What's Jablin's Jables?

Опубликовано: 19 апр 2019
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  • Me en cantan tus vibeos💞

  • "wind burn"

  • Ok but what ARE jablins jables

  • Why would someone want to kill Jack Black

  • You are a spectacular human being, sir

  • Do you think that Jack is actually just literally asking "What is Jablins Jables" like he doesn't know what it means?

  • Love yah bro, take care of yourself. Please watch your diet and alcohol consumption as I too over indulge. Look forward to your next movie. Jim Carey would make good co star in some wild comedy/ drama. Idea: Carl Jong pulls a book off of his bookshelf, it Has to do with manifested psychisms. Ex Jung’s book on ufo . So you two try an experiment that actually manifest something unexplainable ie UAP , plasma sphere which moves in a conscious manner. Could even be similar to Fatima Event of 1917 TenaciousD Mitchell of Newport Coast


  • I legit made a video like this a little while ago before you XD Thanks I guess?

  • We call this evolution

  • I say JABLInski gAMes to my 4 year old all the time and she asked me where it’s from so I showed her this video now I have to every night before bed she gets the biggest kick from him saying it 😂

  • i have a question will there be a goosebumps 3

  • What's Jablins Jables

  • LOL

  • What IS Jablin's Jables?

  • Cringey horseshit

  • Not much bro

  • I like to watch this clip on my preview feed in the phone app - fun to see the subtitles try to make sense of WJJ!

  • What's the better intro, "What's Jablin Jables" or "Hey all, Scott here"

  • He protecc, He attacc, But most importantly... He compliant with his retainer and CPAP

    • You must work in sleep because you said compliant... Sleep lingo...lol (I'm a sleep tech by the way).


  • Are you related to Jack Black😊

  • Who is this guy

  • Remember getting your arm shot off in the jaykel.. That is burned into my mind I was a kid

  • This is some really sad s***

  • You are awesome. Period.

  • 4 million ? Wen? How? WHY?

  • I took 4 Weeks off JG!!! (Do to I was On Tour...) Got a Marathon started with THIS...

  • Trust me kage its the only way

  • Can we get a “health tip!” Compilation like this please 😂

  • I also use a CPAP machine. If we can lose the weight we probably won't need the machine.

  • I don't know Jack, what is Jablins Jables? I need answers here! Maybe a dictionary definition?

  • But just what is Jablin's Jables?

  • Did your Subs also come over for The Last Supper.

  • I personally know how problematic longer beards can get, but I love your "Long beard" look. P.S. Awkwafina rox!

  • I miss the old man beard

  • sorry, no gaming videos tonight -josh

  • hey I know you are on jumonji

  • Wow he absolutely kills me lmfaoooo

  • Hi Jack Black!! My group and I are working on a political party for our AP Government class and we have picked you to be our Vice President. We were wondering if you could help us out and give us a quick shoutout for the PoPo party. We have also chosen Po from Kung Fu Panda as our symbol for our Campaign. Thank your for your time, anything will help!!

  • 0:47 Jack Blacks Sexual Powers Machine.

  • Jablinski looks a lot like that school of rock guy but idk if it’s just me

  • This isn't gaming.

  • Why is this on recommendation?

  • OMG I love your channel

  • Uhh.... Jack? Are you high? What are you and Kevin Hart smoking?

  • Does anyone actually know what is jablins jables?

  • :)

  • Jablins Jables is what u say at the start of a video. Lol sorry everyone for that joke. If ya don’t get it it’s just he says What’s Jablins Jables so I answered it

  • Jack black ruined my childhood with the shitty Jumanji and Goosebumps.

  • Whats the most F**cked up thing you have done

  • I really liked the outro

  • What’s Jablin stables

  • Jublebs puplis

  • Turn on the subtitle! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 4 milion subsribers in a year,this is a new record

  • Lies all lies never gonna play an actual game that matters.

  • Jack do you remember Brutal Legend?

  • Love you

  • When are we getting Nacho Libre 2?

  • wuzjayblinzjaybulz

  • *This is basically like a JOJO "Episode" recap.*

  • What device was that?

  • When you realise Jables is more significant then you thought, check out Jack Black in Foo Fighters learn to fly video and you'll see what I mean 👍

  • I’ve never been so proud to also be so weak I need a CPAP machine to not die in my sleep

  • Jack Black, the best thing that happened to earth

  • What humility and grace to show you sleep with a cpap. Love this guy. No ego.

  • I'm close to being the millionth view... dope

  • Loving the vids. I use one of those too. Sorry to tell you, you’re not going to die that fast. Lol

  • Jablin-jables are jables that can’t stop and won’t stop jablin. Does that a ser the question?

  • Is this Jack Black?

  • I don't know what's jablin jables but i do know who would know edward wood know.

  • It's funny to see the beard switch almost every shot ")

  • And we still do not know what is jablin

  • Do you really use a CPAP? I use a BiPAP for breathing when I lay down, I feel better knowing someone cool like you shares that in common with me :P

  • That is quite a profound life question what is jablin jables?

  • Idk, what is jablins jables?

  • We need merch M-No E-Gaming R-Videos C-This H-Week

  • What actually is Jablin's Jables?