Where’s the Remote?

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When the TV remote goes missing, Raph can’t trust Grant - or his ass.

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KATIE: twitter.com/katiemarovitch
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Raphael Chestang
Grant O'Brien
Director - Carmen Angelica
Writer - Raphael Chestang
Producer - Bridgett Greenberg
Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
Director of Photography - Carter Ross
Production Designer - Rick Mader
HMU - Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound
Editor - Ryan Bender


  • Easiest way to avoid this "Yeah but if it was between the cushion and back you couldn't feel it"

  • Soooo... That is why Grant dont wanna stand up😂

  • Selling replay buttons 1:51 1:51 1:51 1:51 1:51 1:51 Just cost 1 like

  • Buy a new TV that comes with a remote. EASY

  • Writer: Raph Raph beats up Grant Raph wrote this video to specifically beat up Grant


  • And when Grant gets up there are hands on his ass. 3:09.

  • Calling him an illiterate piece of shit killed me 😂😂😂

  • Hey, you found Trapp's gun!

  • This was in my recommended right as I was asked where the remote was while sitting on the couch. xD I HAD to play it. IT WAS ON THE GROUND I'M SO DONE XD

  • Of course whatever you're looking for is in the last place you look for it. Who seriously keeps on looking once they've already found the thing?


  • S A M S U N G

  • Jkj

  • Why is every God damn comment hearted?

  • SaaaaaaamSUUUNNG

  • "Stand up." Me to my dog all the damn time, looking for the remote

  • Why does the interrogation music sound like music from the Batman Arkham games?

  • Sammmmmsung

  • Why didn't he just take the batteries out the other remote?

  • Losing the zapper isn't remotely funny.

  • wheres the discord


  • Early in the video I was like, "Knowing Grant, he probably put it up his ass." Then the dialog went right down that alley.


  • It’s always under the person

  • S A M S U N G


  • no one is gonna talk about how grant grew hands put his ass??

  • "You think my ass sprouted hands"

  • Bahahaha the hands at the end got me

  • 1:51 *since everyone is commenting SAAAMMSSUNNG*

  • .... *His ass grew hands lol 😂*

  • This is news to me.

  • Solution: take the batteries out of the blueray remote and put them in the Sammmmmsung remote. Nobody has to die.

  • They're gonna F so hard later.

  • Wow, the sexual tension here


  • Is anybody else asking why they only get to watch movies one time a year? 2:06

  • I am not telling him about this. Sets them down out in the open.

  • Looooooollllllls love this sketch

  • I remember when Collegehumor was so funny with creative ideas back then. Now, they just make videos by sitting in their own office and put really shitty topics. Kinda sad tbh..

  • Ok, who of the staff that has access to go into the college humor RU-tv account decided to go on a rampant spree of liking every comment they see?!?!


  • saAMMMMsung


  • Should just have used their phone as a remote instead.

  • 1:40 - 1:55 The best moment in all of college humor history

  • No one's gonna talk about the ending? Ok...

  • Well those ass hands are going to haunt my nightmares...

  • 1:51


  • Wasn't feeling too hot about Rafael's sketches, but this one had me!!! My fave~

  • I loved the energy in this sketch!

  • Brandon Armstrong

  • Um actually, Uranus is not the Greek god of the sky, Zeus is. Oranous is the Greek primordial of the sky who spawned the titans who spawned the gods

  • Trump 2020 would make sense

  • And THIS is why they didn't let him join the NRA.

  • 1:50 that SAAMMMMMMMSUNG tho

  • I love college humor. Everything they do is really funny but what is this video really about?

  • Stan LOONA

  • Of course it's always in the last place you look. Why would you keep looking if you found what you were looking for?

  • Hahahah nice videos! Love enterntainment! Thumbs up!

  • I love how they're always in the office when they film these. (I mean where else would they be but still)

  • my wife and i have had this fight so many times. but seeing that she sometimes hides the remote i have a reason for the distrust.

  • Олени....

  • I lost the remote control for the tv one night and couldn’t find it, before I went to bed. At about 6am, my dad screams my name SO loud, that it woke me out of a dead sleep. He made me find the remote for him, and wouldn’t let me go back to bed, until I found it...... I had an interesting childhood. Also, when Raphael says: “this is the only night we can watch movies”- movie night 😂😑

  • That's a good description of how me an my mother work when things go missing.

  • Raph said *saamSUNG* like it was a war cry

  • College humor is liking every single comment what is happening

  • Haha.. 😆😆 Classic

  • Why don't you just stand up-? Why don't you just trust me-? Both valid.

  • 1:51

  • 1:50

  • I had my friends over a few days ago and this legit happened.

  • SAAMSUNG !!!

  • Is it just me or does Rapael (Think He’s called?) have a head that’s Like alien formed😅

  • what about his wallet?

  • The Greeks pronounced it “oo-RAH-nohs”, which is how we should all be saying it

  • Uranus is Roman not greek

  • I like how you guys are liking every comment 😂

  • 1:50 for Samsung

  • Huh, Grant's ass indeed grew hands...

  • Um actually, Uranus wasn't a god, he was a primordial.

  • alot of gay jokes here unintentionally

  • I think the remote went into Uranus

  • Raph assaulted Grant violently with the remote, and sexually harrased him when he grabbed Grant's ass looking for the remote.

  • Raph over doing things Again

  • Gave birth to a remote

  • THis skit was was way too real lol

  • His ass literally grew hands 😂😂

  • Why is CH liking all comments?

  • This is really accurate

  • Gold - Rafael needs to do more comedy, both these guys are great actors.

  • Uranus was a Titan, not a god. And he didn't just embody the sky, he embodied all the heavens.

  • 1:50 Forever i will say Samsung this way

  • I like how raph says samsung

  • Raph's "Samsung" pronunciation is the best part

  • I had this argument

  • They need just one new character to add to the cast. Something like a Jordan Schlansky will do. Or another INTP.