaahh I’m stuck stepbro

  • Why does he have a gun in his room

  • Aporro is fake jewelry not worth it

  • 9:50 he gots a shotty