Why Americans Love Taco Bell

Taco Bell is huge in the United States. It has been ranked as one of the top five fast-food chains in the country, based on sales. Despite the brand's popularity, Taco Bell has been dealing with upheaval in its C-suite.
With more than 6,500 locations across the country, Taco Bell is one of the top fast-food chains in the U.S. It is not necessarily known for its quality, but a recent Harris Poll anointed it "America's favorite Mexican restaurant."
Much of Taco Bell's recent innovation was initiated under the watch of former CEO, Brian Niccol. But in 2018, Niccol left the chain to helm one of Taco Bell's biggest competitors - Chipotle. He has since moved Chipotle's headquarters into Taco Bell's backyard. Some say recent turnover in top management could mean trouble for Taco Bell in the years ahead.
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Why Americans Love Taco Bell


  • What's your favorite fast food brand?

    • Arby's as well

    • Also Krystal's and Central Park

    • Taco Bell Popeye's Wendy's Pizza Hut Bojangles Domino's Burger King McDonald's KFC Chick Fil A

    • Taco bell could make the impossible meat taco 😝 and taquito fries and doritos taco salad...with the shell being a huge bowl with the Doritos flavored crispy shell and add salad and whatever filling you want. I got ideas for you Taco bell.

    • Taco Bell & chick-fil-a

  • Why eat a shtty taco when you can make a better one at home with better ingredients?

  • They are part of PepsiCo and I really dont care if they make it or not corporations make money off of slaves.

  • A huge point theyre missing is how late theyre open. I get hungry at 2 am and I can actually order a vegan meal for $4

  • Healthiest by american standards. It was the most disgusting food ive had in the uk. Once was enough.

  • There is a documentary that talks about how Taco Bell stole their crunchy shell tacos theyre famous for from a small time restaurant in California.

  • Ever since i had a Gordita Crunch as a kid, i have been hooked.

  • Taco Bell has easy vegan options and I just came back from Taco Bell. Taco Bell is so good. Vegan Al-Fresco Crunchwrap Supremes with black beans and Cinnamon stix are fantastic. They usually have a pink lemonade and their sauces are delicious, and vegan. Best fast food in US right now for sure. Wendy’s fries and Mickey Ds apple pies are also pretty good

  • *Self Destruction 100*

  • Crunch wrap, Mexican pizza and Baja blast.

  • Taco Bell is going to win the franchise war by 2032 making all restaurants Taco Bells. They will also update their public restrooms with three seashells.

  • Taco Bell OVER Chipotle...

  • I'm European, I've been all over the U.S., but I always hear how much friction there is between Mexicans and Americans, however, in all my trips to the U.S. all I see is the huge amount of Mexican food variety available there, from fast food to restaurants, festivities like cinco de mayo, supermarkets, TV ads advertising Mexican food all over the country, also as I understand it Mexico is Americans first holiday destination it seems like Americans can't get enough of their sourhern hated neighbor. Hard to understand the dichotomy, love hate relationship I suppose! Can anyone explain that, is the hate a myth or reality?

  • U.S. is one big fast food restaurant...

  • 🤮

  • It’s not real Mexican Traditional Food

  • Why Americans Love Taco Bell : WEED, That Simple.

  • I'm mexican and taco bell looks so great and delicious.

  • Give me Del Taco 🌮!

  • Give me Del Taco 🌮!

  • Why every time I eat from Taco bell 🌮 or KFC I get diarrhea

  • taco bell hurts my stomach so bad and yet i always find myself going back

  • I am American and I detest Taco Bell!!

  • Chipotle seems overpriced and underwhelming to me . If they want to be bigger than Taco Bell I would suggest them incorporating a value menu and not to be so stingy with serving portions. With that said, If I want to go fancy I rather go to free birds.

  • Aquired taste

  • Thank goodness Taco Bell is making a comeback to Australia!!!

  • I am mexican and those tacos taste oksh but nothing compared with real tacos :p

  • Best breakfast on the market

  • Its also cause Taco Bell stays open late till 3am while everything else closes around 10pm

  • Honey, you can count me OUT. Grrrooosss

  • Bring back Enchiritos, grilled stuffed Burittos, big taste tacos!!!

  • We need more cantinas in Arizona! Not just downtown Phoenix but I’m Tempe where the college is!

  • Cause Americans have no culture?

  • I hate taco bell 🤮🤮🤮

  • I used to own YUM Brands stock. Guess I should've kept it.

  • Ever since I started eating Taco Bell a year ago, I've basically stopped eating Chipotle. You truly get so much more for your dollar.

  • This American does not love Taco Bell.

  • never had taco bell, mexican type food not popular in nz

  • I don't like taco bell , and I'm American.

  • Taco Bell’s alright but I’ll take my local small business (which I’d love for it to be a workers Cooperative) Mexican joint any day of the year. That might be because I live in AZ.

  • Taco Bell gives me diarrhea. 100% every time.

  • We love you Taco Bell!

  • Please bring Taco Bell to the UK. Thank you.

  • Only thing good about taco bell is cheap, most Mexicans have diabetes, Mexican food is known for junk food. Taco bell is never my first choice for food.

  • the new Taco Bell urban restaurants remind me of Demolition Man

  • My taco bell cancelled the 'meximelt'. But you can have them make it, just order a cheesy roll up, then add beef and picante sauce. It winds up being the same.

