Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?

Опубликовано: 22 авг 2020
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    • Your the best mrbeast

    • I subbed. Duh...

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    • I want to Be next

    • Mrbeast i am subscribe and notification on can i be in your challenge

  • i have a crush on carl

  • Please let me come in a challenge

  • 1:16 my apartment has the same things 2 bathrooms and 3 rooms nad doesnt cost as much

  • I subscribed and hit the bell


  • house

  • I would rather have HOUSE! For my entire family!! 😇

  • is always that same lamborghini and the same coulor somethins a lil sus

  • Chandler - "It's a tight hole." ඞ - "sus."

  • I’ve watched over 80 videos

  • You are the best

  • Was that pull-up guy David the baker?

  • Man, props to the guy at the beginning, thinking about the future! Home ownership is a generational game changer!

  • Come London pls

  • Have been sub to him for an enternity still no gifts😿😿😿😿😿

  • you have no cahnce to come my house im oın turkey :((

  • I love your vidios

  • Im subrciber but im in phlipines😭😭😭😭

  • Mr beast is the polar opposite of the Paul brothers.he really cares

  • I’ll keep the house for my fam

  • I’m subbed to all of ur channels and ur brothers channel

  • roses are red Jimmy’s neat when ever Chandler poops everthink goes YEEEEEET

  • I am English hello make an English honey app

  • If you ever come to maui, I would do so many freaking challenges

  • I subbed

  • NAOL!!!

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  • Good day mrbeast im james kenneth tuazon im filipino guy i work here in abudhabi uae almost 2years im your number1 fans i watch your all videos and i wish im the one who win in your challages and take the prize ..take care always jimmy a.k.a mrbeast ..

  • I want to be with you guys

  • Pleas donate me I am homeless


  • Bro your the best it would be a blessing to be in one of your videoes

  • Iwish I could see you personal your so cool and I love all your videos

  • Richest youtuber

  • Karl is a sticky boi

  • A Lamborghini garlado

  • i subcribed

  • S

  • Hey i had.subribe for you

  • Caley hhhhhhhhjjjjjjjj

  • What a joke, he knows all these people. No car no house.

  • If i would got money i would help my family cause my granpa passed away and I will buy a gaming setup

  • i wanna try that hand hang challange

  • Mr bees can you put me in one of your videos and give me $10,000 trayvon Dean 31b Hill avenue

  • Umm did anyone notice that the boy who was hangings armpits was sweaty

  • come on MrBeast, guve me some money HAHAH Im a subscriber too HAHAH

  • I am 10 does that mean I don’t get to do a challenge because I want to do one ☝️

  • What this is insane wow

  • hey mr.Brest

  • Im your biggest fan from Philippines. MR BEAST (heart)

  • Me.beast I subed

  • @navob

  • why only black people have best prizes?

  • Hi

  • Wish I was one of these people

  • Damn man is this for real

  • im in jamaica mr beast wont come im soooooooooo sad

  • Super lucky

  • When you entered McDonald’s and asked if he wanted to be in a vid his face yes more then someone’s face if you asked them if they wanted one million dollars

  • 8:24 Ik imma mess it up somehow if that was me haha

  • i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you're vids

  • I swear can you be my friend 🤪🤪🤗🤗

  • I am tour gaveret RU-tvr i loveyour vídeos mr.neast

  • Can’t imagine how this guy is happy just to imagine no mortgage to pay your whole life

  • Can y the

  • Poor Karl

  • I really want a Lamborghini

  • mr

  • Ms beast im one of ur biggest fans please Comment back!

  • Would u get a subscriber from a remote country far Away

  • bro I need to get on this show lmao

  • I have 0 chance, I am from Bangladesh ಥ_ಥ

  • i love how jimmy went to check if karl was in pain, it looked kinda wholesome

  • Plot twist: mr beast is a bank robber and is giving away all the money he stole from a bank to frame them

  • It is my life long dream

  • I always wanted to be in a mrbeast vid

  • Hi from Denmark

  • Go sub to shirley curry my favourite youtuber pls

  • I love these type of video’s

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  • Go to the Children’s Hospital and pay everyone’s medical bills

  • Go to the Children’s Hospital and pay everyone’s medical bills

  • Go to the Children’s Hospital and pay everyone’s medical bills

  • I love u Mr beast

  • 9:36 “im a sticky boi” I absolutely love Karl

  • I have subscribed your channel. Can iI get lamborghini now😁?

  • I have subscribed you but I am in sri lanka

  • I want so mucho money

  • Pick me for God's sake

  • That ending sounds a little different 🤔

  • hi chis

  • i just got honey is amazing

  • 9:49 MrBeast: hahahhahah stickbug go brrrr

  • my dad want,s to do your challenge PLEASE mr beast

  • i love your vids

  • can i be in your videos

  • I love Mr Beast videos there so funny

  • MrBeast can you give APE IPHONE 12?? please