  • It has the 'yummy' factor. Same as White Castles, Pizza, chocolate, etc.. What's the 'yummy' factor? you know it when you taste it; when you put it in your mouth, and you go, 'Mmmmmmmmmmm!', close your eyes, and let the taste overwhelm your senses.

  • I dont think we love it, we just tolerate it.

  • Taco Bell needs to start shelling it's chalupa shells at grocery stores

  • Killing Americans for profit....let them go under

  • I ❤ Taco Bell.

  • Taco Bell is absolutely GROSS! People need to have more discerning taste buds. Authentic Mexican food is what is delicious! I'm not even Hispanic. I used to work at Taco Bell & if you knew how its prepared you wouldn't want to eat there. Ugh! I can't watch any more of this odious video. I'm out!

  • taco bell is trash tier fast food.

  • Taco Bell is NOT MEXICAN FOOD

  • Taco Cabana !!!

  • We need that Baja blast

  • Bell's was some good hamburger's, buddy!

  • The only reason taco bell exist, is simply people dont know the existance of real, fresh and authentic Mexican tacos.

  • end up being dr. dre in the bathroom after taco bell though

  • A friend and I ate at a Taco Bell In Indianapolis IN that had both of us exploding from both ends for three days. I thought I was going to die! After I got better I went in to complain and got laughed at. Not even a free Taco. That was the last time I have set foot in a Taco Hell. Or KFC or Pizza Hut. It's the same 20 cheap ingredients mixed the different ways. Eat at your own risk you have choices.

  • Taco Bell is 100% authentic Mexican.

  • Please bring it to Australia!!! Taco Bell is my absolute favorite fast food restaurant. Make an expat happy please!

  • Stop calling Taco Bell a Mexican fast food restraunt. Mexico doesn’t even make those lousy taco shells. It’s an insult to the real Mexican Taco . Soft warm fresh corn tortillas with your choice of meat and fresh hot salsa, cilantro and chopped onions. That is the real Mexican Tacos not Taco Bell. Taco Bell was created by a white man with the last name Bell. Taco Bell is an American fast food place and an insult to Mexican food.

  • The appeal of Taco Bell is that you can't get this kind of food anywhere else, its appeal registers completely differently from your typical Mexican place. Most burger or sandwich style resteraunts can be replaced by each other. But Taco Bell's menu is bizarrely unique but still easy to mass produce, to keep it cheap.

  • Why do all these types of videos always miss the big picture? What kills all of these restaurants is capitalist greed. "Higher prices on cheaper food" is their business modal. A KFC $25 family bucket now contains 8 tiny pieces of chicken.

  • A year ago, I really loved the restaurant's menu. That is no longer the case. Since ownership changed, they got crappier every month. The die is now cast and they will fail. By shitheads.

  • Well it’s not Mexican food but the regular crispy tacos 🌮 In general are goodbyes hell Maybe not the best from Taco Bell

  • Taco Bell ain't even Mexican it's trash lmao

  • Do the CEOs of the fast food chains get high on their own supply?

  • I'm American and Taco Bell is widely considered to be dog food

  • Probably Taco Bell failed in Mexico because is not really authentic Mexican food at all...

  • Taco Bell will always be my bae

  • If you eat at chipotle you will get sick!

  • taco johns is so much better!

  • Please stop calling it Mexican food I find it offensive

  • What about Moe’s dude!?! Obviously I’ve heard of chipotle but I’ve never heard of any of the others they must be Kalifornia Mexican places

  • I might invest now that weed is becoming legal everywhere

  • One of the healthiest? I don't think so

  • 🐮 Arby’s, chick 🐥 fil a, taco 🌮 🛎

  • Never heard those mottos before.

  • Taco Bell is great pure Mexican-American food, and cheap too, never mind make a run for the border, you make a run for the bathroom after you eat there.

  • Don’t forget Taco Time.

  • It’s not real Mexican food

  • Make a run for the border.

  • I don't know anyone who "loves" Taco Bell. In fact everyone I know thinks their food is crap. With all the real Mexican food available today I can't understand how this place still exists.

  • Taco Bell is described as selling Mexican inspired food, not Mexican food.

  • taco bell sucks

  • Not to mention that Taco Bell is going to be the only restaurant available in the future. Except for the UK, they are only going to get Pizza Hut. If you got a reference, you're awesome.

  • It's cheap. I eat it now and then.

  • People have told me they go to Taco Bell if they need a laxative and TB will do the job.

  • Dell Taco is better food.

  • Sadly, it's not big in South Korea and Japan.

  • It took me 7 terrible experiences over the toilet to learn my lesson with Taco Bell. Next time no sour cream.

  • Once I return to america i am going straight to taco bell

  • Perhaps who ever came with the idea of calling Taco Bell Mexican food has never left the country to try REAL Mexican Food. I went once to Taco Bell out of curiosity and never went back. . Not Mexican food my friends, sorry to break out the news...or maybe you already know, but then it should be called something else like 'poor imitation of Mexican food', I do not know, someone out there I'm sure can come out with a better name. . BTW I run Food Tours in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and come from a family where my great aunties and specially my grandma were great cooks! . My two cents

  • I get so triggered when they call Taco Bell Mexican food 😂😂😂

  • Taco John’s is so much better than toxic hell

  • My favorite Mexican food😂😂

  • chalupa supreme ❤

  • you have to eat the food next or on the toilet every time. thats consistency that i love paying for.